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Colors are a universal language that convey our deepest feelings. You can learn a lot about a person’s character from the color scheme they choose for their bedroom.

Since you spend so much time there, ensuring your bedroom has a good vibe is essential to helping you start and end each day on a good note. Choosing the right Vastu colors for a bedroom is an easy and quick way to make the room feel happy and upbeat.

If you’re having trouble settling on a paint color for your bedroom, this quick guide on Vastu-recommended colors and their psychological effects might help.

According to Vastu Shastra, if your bedroom does not have the correct furniture orientation or colors, the higher frequency energy surrounding it will not be able to reach its full potential. It might have negative repercussions, as per Vastu Shastra. Thus, alignment with your Vastu is essential to have a peaceful bedroom.

Adding Vastu colors to your bedroom

You can easily incorporate the colors suggested by Vastu for the bedroom into your home by using them on your walls or combining these shades into your furniture, curtains, decorations, or trinkets. As you know of these hues, here’s the meaning of each color suitable for your bedroom, as Vastu signifies.

But before that, which colors are the best for your bedroom, per various directions? 

Your house has its energy, which gets magnified with the correct Vastu alignment and color scheme. Experts also suggest that each section of one’s home needs different colors per individual energy requirements, the room’s position, the space’s size, and usage.

Bedroom colors based on the room’s direction

Always consider the best color for your bedroom’s location. Check the listing for the best color based on the direction of your home:

  1. North – Pista green and green
  2. North-west – Cream, light grey, and white
  3. North-east – Light blue
  4. South – Red and yellow
  5. Southwest – Light brown, peach, and mud color
  6. South-east – Pink and orange
  7. East – light blue and white
  8. West – White and blue
best color scheme for bedroom
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Bedroom color scheme and what it indicates

While discussing Vastu-friendly colors, let’s look at all the possible color schemes for your bedroom and what they might mean.

  1. Lavender – Peaceful and soothing rest at night
  2. Magenta – Eye-catching and attractive
  3. Charcoal – A subtle variation of black
  4. Teal – Modern Vastu color variation
  5.  White – Freedom in all its form
  6.  Red – Vibrant energy and positivity in the bedroom
  7.  Grey – A chic color for your bedroom
  8.  Orange – Splendid bedroom color
  9.  Brown – The trendiest choice
  10.  Pink – Iconic
  11.  Yellow – Energetic Vastu color variant
  12.  Purple-Calming Vastu shade
  13.  Green – Positive color
  14.  Blue – Beautiful and soothing Vastu color variants
  15.  Indigo – Best color choice for a bedroom, according to Vastu

Best hues for your bedroom

Are you feeling confused? Don’t worry; we have also broken down each wall paint color and shared its significance for your better understanding.

1) Lavender – peaceful and soothing rest at night

lavender wall
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This hue originated from the shades of pink and was considered the trendiest color in 2022. It has a subtle appearance and creates a soft look around the space without making it too eye-catching or attention-grabbing. If you are having trouble with their sleep, you can try this shade on their walls, which will go amazing on your bedroom wall.

2) Magenta – eye-catching and attractive

magenta wall color
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The reddish-purple ensemble is a perfect addition to your bedroom, according to Vastu shastra. This combination color comes in two variants. A lighter tone is for decorating shelves and other smaller spaces. On the other hand, the darker shade of magenta is eye-catching and made for bedrooms and living spaces.

3) Charcoal – a subtle variation of black

charcoal color wall
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Whether you want a warm or a cool undertone, charcoal grey can be your solution for color choice. It blends as a neutral shade with various decors. According to Vastu, black is considered a sullen color, but if you love black, you should choose charcoal grey. On the other hand, if you are intimidated by the bold tones, they try combining charcoal grey with different colors in contrast.

As per Vastu, you will be surprised to find the perfect color combination for your dream house.

4) Teal – Vastu modern color variation

teal wall color
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According to the Vastu, a successor of the greenish-blue family is the ultimate color for your bedroom. Are you having difficulty forming a picture of teal-colored walls? Then imagine your walls as a deep greenish-blue shade that reminds you of enchanting lagoons and tropical waters on the island.

You would find teal to have a closer resemblance to the color turquoise but in a darker shade group.

5) White – Freedom in all its form

white wall color
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If you enjoy purity and freedom in all its forms and your own company or want your house to depict no sign of negativity, then paint those bedroom walls of your white.

White might feel plain to some people, but Vastu also has an answer. Try to mix in different shades of white. It eradicates the basic look and gives your room some dimension. 

Seekers of compatibility and purity, don’t miss out on these colors, as white symbolizes these two elements, which are perfect for your bedroom walls. If you aim to bring energy radiating with positive vibes, then white is the color for you.

