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Are you hunting for a flat to buy or rent? Then you’re probably confused about which apartment will meet your needs. But before making any decision, ensure that the apartment of your choice is Vastu-aligned. Do you know more than 93% of people prefer a Vastu-complacent apartment even if the size is not as expected? 

Over the past decade, the importance of Vastu-specific flats has increased significantly. The rapidly expanding population and diminishing land supply have made it difficult for most people to purchase plots to construct a home following Vastu. Real estate values have skyrocketed. Consequently, apartment living has become a necessity.

Significance of Vastu for flats in apartments

Vastu, a Hindu philosophy, regulates the construction of all buildings and specifies the number of rules. When buying flats and apartments, you must ensure you can attract positive feelings and safeguard them from all negativities. At present, owning and constructing a property might be a once-in-a-lifetime accomplishment, given the diminishing land space and population explosion.

Based on some Vastu guidelines, you must take care of the necessary direction, location, and decorative items to deter any trace of negative impacts. In this article, you will learn about Vastu-compliant apartments and how they can impact your life.

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Vastu Criterias for flats or apartments

When Vastu experts sit to rule out the essential Vastu pointers for your flats, they rule it out based on three primary elements taken from Vastu shastra itself:

  1. Direction
  2. Yoni number
  3. 5 Elements

Let’s break down each of them to understand more in-depth.

The direction of the flat

According to Vastu, determining the direction is the first guideline when choosing an apartment. There are eight directions- North, Northwest, Northeast, South, Southwest, Southeast, West, and East. All these directions come with their advantages and disadvantages.

For some of you, a north-facing house may suit you better, while an east direction is best suited for others. No matter what you choose, you should always remember one thing: never go for an apartment that faces south, as Yam, the god of death, rules that direction.

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Yoni number

Each cardinal direction has a yoni number. But what is a yoni number? A yoni number is a mathematical calculation dedicating a numerical element for each direction. These, combined with the other aspects, help the expert decide which apartment suits you.

As per Vastu, yoni numbers with odd digits, such as 1,3,5,7, are highly preferable directions. However, all the other elements matter too. Yoni number, in simpler terms, is the bearer of earth’s motion, and you may even find its placement in your birth chart.

The five elements of nature

Panchatatva is a Sanskrit word that represents the five elements of nature: Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Space. All these five elements are opposite from one another, and finding an apartment compatible with the five elements is not very easy. 

Amongst all the elements, water is the main element that precedes the north. This direction helps bring wealth, prosperity, growth, and abundance into your life. Similarly, fire belongs to the southern direction. That’s why keeping the stove or any cooking appliance in the southeast direction is advisable. 

Vayu, or air, is the most vital component of nature and the primary source of living, which is why the northeast is the ideal direction for vayu. When purchasing a flat, you must ensure all these aspects to attract positivity and a good vibe to your new apartment.

Now let’s discuss the various parts of the apartment and what Vastu has to say about it.

What does Vastu have to say about the flat’s entrance?

Start looking for a Vastu-aligned entrance if you are looking for an ideal apartment. The main entrance of a house has the essential task of filtering out negativity. If aligned correctly, the main door will attract happiness and fulfillment, alongside tranquillity for its residents.

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A north-facing home and entrance can be one of your best choices! However, if you fail to find such a house, you may also go in the direction with the entrance door facing north, northeast, west, or east. Here are a few more tips that you must remember:

  • Avoid having a wall or tree in front of your main entrance
  • Ensure that there is no lift/elevators in front of the entrance
  • The entrance door should be 7 feet tall and is preferred if made with wood.
  • The entry door should not face the northwest, southeast, southwest, or south.
  • It would be best if you do not keep red or other intense lights near the main gate.
  • It would help if you did not keep any religious symbols around the pillars of your main gate since standing on them is disrespectful and harmful to the family.
  • Does your main entrance have steps? Then ensure it is in an odd number since the right foot should always be in front, whether ascending or descending.
  • The front door should not create a creaking sound.
  • Never place mirrors in front of the main entrance.

