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If you consider adding a water component to your home, what could be a better plan than bringing home an aquarium? Vastu Shastra says a high-quality home aquarium attracts positive energy, prosperity, and happiness. But you should keep a few things in mind before investing in an aquarium for your home.

What does Vastu say about having an aquarium at home?

As per Vastu principles, bringing a fish tank to your home is considered auspicious and offers several benefits. Some of them are listed below:

  1.  Several fishes help attract wealth. 
  2. Aquariums are known to activate and enhance luck, career, and prosperity. 
  3. You’ll be able to keep vibrant flowers within the aquarium to keep negativities away.
  4. Aquariums help create a peaceful atmosphere by reducing anxiety and stress, as gazing at vibrant aquarium and fishes are therapeutic. 
  5. It helps to boost the well-being of the household.
  6. As per Vastu, fish tanks or aquariums for home are considered key to success and harmony.
  7. Fishes represent liveliness and positivism. Hence, a fish acquiring the tank emits positive vibes.
  8. The cheerful ambiance of getting bright luck with fish as a pet reception attracts happiness and health.
  9. A fish aquarium helps you to relax and increase productivity.
  10.  It keeps you close to nature, making you feel cozy.
  11. As per Vastu Shastra, a fish aquarium within the house absorbs negative energies and radiates positivity that attracts happiness to a home.
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Places where you must avoid keeping a fish aquarium

You must be very careful about the placement of your fish aquariums because if you place it in the wrong direction, it might attract negative results to your family and life.

  1. You should avoid keeping aquariums within the room as it might give rise to issues related to sleep or appetite for everyone residing in your home.
  2. It would help if you avoided keeping an aquarium in the kitchen as that might give rise to conflicts in your family relations.
  3. Avoid keeping the aquarium at the center of the house, as this may give rise to monetary issues.
  4. Never keep an aquarium close to a sunny window.
  5. Avoid keeping an aquarium in the south direction of the house because it may give rise to loss of wealth.
  6. Also, ensure there’s no beam on top of the storage tank, and don’t keep the fish aquarium below a stairway.
  7. Never keep the aquarium near an air-conditioner, fireplace, or TV screen, as the speakers’ chilled air, heat, or loud sound might stress the fish.
  8. Also, the bedroom is not the ideal place to keep an aquarium as that might attract negative energies and can also impact your sleep.
  9. It would help if you did not carelessly place a fish aquarium in the Southeast, as this direction represents the component fire. And keeping an aquarium in that direction might trigger a Vast Dosha.
  10. Do not keep the fish aquarium close to the hearth or any heat supply within the house.

Is there a specific day for buying an aquarium?

As per Vastu, a fish denotes positivity, wealth, and harmony. Therefore, before you purchase fish, it’s vital to see if they’ll match your aquarium once they start growing up. In addition, you must also take care of all the fish can live peacefully. Also, you must immediately bring a replacement fish to your tank if any existing one dies in the aquarium.

What is the best position to keep your aquarium in the living room?

aquarium in a living room
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The proper placement of a fish aquarium will add life to any part of your home. An aquarium represents the five components of nature and creates positive energy once these components move with one another. Moreover, the sound produced by the flowing water helps build positive surroundings.

It is believed in Vastu that every fish in the aquarium protects you from all the negative energy and promotes a serene ambiance. In fact, according to some experts, aquariums are also believed to rectify if you have any Vastu defects.

You must be surprised that the aquarium’s flowing water denotes life, which can attract positive energies, making your life peaceful.

According to Vastu Shastra, you should place aquariums in the southwest direction of your living room. If you wish to position an aquarium in any of your rooms, make sure you are putting it in the North direction. It would help if you remembered to place your aquarium on the left side of the door. This position encourages maintaining mutual affection in one’s marital life.

While if you plan to keep it in your workplace or reception area, then north or east, northwest or Southeast would be the best options.

The best aquarium shape for the house

Aquariums are typically available in rectangular, square, or spherical shapes. However, you may also opt for other forms like cuboid, hexagonal, L-shaped, and bow-front.

But if you want to know what is the best shape that Vastu recommends? Then that would be Ideal square, circular or rectangular. No matter what form you choose, make sure you avoid triangular fish aquariums as they are challenging to clean and not Vastu-recommended.

pillar aquarium
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Types of aquariums

  • Goldfish aquariums are a good choice for beginners and the most optimistic, as per Vastu Shastra, as they carry smart luck.
  • Large aquariums have various fishes from totally different places and several underwater plants.
  • Planted aquariums have a lot more plants than fish. It conjointly provides one the pleasure of an inexperienced garden, besides aquatic pets indoors.
  • Freshwater aquariums have fish from rivers and creeks available in each cold and heated water variety.
  • A seawater aquarium with fishes and corals from oceans can also be a good choice, but maintaining the water might be a bit of a hassle as the water needs to be filtered to keep up fish life.

How to enhance your home decor with an aquarium?