6) Red – vibrant energy and positivity in the bedroom

red wall color
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If you want to bring in positivity and an energetic atmosphere filled with excitement, try playing with the color red. However, some people might find the color red too intimidating; for those people, you can easily opt for mixing and matching various shades of red. It will bring the fierce tone down and soften up the look.

Red is the primary color of choice for any couple’s bedroom. If you love bold colors, then red will satisfy you. Try adding this vibrant color to your bedroom. Another positive characteristic of the color red is that there are multiple furnishing options you may avail surrounding this beautiful hue of red which makes it the most versatile color out of all.

7) Grey – a chic color for your bedroom

grey wall color
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Grey is a color symbolizing practicality and dependability, the skills anyone should possess. Adopting this color is the sensible course of action for you if you wish to bind their bedroom with a neutral ambiance. Married couples might find the color monotonous, but as per Vastu, this color is excellent for the bedroom of any married couple.

8) Orange – splendid bedroom color

orange wall color
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Some adjectives that describe the color orange are excitement, fun, and vibrancy—aiming for these in your room? Then paint your bedroom walls orange only. The best place for the color orange will be your main bedroom

The 70’s fashion is making a comeback, and so is the orange for your bedroom. Are you aware that orange ranks among the best-position colors for bedrooms? Not only that, it makes an excellent color for your tinted window.

Orange is the color of ambition too. If you wish to be more ambitious, you should paint your walls orange. It is accurate as orange depicts someone with an excellent value foundation, high self-esteem, and a healthy body. Including orange in your daily life incorporates stencils with orange color glasses or funky prints that leave an impeccable reflective hue when sunlight falls on it.

As a word of caution, avoid the color orange for your walls if you possess anger issues, as per Vastu.

9) Brown – the trendiest choice

brown wall color
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Form a link with mother nature by incorporating the color brown on your walls. The color brown is solid, depicting security, resilience, safety, and dependability. If you wish your bedroom should have a reflection of all these characteristics, then opt for brown as your bedroom walls color.

Brown was considered the trendiest color of 2022, as per Vastu shastra. The market is gushing over two shades- beige and brown. Therefore if you want to set up a trend with your home, now is the time to do so. Brown gives your house a more rustic look and provides restful energy with elegant vibes.

The first way to incorporate this color is to add furniture in your bedroom with hints of wood and timber. It will include brown in its abundance without painting those walls. This look also adds in coziness and warmth vibe to the atmosphere. The next idea is to complement those earthy brown painted walls with some off-white furniture pieces.

10) Pink – iconic

pink wall color
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If you go by psychology, each color is pink, depicting hope and calmness. Thus, this color is excellent for anyone looking for a tone that helps ease an individual’s anxiety. Vastu never believes in forbidding color.

On the contrary, it suggests going through all the options available while opting for a color for your bedroom. However, if you are rooting for the subtle color pink and want it to be part of your bedroom, then go ahead and paint those walls. Vastu considers pink a compliant color.

Pink is a color that signifies togetherness, memories, love, and happiness. It gives your eyes and minds a soothing treat. Moreover, the color holds sophistication in very high regard. Creative people will agree that painting your walls with various shades of pink can create a creative expression of incorporating sophistication and poise into your bedroom.

Let’s see the two trendiest home decor for your bedroom that has been raving on the internet while reading this article.

The first option is to introduce pink color into your bedroom by adding vases or changing the cabinet knobs and doors with a rose gold hue. The second option for incorporating shades of pink is adding flowers in contrasting colors to elevate the look of your master bedroom.

11) Yellow – and energetic Vastu color variant

yellow wall color
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Yellow, also known as the color of sunshine and joyfulness, symbolizes happiness and holds a prominent place in Vastu. The beacon of positivity and light, bringing in yellow as per Vastu, is your best choice if you search for energy, joyfulness, and a place that radiates happiness. 

Opting for this color that symbolizes sunshine will turn your bedroom into its version of sunshine rays. Therefore, if you are considering this color, then opting for it for your walls will be an excellent choice even if you have a smaller size of bedroom. It is because yellow creates an illusion to make your room look more significant due to its bright color.

Yellow is your color if you want a color radiating contentment, cheerfulness, and intellect.

12) Purple – calming Vastu shade

purple wall color
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Want to amplify the effect of your purple walls? Bring in fairy lights strings for your walls just behind the bedpost. Then see the magic it creates in your bedroom.

The purple color is a combination of fire and ice, created by combining two contrasting elements – fierce and fiery red energy and the color blue’s stable, poised, and calm power. If you seek combined energy, painting your bedroom purple is the best choice.