Vastu alignment for your kitchen

The kitchen is probably one of the most crucial areas of your home, and it is a common belief that the well-being of your family depends on your kitchen position. Therefore, it becomes essential for you to know the Vastu alignment present in your kitchen.

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Before purchasing a flat or apartment, it is essential to confirm that the kitchen is Vastu-compliant. The kitchen relates to fire, one of the five natural elements (Earth, Water, Air, Space, and Fire). As per Vastu, the optimal position for a kitchen in apartments is in the Southeast direction.

However, if the southeast is unavailable, you may also go for other directions like West, East, North-west, and South for the kitchen. If you seek to implement Vastu in your kitchen, below mentioned are some more suggestions:

  • Your kitchen’s location should ideally be in the southeast and northwest direction.
  • Avoid apartments with a kitchen facing the northeast or southwest, as these directions strongly associate with bringing health problems into your and your family’s life.
  • Place your cooking appliances with a fire element in the southeast direction as Agni precedes that direction and will bring warmth into your food and your life.
  • According to Vastu experts, you must use a marble slab to place your gas burner. However, make sure that the marble is not blue or black.
  • Kitchen cabinets must be fixed on the southern wall.
  • Keep all electrical kitchen appliances towards the east.

Vastu alignment for your puja room

Puja room holds a pivotal place in the hearts of Indians. You might have noticed how connected your family is to the puja room. Nevertheless, while planning an apartment, ensure your puja room faces the correct direction to make your house a place of peace and harmony.

The most favorable location for a Puja room is the northeast corner of an apartment. According to Vastu Shastra, the northeast corner is the Ishan Cone. Worshippers must face either the north or the east.

Regarding the color of the Puja room, it is essential to note that according to Vastu principles, bright and neutral hues are considered auspicious. The walls of the Puja room must be yellow, light blue, or white, and the deities’ statues must face East or West. Alternatively, you may also go for Marble or wood mandirs.

Listed below are a few significant errors to avoid while planning a Puja room:

  • The south is not favorable for building a Puja room.
  • Do not hang photographs of family members near your puja room.
  • Avoid having a common wall with the bathroom, storage area, or bedroom since it might bring negativity into the home.
  • Keep your Puja room neat, clean, and free from unnecessary things.
  • Never keep money or other valuables in the Puja room.
  • Avoid facing idols southward.
  • Never keep trash cans outside the Puja room.

Vastu alignment for apartment’s bedroom

Your bedroom is the place of relaxation, where you unwind after a busy day. It is where you charge your energy cells to prepare for the next day. Your bedroom should be calm, positive, and unwinding. To ensure that you attract positive energy, peace, and prosperity to your bedroom, you must adhere to the below-mentioned point as much as possible:

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  • You must plan your main bedroom in the southwest for the best results.
  • In your apartment bedroom, you must avoid directions such as southeast or northeast, as having a bedroom in these rooms might create additional health issues, unwanted chaos, and arguments in the house. If you are newly wedded, avoid them altogether.
  • Place your bed facing the west. Always ensure that the bed is in the southwest direction of the bedroom.
  • Children’s rooms, if any, should be situated in the northwest or the northeast direction for the development of their cognitive brain.
  • The bedroom window should be on the northern wall to let natural light into the room.
  • Avoid constructing false ceilings over the bed. As they generate plenty of electromagnetic fields, excessive metal strips and cables harm your health and sleep.
  • Always use light colors for bedroom wall paints. Darker hues impede the mind’s capacity to relax and concentrate.
  • Go for wooden beds rather than metal ones since wood has more positive vibrations than metal.
  • If you want to place a mirror opposite your bed, then that is okay but avoid installing a mirror in a bedroom located towards the south or southwest.
  • Do not place a water fountain in the bedroom. Flowing water generates some energy that might disrupt sleep.
  • Having fresh flowers in the bedroom generates tremendous energy and wealth.

