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For Indians, a “home” is not just a place to live; it is an emotion. Most people do Griha Pravesh puja to protect their homes from bad energies and make their lives more peaceful and prosperous.

When speaking about prosperity, many people follow Vastu Shastra’s tips to welcome good luck into their homes. One such piece of advice in Vastu Shastra is to have a nameplate on the entrance.

The placement of nameplates in Indian homes is widespread; however, if the nameplates do not align as per Vastu, things might turn the opposite of usual expectations. Some people do not care much about home nameplates and choose whatever is available.

However, if you are looking to attract some positive aura, selecting and installing the correct type of nameplate in the proper location will determine the success of your life.

Home sweet home nameplate
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Why do you need a nameplate?

A nameplate helps people find your home, but if you follow Vastu principles, a suitable nameplate can also help you attract a positive vibe. According to Vastu principles, you must place the nameplate on the left side of the door. Additionally, the height must correspond to the door’s top half.

In this article, you will also know what materials to use, where to place nameplates outside your home for best results and how aligned nameplates in Vastu invoke prosperity in your home.

Selecting Name Plate styles for Main Gate as Per Vastu

A nameplate is the first thing that catches one’s attention when entering a house. It is a part of interior décor that demonstrates a homeowner’s sense of fashion. Earlier, each home had a similar-looking nameplate – the classic one. 

Nevertheless, things have modified a lot in the past few years. Besides the regular ones, you will find several creative nameplate options in various shapes, sizes, colors, and fonts. You can even order a custom nameplate based on your preferences.

Nameplate color as per Vastu

Keeping Vastu principles in mind, you must select the nameplate colors based on their direction. For instance, east-facing homes should have name plates designed with brown or plain colors. 

When choosing a style of a nameplate, make sure that the color of the nameplate matches the color of your main door. For a picket outside the door, a white color house nameplate could be a great option because it draws in prosperity and new opportunities for the family.

On the other hand, you’ll be able to decide on a golden nameplate outside the door that delivers an elegant appearance.

different nameplate styles
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Do’s and Dont’s when choosing a nameplate

Always have a nameplate on the door or the connected wall, if the house permits, because it draws in prosperity, opportunities, and well-being per Vastu. Here are a few do’s and dont that you must remember!

  • Ensure that the nameplate is big enough to write your full name.
  • Vastu shastra recommends you choose a round, triangular, or five-cornered nameplate design.
  • Also, when installing nameplates, ensure they are firmly secured and do not fall. Additionally, you must avoid having any pole or tree in front of the nameplate as it is deemed unlucky to have an obstruction in front of your nameplate.
  • The main door nameplate should be well-lit. If the lobby space of the house doesn’t have enough light to brighten up the nameplate, use an external LED light of any warm color to brighten up the nameplate. However, it would help if you avoided red-colored lights with your nameplates.
  • Always select the best quality and water-proof materials for your nameplate, mainly if it’s a villa or a house, to confirm that it will stand up to the monsoon season.
  • Even the paint ought to stand up to harsh natural environments. Since the main door is opened and closed frequently, make sure that the nameplate is robust, or else it will easily break.
  • Use a nameplate that has a material immune to corrosion.
  • Ensure that the nameplate is frequently clean and stays mud free.
  • Please make sure that you have just one nameplate at your door.
  • The color of the nameplate should correspond to the zodiac sign of the house’s owner, and please make sure that it is readable, clear, and prominent.

What to write on the nameplate?

People usually write their full names on the nameplate, while some mention their last name collectively, like “Aggarwal’s.” However, nowadays, people have started using the names of all the family members on the nameplate.

The modern world has compelled the use of fashionable nameplates, but if you believe in attracting positive vibes, you should follow Vastu principles. According to Vastu, you must refrain from mixing it with too many styles, scripts, engravings, and idols of deities in a nameplate.

Furthermore, choosing too fashionable fonts that are skinny or wavy is also not considered auspicious.

Direction and position of the nameplate as per Vastu

  • The nameplate ought to be placed on the left side of most doors because it is considered more auspicious than its opposite sides.
  • Please ensure the nameplate is at the top higher half of the door.
  • You must appropriately attach the nameplate to your door and avoid keeping it in a hanging position.
  • The nameplate mustn’t be broken or have any holes in it.

What is the importance of nameplates per Vastu?

As per Vastu Shastra, a house entrance holds particular importance because it is where various energies enter and leave the house. Therefore, inserting a nameplate at the house entrance makes your home Vastu compliant. 

According to Vastu Shastra, the entrance door of a house ought to have a nameplate that is clear, readable, and appealing. Therefore, deciding on the appropriate material for the plate is essential to confirm harmony and positive energy flow into the house.