A fish tank will enhance your home’s aesthetic charm and create a sense of serenity. Exotic, vibrant fishes swimming in glass tanks are a beautiful sight, which might make any house light up the ambiance. Rather than simply putting an aquarium, you can add some hints of creativity.

For instance, you can install a pillar tank or a built-in wall aquarium if you lack space. You may also opt for other aquarium options, like a photo frame aquarium or a walk-over one.

You can choose from plenty of choices because it’s about your creativity!

Vastu décor items for your aquarium

decorative items for aquarium
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You can keep some decorative plants, stones, pebbles, or figurines, to add a touch of glamor and creativity to your fish tank. Choose solely some and don’t muddle or fill the tank thoroughly. You are free to choose any color of gravel.

Here are some more Vastu decor items for your aquarium.

However, if you want to comply with Vastu principles, you can select blue Peebles if you have placed your aquarium in the north and green Peebles if your aquarium is in the East or Southeast.

You may also choose to decorate your aquarium with live plants such as java nonvascular plant, java fern, Amazon steel, water vine, etc., as these are all considered auspicious, making your aquarium look majestic.

You may decorate your aquarium with other fancy plastic items as well. Still, you must ensure that these plastic décor items are of good quality and that the colors are not intoxicating the plant.

According to Vastu, you can also keep little coins within the fish tank as that attracts wealth. However, you must always wrap these coins in plastic and ensure that the metal doesn’t affect the water quality.

Avoid placing ocean shells, corals, and broken items to decorate your aquarium.

Remember that fish tank lighting should be switched on for roughly ten hours daily because fishes want darkness to sleep and rest.

Glow in the dark fish tank

Glow in the dark fish tank is currently in trend. The glow-in-the-dark effect occurs with pebbles made of a unique material that is fish-friendly and non-toxic. You may also keep an artificial glowing jellyfish in your aquarium to give it a special effect.

Have you ever heard of a GloFish? It is a type of freshwater species that exhibits excellent fluorescent color. The Glo Fish are genetically modified equid danio species and are available in many fascinating fluorescent colors like red, green, orange, blue, and purple.

Do you know what the best part about the GloFish is? These fishes seem normal in a white lightweight but show off their fluorescent colors under blue and black light.

Vastu Significance of fish and water

Fish and water are significant in Vastu. Moving water within an aquarium represents vigor and positive energy flow. Fishes attract wealth, happiness, and peace. People believe fishes to be the primary reincarnation of Lord Vishnu, which promotes positive energy throughout your home.

According to Vastu principles, feeding hungry fish is considered good karma, and you must do it often while keeping fish health in mind because overfeeding fish might kill their life.

Does your aquarium have several multi-colored fishes? If yes, then you are on the right path! Multi-colored fishes boost positivity, prosperity, and wealth in your home and rectify any existing Vastu doshas.

According to Vastu principles, aquariums can draw in positive energy abundance and absorb any traces of negativities. An aquarium generally harmonizes and balances the five principal components, namely water, wood, metal earth, and fireplace, that strengthen the vitality within the house.

To ensure a constant flow of positive energy, you may add a water aerator to create bubbles in your fish tank that is sure to escalate positive energy in your home.

Colors of the fish for your aquarium

Fishes that are gold or white symbolize the element metal and attract prosperity and good luck. You may choose fishes that are black, blue, or grey in color as they attract abundant positive energy and good health.

For best results, you can keep a combination of dark-colored fish, like black, with a gold-colored fish in your tank in a ratio of 2:1 (gold: black). This means you have to ensure that there should be more Goldfish than black, as the cyprinid fish (black moor) absorbs the negative energy of the house, and the golden fishes promote peace.

Avoid keeping fishes that are red and purple as they drain away luck. Lastly, keep a combination of yellow and brown fishes in your aquarium with some live plants, which can give a beautiful appearance and attract financial luck.

Vastu tips for fish tank

  • Select fishes that are active and keep traveling. It can guarantee a smooth flow of energy.
  • The number of lucky fish in your aquarium must be odd numbers like 5, 7, and 9. However, you must ensure that the eight fish in your tank are either a dragon or a Goldfish, and one needs to be a black fish.
  • Clean the tank or the fish pot frequently. You must also install essential equipment like filters, aeration, and water circulation to keep up the tank.
  • Opt for a giant aquarium or fish tank for home, so there’s enough house for all the fish to swim around once they start growing.
  • As per Vastu, putting fish in a fish tank or pot is considered one of the essential remedies for every kind of Vastu defect.
  • As per Vastu Shastra, you should often change the fish tank’s water but not regularly, because it helps build a positive setting. Ensure the water isn’t stagnant, which will most likely make your economic progress inactive.
  • Keep your aquarium clean and free from mosses, as it might create obstacles in completing tasks.
  • Lastly, you know that keeping a fish tank in your home will keep you away from all negativities. Now one of your fish may die. Don’t panic! A dead fish means the end of an issue in your workplace.