Vastu alignment for the apartment’s living room

Your living room holds most of the positive energy of the house because you spend the most quality time with your friends and family there. Often you must have observed that the lively aura of your living room has lifted off any tiredness from your exhausting day.

To ensure your living area is Vastu aligned, you must mandatorily plan it either in the south, west, or northwest direction. But there’s more that you must remember:

  • Ensure abundant space in your living room allows a free flow of positivity in the air.
  • It would help if you avoided the Southwest direction for your living room.
  • As this room is at the center of the apartment, you may increase positive energy flow by adding wooden furniture and lively plants.

Vastu alignment for the bathroom of the flat

The position of the toilet in your apartment is one of the most crucial factors you must keep in mind because an incorrect placement may invite several Vastu issues in flats. In most apartments, the toilet pipelines pass the same way from the ground floor to all floors above. Therefore, changing or relocating the position of your toilets can be pretty challenging.

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It is challenging to have all toilets facing the proper direction under Vastu for flats, but you must check for the following tips to ensure the good health of your family:

  • Avoid planning your toilet in the north, northeast, and southwest directions. These may result in severe health and financial issues.
  • The toilet seat should not directly face opposite the door as it might attract bad energy.
  • Creating a bathroom under the stairs is okay if the orientation is suitable. But ensure that the toilet floor slope faces north or east, never south or west.
  • Choose the wall tiles for toilets with care, considering their direction. According to Vastu, for apartments, use blue or brown tiles for a bathroom in the East or North, orange or yellow tiles for a toilet in the South East or South, and grey tiles for a bathroom in the West or North West.
  • The bathroom door should not open straight across from the bed.
  • The toilet seat or commode must always be 1 to 2 feet above the floor.

Why does Vastu prefer north-facing flats in apartments?

A north-facing flat has been the most in-demanded plot in real estate. People pay an insane amount to secure themselves a spot in this direction. But why do they do that? It happens as most people are aware of the Vastu benefits, and apartments facing north may bring loads of positivity and luck into their life. 

Kuber, the lord of wealth, governs the north direction, so apartments in this direction are said to be the most Vastu-compliant direction in Vastu shastra. This direction has continually proven time after another to bring in affluence for its residents.

North offers the residents abundant energy flow and ample opportunities to attract wealth and sustain it. However, you must check the position of the bathroom, bedrooms, or kitchen and check if they are correctly positioned.

What Vastu has to say about flats facing the southern direction?

Vastu shastra has never believed in the concept of the wrong direction. As per Vastu, all direction has it’s pros and cons. But why does the Vastu shastra recommend certain people from purchasing southeast-facing homes or plots, stating they attract negative energy? 

It happens because specific energies and circumstances do not favor you and might not align well with your family. All flats constructed keeping the Vastu in mind have never failed to attract positive energy and abundance in the lives of its residents. 

Vastu suggests that to bring positive vibes to a south-facing flat, you must ensure that the entrance door is in the southeast direction and ample sunlight enters the house from the east. The apartment should be in the 4th pada. The kitchen of the south-facing flat should be located in the northwest or southeast corner to ensure the flow of fire elements brings home warmth. 

The master bedroom should be in the southwest direction. You should also ensure that the living room is situated in the west and should be facing the east direction. This way, they will be able to keep the positive aura active inside the house. East facing living room also promotes positive vibes and energy, which helps the resident live a peaceful and harmonious life.

But wait! If you are shifting to a south-facing house. Do not place your puja room in the southern direction.

Summing up

Whether going for a physical visit to the actual sight or planning to browse online, you should ensure that you choose a proper Vastu-aligned apartment to reap the most benefits. You can also use this article for a reference regarding the correct position of your flat. However, if you still have doubts, you may seek help from a Vastu expert who can guide you to avoid Vastu doshas.