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The money plant is one of the well-known indoor plants that is very auspicious. When you are placing the money plant, it is important to be mindful of the directions and other Vastu tips as well. So, if you want to keep an eye on the details as far as Vastu for money plant is concerned, we are going to share some important tips with you.

The money plant cannot be placed just about anywhere and it is crucial to know the right place where you must keep it. Being aware of the details helps you attract positive vibes and prosperity to your place. So, let us enlighten you with these details and give you the much-needed base.

Knowing The Money Plant

The money plant has heart-shaped leaves and they amazingly add to the décor. They are also very easy to maintain and do not lead to any mess or even dirt because you don’t need to soil or water them every day. It acts as a natural air purifier and has several positive attributes. Even science believes that the plant has several health benefits that it can offer. The money plant also has a great ornamental appeal as it jazzes the beauty of the place. Apart from this, it is also known to create an ever-lasting relationship that remains cordial and friendly.

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From the viewpoint of Vastu, the money plant is known to bring positivity and good luck. It is also believed that this plant can bring wealth and prosperity too. If you keep the money plant in the right direction, you are least likely to face financial troubles as the plants ward off financial instability.

So, let us tell you about the right guidelines as far as Vastu for money plant is concerned.

Vastu For Money Plant: The Right Directions

As per the science of Vastu, while growing a money plant, you need to follow certain tips and it should be placed in the right direction as well. Let us see what they are.

The money plant can be placed either in the north entrance or the southeast direction of the house

The Living Room

If you want the plant to bring in luck and prosperity, you should place the money plant in the southeast corner. This is the direction that is ruled by Lord Venus and Lord Ganesh. Both these Gods are known to be representative of good luck and wealth. You can also choose to keep this plant in the aquarium that is placed in the southeast corner of your home as well. Using this direction for placing your plant will help you ward off bad luck from your home. 

The House Entrances

If your home is north facing, you should keep the plant towards the entrance. The science of Vastu believes that doing this will attract new career opportunities and even more income sources.

money plant entrance
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The money plant can also be kept in the bedroom but make sure that you should not keep it near the headrest or footrest. The money plant needs to be placed in the right direction and it is also likely to avoid arguments between the couple. It is also likely to aid in curing sleep disorders as well.

Other Important Tips

  • You can also keep the money plant in the bathrooms. They can grow even in humid areas and require minimal maintenance. Try to make sure that you place it in the southeast direction close to the window.
  • The money plant is also known to absorb the radiations that most gadgets tend to emit. This is why you can choose to place them near the routers or even the computers and television as well.
  • Vastu believes that anything sharp is likely to emit negative vibes and can also lead to anxiety. This is why you need to place the money plant at the corners as it will help in nullifying the negativity that emanates from the corners.
  • Always remember that the money plant should never be kept in the east-west direction of the house. Doing so can trigger financial troubles and discord rather than proving to be beneficial.
  • Also, you should keep the money plant inside the house and not in the garden area. You can keep it within the boundary of the house but not outside the premises.
  • It is believed that the greener the money plant, the more chance of getting wealth will be there. If your money plant has lush foliage, it is also likely to trigger your wealth.
  • Also, don’t expose the plant to direct sunlight. Try to keep it in a shaded area for the best growth.
  • You should try your best to not let the money plant die. This will be a bad omen.   

The Directions To Avoid

It is very important to be sure that you keep the money plant in the right direction as recommended by Vastu. Flouting the direction rules can bring in discord rather than agreement. When you are not following the Vastu guidelines, you may end up losing wealth and money. It also has the power to lead to health troubles as well.

The Dos and Don’ts

Now, let us talk about some dos and don’ts related to the money plant. Being mindful of these will allow you to tap the most of the money plant and bring in the right benefits in your home.


  • Always make sure to choose a green or blue vase for the money plant. These are the two preferred colours for growing money plants this is likely to overcome any obstacle that can come in the way of energy flow.
  • When it starts to grow, you need to keep a watch and prune it at regular intervals to make sure that it stays neat and clean.  
  • While you shouldn’t place the plant in an outdoor area, you should try to make sure that the area near the plant gets the right amount of air. A little air is essential for the growth of the plant.
  • You should try to make sure that the plant grows in the upwards direction. You can use a moss stick for growing the plant. There are coco poles that are available and it is also considered ideal for the growth of money plants. These poles are porous and they ensure high moisture retention. This helps the plant roots to grip naturally onto the fibre.
  • When growing the money plant, make sure that the leaves don’t end up touching the ground. This is because the growing vines are symbolic of prosperity. If the leaves start to touch the ground, the downwards direction is not considered auspicious.


  • You should never place the money plant in the kitchen. The different kitchen places and utensils are not considered good for the energy vibe of the money plant and the plant will fail to give the actual benefit.
  • Red is not a preferred colour of choice for money plants. You should avoid placing the plant near any red object in colour.
  • Also, try to avoid keeping the plants close to electrical appliances like grinders fridges, washing machines, and more
  • The dustbin is not considered a good object and the money plant should never be placed close to it.
  • As per Vastu, it is believed that you should never give the Vastu plant to someone. This can trigger bad luck for you.
  • You should always prune the plants yourself. Don’t ask anyone else to prune it as this might send your wealth and prosperity vibes to the other person. Also sometimes, another person may prove to be negative for your plant and so you should avoid it altogether.

The Money Plant In The Aquarium

money plant aquarium
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You can choose to grow the money plant in the aquarium as it is a great way to make sure that you can amplify the positive energy in your home. The money plant should have roots in the aquarium. It is also good for aquatic life because the roots help in absorbing the nitrates present in the water.

The Benefits Of Money Plant

Now let us see some of the benefits that the money plant has to offer,

  • Money plants help in purifying the air. They are known to eliminate carbine dioxide that is otherwise present in the atmosphere. This helps significantly in air purification.
  • Money plant when grown inside the aquarium tends to be very good for aquatic life. It absorbs the nitrates present in the water which is otherwise bad for the fish.
  • It is known to bestow good luck, wealth, and prosperity to the home
  • When kept in the bedroom, it is likely to promote good relationships between the couples and cut down the arguments that may happen between the two of them.

The Maintenance Tips

When you have a money plant at home, you need to take good care of these pots. It helps in better maintenance and care.  Here are some of the tips that you should be mindful of.

  • If you do the right maintenance, the money plant can grow to a height of 20 metres. Always make sure to remove any dry or yellow leaves. The dried leaves are symbolic of misfortune and so they should be removed as soon as you spot them or they can interfere with the positive vibes of the plant.
  • If your money plant is placed in such a room where it tends to be under the AC all the time, you should make it a point to mist them at periodic intervals. It is important to do so or else it may become too dry.
  • You should trim it at periodic intervals or else it may not look great and can be unruly. Unruly plants don’t fetch a good fortune.
  • Always make sure to place the money plant under a partial shade.  It shouldn’t be exposed to direct sunlight.
  • It can easily be grown in a water-filled vessel. However, make sure to change the water weekly as this will ensure that the plants will get sufficient water for growth.


Is money plant considered good as per Vastu?

Yes, the money plant is considered very auspicious as per Vastu.

Can money plants be grown in aquariums?

Yes, you can grow money plants in an aquarium and doing this is also good for the fishes as it tends to absorb the nitrate present in the water.

What is the best direction for a money plant?

Ideally, it should be kept in the southeast direction

Which direction is bad for the money plant?

The east-west direction is considered very bad for money plants. The north or the south-east direction is the preferrable choice.

Can you keep the money plant in washrooms?

Yes, there is no harm in keeping the money plants in the washroom as the humid weather is good for the plant to grow.