As per Vastu, the energy residing in that room should sync with the colors of your bedroom walls. Purple gives a majestic and royal look to anything related to it. It has a vibrant tone due to its two dominant undertones. It depicts compassion, equilibrium, diplomacy, and dignity, which is highly appreciated if a person possesses these characteristics.

If your values come near these traits, then choosing purple is wise. Vastu also asks people with lots of impatience to opt for this color for their bedroom walls. This color will help tone down the impatience.

13) Green – cheerful color

green wall color
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Every color holds a different meaning, as per Vastu. Some bring fiery energy like red, while others bring poise with pink. Want to know what green brings? The color green brings calmness and relaxed energy and is associated with people who are analytical in their thought process and likes to call themselves perfectionist.

So green is your color if you categorize yourself as such or wish to bring such energy into your life. If you are a couple who wishes to bring in a harmonious environment, then green should be considered at the top of your list for your bedroom colors. Green also brings healing, ease, relief, and harmony.

Therefore, bringing in any shades of green will amplify all these in your house energy. Adding green plants also counts if you don’t wish to paint your walls green. Finally, green should be present in your bedroom for couples planning a baby, as it also elevates fertility energy.

14) Blue – beautiful and soothing Vastu color variants

blue bedroom
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Wanted to bring forth a responsible attitude or amplify your intellect? Then go for the color blue. Blue is the color that holds purity and a soothing effect in a person’s life. A blue shade on your wall establishes a peaceful arena and promotes tranquillity in a person’s life.

Are you painting your walls as per Vastu? Then blue is an ideal choice as it has a prominent pallet. Promoting calmness becomes a lot easier with various hues of blue as your bedroom wall options.

Do you have a tiring and hectic lifestyle? Blue should be your color companion for your bedroom wall as it has a soothing look and can take away your tiredness in minutes.

15) Indigo – the best color choice for a bedroom, according to Vastu

indigi bedroom
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Indigo can be associated with two strong traits: dignity and power, and both are majestic in their rights. However, Indigo also bears sincerity on a deeper level and conveys integrity in the room’s energy.

Indigo provides abundant energy to the space co-related to it. The vast calls this color the best color for any bedroom blends into every person’s energy very smoothly. Even if you pick this color for your children’s room, it still makes an excellent wall color for them.

The indigo-colored walls can become a base for your children’s room wall to showcase their artistic talent. As these colors bring in fun and lightness, your children’s room is the place we highly recommend for this color. It induces a soothing environment for your kids to develop their learning and reading mindset. 

It is a perfect color to enrich your children’s enlightened minds and improve their cognitive capacity. Spiritual people also connect with the color Indigo on a higher level as it helps build a deeper connection with yourself. If this connection is something you wish to develop in your kids’ psyche from an early stage, then paint their room with Indigo.

 With so many details on the best bedroom color per Vastu, some of you might wonder why it is necessary to have these aligned first. Let’s address this query of yours.

Why is Vastu important?

Everyone wishes to draw positive energy to their house that simultaneously attracts abundance, prosperity, and abundance. To achieve this, your elders must have always instructed you to keep your house clutter-free and tidy. They must have also advised you to discard broken items that have lost their purpose.

Why did they co-relate these minute things with positivity and prosperity? It all comes down to Vastu. As per Vastu, a well-kept home brings more abundance, clarity, and tranquillity to the household. Therefore, to safeguard the memories you create in your home with positive energy, your home needs to stay Vastu aligned.

The master bedroom of your house is central and holds the most crucial position in the overall shift of your house’s energy. Therefore, any misalignment of Vastu leads to severe repercussions. Vastu’s duties are to benefit families by living a prolonged and joyful life.

Did you know that your bed’s position can lead to severe altercations if not taken seriously? According to Vastu, the southwest or east direction is considered auspicious for the headboard placement of the bed. The Vastu of your house is not limited to the position of your bed.

It shares a close link with the decor of your bedroom, its settings, and the color of your walls. Therefore, Vastu experts advise you to follow each step carefully. If the colors that your Vastu suggests do not bode well with you, you can easily alter the color’s usage.

For example, instead of focusing on an entire wall with a solid shade of a particular color, try bringing in more minor elements that sit well with the room’s ambiance and contrast. It makes the Vastu flexible per your convenience, and it is why Vastu is essential. Not only does it altercates as per situation, but it also provides long-term results.

Vastu color for the home office in the bedroom

work from home setup in bedroom
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Some people bring their work home, while some make their home a workplace. These Vastu tips apply to both of them equally. It would help if you placed your office desk or bookshelf on the southwest corner or a western section of your room. Make sure you have compatible spots to create a dividing line between personal space and business.