Recommended Nameplate materials as per Vastu

The most commonly used and budget-friendly nameplates for residences that Vastu Shastra recommends are those made with acrylic or fiber. The larger, more accessible homes and building area units may choose plates built with glass and steel.

Handwoven signboards have raw charm, whereas designer name plates with artistic font use and a picket end will lend a stellar interest to your modernized taste. 

You may also choose seasoned wood, such as teak and seasoned lumber, but if you are looking for budget-friendly choices, industrial MDF (medium-density fiber), plywood, veneer, and pine wood can be the ideal option.

Now speaking about shapes, nameplates are available in varied sizes, but you must ensure that you have selected the ones that are square, oval, round, or house-shaped. You might find nameplates engraved with pictures of deities, birds, or animals, but you must go for a simple one, and it is best to avoid any such styles.

10 Simple Vastu nameplate ideas for your home

Experts in Vastu Shastra and astrology say that a house’s nameplate is just as essential as a ‘tikka’ on the forehead. Similarly, the front door invites guests into your home, and along with them, it also welcomes their energy, vibrations, and auras.

If your home has a unique identity, opportunities are bound to locate you. A nameplate is not just about inscribing your name but should also demonstrate your originality with a distinctive style. So here are some nameplate design ideas that can attract positive energies to your home.

1) Large silver nameplate

According to Vastu, the front door is a gateway for both people and positive energy that makes a beautiful nameplate a must for every house and building. So if your doors or exteriors are silver in color, you may choose a large silver nameplate that would be beautiful, elegant, and eye-catching.

large silver nameplate
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2) Glass nameplate

Glass nameplate adds sophistication to the house’s interior decoration and works as an ideal selection for creating nameplates for the home. However, since it’s a fragile material, you must handle and maintain it carefully.

3) Marble nameplate

To lend an abundant charm to your home exteriors, you’ll be able to choose a marble nameplate to style your main gate or outside the door. Marble is the ultimate material for any type of home decoration.

Adding this material to your front door will surely elevate the elegance of your home. Marble is the epitome of purity, making it an excellent choice to attract abundance and purity.

marble nameplate
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4) Granite nameplates

As per Vastu, granite is a beautiful material used for home interior decoration. Trendy granite nameplate styles for the house entrance make the overall appearance outstanding. The fabric, besides its shine, will stand up to extreme weather and last for years to come.

Moreover, a granite nameplate for the house is appropriate gratitude for its simple cleaning and maintenance while being cheap. 

5) Stone nameplate

Stone brings a country charm to the house. In addition to its rustic charm, the stone for the nameplate conjointly provides a distinct look to the house entrance. The stone nameplate is also a sturdy material that can handle harsh weather.

6) Golden nameplate

A golden nameplate gives a posh and luxurious appearance. Moreover, if you have a brown door, it would look so gorgeous! Nevertheless, ensure your golden nameplate is rectangular and maintained adequately to attract positive vibes.

golden nameplate
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7) Steel nameplate

If you want to bring a bimetal addition to your home entrance’s interior decoration, use stainless steel. There are lots of nameplate styles for the main gate offered in steel. For nameplate styles for the main entrance in steel, opt for personalized designer choices to bring abundant charm.

8) Oval nameplate

An oval nameplate on a beautiful colored wall can make your home look pretty! So go for it. You may also choose to decorate the space with vibrant flowers or plants around it. According to Vastu shastra, an oval-shaped black nameplate not only looks beautiful but is also beneficial for your family.

9) Simple nameplate

Are you a big fan of sleek items? Then get a sleek and stylish nameplate for your home. The white nameplate stands out vividly against the dark wood of the door, and your name can be read easily, making it the best option from a Vastu perspective.

You may also choose this simple nameplate style for your business, workplace, and retail. Also, please look at some Vastu tips for your office that can promote better growth and success.

10) Copper-colored nameplate

If you are unsure what to choose because you have a dark-colored wooden door, then go for a copper-colored nameplate. A beautiful copper nameplate will give a modest and sleek appearance, and make sure you have attached it at the top center of your entrance door. According to Vastu’s regulations, you must always keep it clean and visible.

simple copper nameplate
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Bottom line

Nameplates have existed for generations. Even though they change over time, having yours aligned with Vastu will help bring you more wealth and prosperity. Now that you have a clear idea of the Vastu principles related to a nameplate feel free to implement these design ideas and attract positive energy.


Where should one place the nameplates?

Nameplates are often added or pasted on the doors or at the doorway of the society or house. 

What should you write on the nameplate?

The general trend is to write one’s last name on the nameplate. People have also conjointly started writing their complete names. Nowadays, several households write their cognomen and, therefore, the names of all members, including the youngsters. 

Why is a nameplate necessary?

Besides distinguishing a house, a nameplate is present to solidify the interior decoration of a home and build an honest initial impression in the eye of its visitor.