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Vastu Shastra is the oldest science in India. To this day, most people follow the principles of this science to bring peace and positivity into a household. Home is where we spend time with our families and loved ones, and Vastu Shastra ensures that the energy in your home is only good.

According to Vastu, bright, optimistic colors such as yellow, green, blue, beige, light pink, and white would always illuminate a room. In contrast, colors such as black and red dull the space, which may impact the mood of the house’s inhabitants.

The family members spend the most time together in the living room or the hall area compared to the other rooms in the home. Living rooms often serve as the focal point of any social event. With so many energies clashing in one place, you must choose the best Vastu color combination for your hall to bring joy to everyone.

Keeping in mind the significance of Vastu Shastra in a living room, here is a compiled list of Vastu color combinations for your living room, as advised by Vastu experts.

 Hall color combinations as per Vastu

1. White & Blue color combination

blue and white combo
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As per Vastu, a white and blue combination defines a reflection of serenity, purity, and clarity of mind. Moreover, this color combination is the trendiest of all other combinations. If you prefer a white hall and want to keep some furniture in your hall, this color combination can be the right option.

According to Vastu, the best placement of your hall ought to be within the Northeast or Northwest direction of your home, and white and Blue are appropriate colors for the place. While white represents a feeling of peace and helps bring clarity of mind. Blue stands for relaxation and tranquillity. The two colors combined can bring excellent results for the hall, where you can spend quality time with your entire family and have guests.

2. Hues of Yellow for the hall

hues of yellow
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How about adding some minimalist touches of yellow to the walls of your hall?

Add a soft glow to your hall with the sun’s color as the background. According to Vastu, the yellow walls and brown furniture are excellent for the living area. It brings happiness, relaxation, and warmth in abundance.

Yellow represents energy and vitality, conjointly representing optimism, creativity, and happiness. It will help if you invite these energies into your hall.

3. Subtle combination of white, brown, and orange 

subtle combination of white, brown, and orange
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It’s time to get fashionable now!

Play around with a bright orange wall, wooden floors, and a white couch. Doesn’t it sound elegant? As per Vastu shastra, this color combination for the hall is grand. It amplifies happiness and purity, keeping negativities far away from your home.

Orange encourages positive vibes and healthy relationships in a home, and white and brown hold peace and clarity. Thus, this combination is the best for anyone who wants to amplify the spiritual presence in their living area.

4. Play around with different shades of pink

hues of pink
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Pink is the color of happiness and joy. Light pink walls or an identical floor with white furniture can create a subtle touch of elegance. Do you know that the pink color bears positivity and happiness?

You can also try adding a wooden floor with pink walls or a pink and brown color combination. According to the principles of Vastu, the pink color can attract joy and happiness to your home. Moreover, the pink and brown color combinations can attract peace and prosperity to your living area, where you choose to spend quality time with your family.

5. Shades of brown define luxury

shades of brown
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Don’t you want a luxurious front room with a dark brown wall with plenty of natural light?

Shades of brown are a color pallet that, if incorporated in the halls, brings a lot of grounded feeling to your house. The image you refer to for your front room should have wooden floors and dark brown walls. 

Recently, there has been an increase in shades of brown in living rooms. These tones are aesthetically pleasing and slowly is becoming people’s favorites. However, the brown combination brings stability and luxury to the house.

6. A white and green color combination

white and green combination
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The green color stands for growth, abundance, fertility, and healing. Suppose you don’t want to have the total space in green; try painting a wall with green if the entire wall is too overwhelming for you.

Another suggestion is to have the color green as a pop-out color with a similar shade of couch, furnishing, and even plants. You may also go for a wall painted with an exquisite dark green color and pair it with a white sofa. As per Vastu, this color combination symbolizes growth and peace.

7. Bluish-green color assortment

bluish green combination
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How about a modern room with hints of Blue and a plain greenish wall? Isn’t it an excellent color combination?

According to Vastu, a front room or Hall with a bluish-green color combination will reflect trust, healing, growth, productivity, and tranquillity. The blue color is the representation of water, and green may act as the earth’s image. Once combined, these two color combinations will do magic on your house and assist you in creating a space that’s not just beautiful but also jointly stands soothing to your mind.

8. Hints of red in your hall

shades of red
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A color of power and determination, depicting varied moods – using red in your front room might look complex. However, if you’re a fan of the color and like to draw in a touch of passion in your front room, use it on a piece of furniture of your choice and let it not overpower the hall.

Try pairing red with white, which helps bring clarity and serenity instead of crowding the room. The energy of red will bring on heaps of drama and even increase the vibrancy rate of the individuals residing in that area.

Note: You can consult an expert professional while selecting color mixtures for any part of your house. This is often simply a general color analysis, guiding you to pick an ideal color combination for the Hall as Vastu shastra.

Which color combination did you pick for your hall area?

Choosing the best color combinations following Vastu can sometimes become challenging.


Because you cannot pick the perfect color for your hall for your bedroom because the energies won’t match, and neither can it attract any positive vibe.

So if you are planning to buy a new home or re-paint your home, make sure you choose the right combination to enjoy a happy and prosperous life.