The desk should align so that the person seated gets a northeast direction or east or north direction for view. As per Vastu, using rectangular or square office desks holds more benefits. Avoid working from bed and ensure that your office at home is uncluttered, has a spacious environment where the person gets light and air, and holds a roomy environment.

Your home office should have a white-tone wall color. However, if it doesn’t fit your room’s overall look, add white in other forms, such as furniture or curtains. At the same time, it becomes essential as it represents independence, serenity, and tranquillity.

What goes well if your bedrooms have balconies?

bedroom with balcony
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Try getting your hand on a property with a balcony on the northern or eastern of the bedroom, as it is the preferable direction. Avoid getting a circular-shaped balcony, as it might cause future inconveniences. Listed below are some suggestions that will help you elevate your room attached balcony’s energy:

  1. Add a swing on the east-west axis
  2. Consider brightening your patio to create a positive environment
  3. Add small plants in the northeastern direction, east or northern direction
  4. The grill of the balcony should be rust free
  5. Keep unnecessary items out of the patio to keep it free from energy blockage 

What tips does Vastu have for bedroom lights?

Vastu suggests allowing natural lights to enter the room; Sunlight, with all its might, has a substantial mark on the cheerfulness of the room. A few hours of natural light is beneficial for overall health and energy. Fluorescent lighting, task lighting, and overhead spotlights work alongside task lighting. To get the overall impact, ensure you lighten up the room with the color contrast and alterations. Play around with various lights for illumination and occasion.

Suggested Vastu tips for bedroom for a pregnant woman

  • Avoid sleeping in the northeastern room to eradicate miscarriage or trouble in conceiving.
  • Post birth of a child, the couple should avoid the southeastern room due to its humidity.
  • Red is the perfect Vastu color to generate fertility.

What does Vastu say about senior citizen bedrooms?

Senior citizen bedrooms must have soft and soothing colors such as blue, white, green, and yellow. These colors are not only vibrant but also carry peaceful energy. If the senior citizen is the head of the house, then the person’s bedroom direction should be south or southwest.

They can also go ahead with the east, north, or northeastern room. The bed direction should be south or east. You can keep your books in the west direction, and the northwest direction should be for other soul-nourishing activities such as drawings, readings, and playing chess. Medicine should be kept in the middle area of the room.

Vastu recommendation for bedrooms with attached bathrooms

Modern apartments have modern solutions. However, the bathrooms are generally attached to the bedroom due to various space constraints. Vastu has an opinion on this too. According to Vastu, wrong bathroom placement may also affect finances and health. The bedroom should be in the southwestern direction if the bathroom is adjacent to the room, and other options are west or south. Try to keep your bathroom door all time closed to avoid negative impact. 

Decoding Vastu for guest bedroom

The guest bedroom should be on the northwest side of the house, as per Vastu. The west and south directions are ideal for bed arrangement. Your head, while sleeping, should always be on the south side. Ensure that any beam is above your bed in the guest room. The vast significantly clarifies that the cupboard should be on the west or south walls. Lighter tones should be preferred, such as green, white or blue. Avoid having anything in the darker shade. The bathroom shouldn’t be opposite the bed.

Which colors to avoid in your bedroom?

 Vastu shastra forbids the following to be painted or added to the bedroom:

  • Dark purple
  • Dark green
  • Dark red
  • Brown
  • Black

Got Vastu dosha in the bedroom?

Has your bedroom been categorized as Vastu dosha? The first thing you can do is deal with it. However, you must be aware that it comes with some consequences. Alternatively, you can place a bowl with a few camphor crystals and sea salt facing the northeast of your bedroom.

According to Vastu, this bowl will extract all the negative energy from the room. It is one of the best techniques for eradicating Vastu dosha. However, if you want to, you can also change the color of your walls on the northeast side and change it to yellow or white.

Add a mild essence of lavender to your room, as that eradicates the toxicity of the Vastu dosha. Finally, place a Chandrayanth in the northwest corners.

Bottom Line

We have uncovered some of the most beneficial Vastu tips for your bedroom. Remember that your bedroom holds the core energy in your home, and disrupting that energy may cost you a lot. That’s why it is beneficial to take professional help to center your bedroom alignment as per various elements, from furniture to extra items.

Get a color that matches your room and your personality! Did you like any of the colors from the above list? Ensure that the color your choose best suits your vibe to feel the shift in your vitality once all the elements of Vastu are in harmony within your room.

If, however, you feel confused about the position of your bed and the impact Vastu has on its placement, this article will guide you best.