Best fishes to bring home

Fish are among the most spectacular aquatic organisms and an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. So keeping any species of fish is considered auspicious. Moreover, according to Vastu principles, an aquarium filled with fish contributes to the aesthetic value of your interior and promotes a flow of positive energy and good fortune. Mentioned below are some fish that you can keep in your home:

1. Arowana or dragonfish

One of the dearest fish for all aquariums is the tank fish, the Arowana fish. This fish is considered lucky and brings wealth, physiological conditions, happiness, and prosperity. It holds additional significance due to its resemblance to the golden dragon. The golden carp is known to swim against the strongest currents.

2. Goldfish

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One of the luckiest and most popular fishes is the Goldfish. This fish is available in various shapes, sizes, colors, and fin varieties. Keeping this lucky fish within the fish tank attracts luck because the fish represents beauty and harmony.

3. Blackmoor

It is believed this black fish for fish tank brings positive energies by eliminating negative vibes from the house.

4. Butterfly Koi

As per Japanese tradition, the koi may be a mystical fish that brings luck to the owner. Those fish’s attractive patterns and hues enhance the fish tank’s beauty. Koi is another luckiest fish that you can have in your aquarium that also attracts success and growth. It’s a decent alternative for college students and other professionals.

5. Flower Horn fish

A flower horn fish signifies good luck and brings prosperity to your home. It’s a hybrid fish that brings good luck and prosperity to your home and is referred to as Hua Luo Han.

6. Guppy Fish

guppy fish
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Guppy is a specific variety available in exciting patterns, tail shapes, and hues. This peaceful fish may be an excellent addition to your fish tank as they assist in producing a positive vibe within the house.

7. Cory catfish

You must keep cory fish in your aquarium as it helps keep it clean by eating all the algae deposits you may have at the bottom. This lucky fish is calm and peaceful, attracting luck within the house. Catfish also can tolerate different water quality conditions.

8. Angelfish

Source: Joan Carles Juarez/Shutterstock

Angelfish is one of the best omnivorous variants that thrive on frozen food. This thin and flat-bodied lucky fish will surely attract good luck to your home.

No matter what fish you select, fresh or saline water fish, you must continually check the compatibility of the fish before shopping for them. You must never overcrowd your fish tank because fishes are territorial and might begin killing different fishes if there’s a lack of place for them. Choose colorful, pretty, and healthy fish for the fish tank.

What should be your next step if a fish expires in an aquarium?

As per Vastu, if a fish dies naturally in a fish tank, it permanently removes the issues looming in the house or workplace. However, some Vastu consultants also believe they sacrificed their lives for the house owner or a loved one. Also, it would help if you replaced the fish with a brand new one in the tank very soon.

Prime disadvantages of keeping a fish tank within the home

No doubt keeping an aquarium or fish tank at home brings positive energy and enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home. Still, you must bear in mind that maintaining an aquarium can be costly.

Furthermore, you must invest a lot of time in cleaning and maintaining the aquarium. The last and most significant disadvantage of keeping an aquarium home is that you cannot plan a vacation with your entire family. It would help if you had someone to stay home and care for the fish.

What does aquascaping mean?

Aquascaping means making a natural landscape within the aquarium with aquatic plants, rocks, stones, or wood. You may also make tunnels and caves for the fish to play around in and add depth to your fish tank.

How many fish are lucky in an aquarium?

As per Vastu, you should keep nine fish within the tank to ensure a positive energy flow.

Can you keep any plants within your aquarium?

Yes. Plants that can grow in water, such as lucky bamboo and money plants, are best for aquariums. So you can keep these plants in your beta tank without completely submerging them in the water. Make sure that the roots are underwater and the leaves remain outside. Most of these plants absorb nutrients from the water, and you might also choose to add some liquid fertilizer for optimal plant growth.

Should you consider placing a fish tank with children around?

Ensure that the stand on which you keep the fish tank is solid and durable so it does not tip over easily. But the most important thing is to teach your kid not to go near the aquarium and disturb the creatures within it. However, avoiding glass aquariums and choosing an acrylic fish tank is best if you have toddlers at home.

What is a nano aquarium?

A nano or mini fish tank or beta aquarium is one of the latest trends for the best small apartments. It’s a tiny, compact fish tank with ten gallons of water (although this will vary based on personal preference). It’s a compact, self-contained system best for anyone who loves aquariums but does not have ample space to keep them.

Should the water within the tank need to be changed each day?

No, this will kill your fish. Never change the water in your aquarium entirely. Make sure you change twenty percent water only per week. If you have a filtration system, you must change thirty to fifty percent water in a month.

Do you know why you shouldn’t change the water frequently?

Because the microorganisms within the water help the fish survive, changing water entirely will wash off these microorganisms that might be fatal for your fish.

Can we keep aquariums close to the TV?

As per Vastu, you must not keep a fish tank near or on top of any tv or speakers. However, if you think you have no other option to place your aquarium, then the best option would be to keep it safe so that the fish do not get disturbed within the aquarium.


Having all five elements in one home is crucial. While including a water element is easy, the impact tends to grow double if you add a fish aquarium to your interior. That’s why if you plan on including these marine lives in your house, try to align them with Vastu guidelines for doubling up the positive energy in your home.