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We are all aware of the importance of Vastu.

The science of Vastu believes that there is a designated place for everything and a sense of direction is very important.

It pays a lot of emphasis on direction and this is why, if you believe in Vastu, you should make it a point to follow the Vastu for office tips meticulously.

When you stick to the best of Vastu for office principles, you will likely be able to usher good luck and fortune and possibly success as well. A lot of small and big firms have managed to see a visible difference in their sales number when they were following the details of the best Vastu alignment.

Vastu believes that it has a role to play in everything in the office- right from the way cash flows to the stability that your business enjoys and the growth your business manages to achieve as well.

So, if you too believe in the dynamics of Vastu, you are going to learn some of the most important aspects here. We will be sharing the key Vastu for office tips that are likely to trigger the right benefits for you. So, let us get started?

Vastu For Office: The Office Building

First things first. Before we get into the specifics of what Vastu guidelines you need to follow, we want you to know the direction of the office building. The direction in which the building is located plays a gargantuan role in governing Vastu and so you should know these details well.

If you have a business that operates in the service industry, try to align your office towards the east.

The north is one of the most preferred directions. It is governed by Lord Kuber, the lord of the wealth. So, having an office in this direction is likely to help you mint significant profits.

Some businesses are likely to benefit if they are located in the north, north-east, and the north-west direction. Also, it is important to ensure that your office isn’t in an extremely remote area that isn’t well connected. Mostly, it has been seen that offices that are surrounded by running roads tend to be much more prosperous.

Vastu For Office Entrance

You might be surprised to know that even the entrance of your office has a huge role to play as far as the science of Vastu is concerned. So, you should know the direction where the entry gate of your office needs to be. This will bring good luck and fortune to your place.

The office entrance has to be in the north wing. It can also be northeast and northwest but should be aligned to the north. It has been seen that offices with the entrance in this direction are likely to have better financial results every quarter. This direction is very auspicious for the sake of wealth and is likely to help you reap a good deal of profits. It is known to be the seat of Lord Kuber.

Vastu For Office: The Interiors

Just like the entrance, the things inside have to be well aligned. You just can’t place things wherever you want. As we told, Vastu believes that every item has its designated place and when you are willing to follow these specifics, it will allow you to usher the right positivity at your place.

So, you need to make a note of these tips as they will allow you to have the interiors aligned as per Vastu guidelines. A Vastu-compliant office is likely to yield the finest possible results you can ask for.

The Tips

  • Always keep a mirror in the north direction. You can also hang it on the northern wall. This helps more financial wealth to flow into your office and can lead to improved success. You can also consider buying a kuber yantra for even better results and keep it in this corner. 
  • Keep the safe or the money deposit box in the southwest corner of your office. You can also keep your key financial documents in the safe for a better flow of wealth. The safe should face the northeast direction. This again should trigger better wealth flow.
  • You should have a water fountain in your office. There is a lot of significance of flowing water in the books of Vastu. Waterfalls indicate wealth and positivity. So, try to incorporate water fountains in the northern wing of your office. If you don’t have the space for a water fountain, you can choose a small model that allows the flow of water.
  • Don’t keep fountains towards the office entrance. Don’t let the water flow outwards or else the wealth of your office is going to dissipate and leave your firm.
  • Don’t let the finished products stack up on the northeast side. The front of the office is also not a good place for the stock to pile up. You can keep them in the northwest direction. This will help in the smooth selling of stocks and is also likely to curb problems about dead stock.

Vastu For Office: The Seating Style

The way people choose to sit inside the office and the alignment of the boss’s chair and a lot of other sub-details hold plenty of value. So, here we are going to tell you about the best seating arrangement that will guide you in a befitting manner.

The Tips

  • The entrepreneurs present inside your office should always sit facing either the north or the east. They can sit in the northeast direction as well. These directions encourage new beginnings and therefore will spur growth.
  • The people who belong to the accounts department should take the southeastern corner of your office and they should face the northeast direction. This is the right way to foster better finances and increased cash flow.
  • Those who work in the sales department should sit in the north-west and face the northeast direction. This is likely to trigger a massive increase in sales which in turn will have a direct impact on the profit numbers.
  • Those who work as leaders or are team leads should sit in the west direction. They should face the northeast and this will allow them to make the most of their team and keep the whole team motivated to achieve their target goals.
  • The people in the managerial position and even those who are directors and top-level executives, they should sit in the south or the west corner. Another option is the southwest corner. Doing so will allow them to come up with better business decisions that can steer the firm in the right direction.
  • The owners and the CEO should face either the north or the east direction. Right behind the place they are sitting, they should have a solid wall. No curtains or wooden dividers should be present beneath the seat.
  • Even the seating of the employees is very crucial. All employees should face either the north or the east direction. As per Vastu, this is the direction to improve the overall productivity of the workforce. Under no account, should they be facing the south direction.

Vastu For Office Lights

Every office has to be well illuminated to ensure that the ambience inside is pleasant and worthy of working. Having a gloomy and badly lit environment is only going to hamper the overall work productivity inside.

Simply fitting the lights won’t do as the office should be so designed that it should allow a lot of natural light to seep in as well. This is important because sunlight has massive importance in the world of Vastu. Sunlight is known to render positive vibes to the whole place. All the bright lights that have been fit inside the office should be placed in the southern wing. While doing so make sure that these lights don’t end up creating glares on the computer screen or else it will be hard for people to work on their system.

  • Make sure to have big and attractive lights close to the entrance of the office. This allows positive energy to enter the office.
  • Even the reception should be well lit to foster energy and productivity.
  • None of the corners of your office should be dark. Install proper lights even in washrooms that are inside the office premises.
  • Always factor in the natural light coming in and then install the lights. You should not have excessive lights right above the employee’s head as this could end up hampering productivity.

The Washroom

Ideally, as per Vastu, the washrooms are considered to be areas that are infested with negative energy. However, it is not something that can be avoided. This is why you need to be sure that you are placing them in the right manner.

The washroom should be located on the west or the northwest side of your office building. On no account should you have the washroom in the east or even northeast and south-east direction. Make sure that the washrooms are also well illuminated. Never leave them dirty as this will allow the negative energy to become even stronger and can hamper the overall effect.

Vastu For Office Reception

The reception is one such area where you will have to pay a lot of emphasis for the sake of being sure as to how you are decorating it. The placement of every little thing matters here as it is the entrance of the place and therefore will govern the inward and outwards energy flow.

  • The reception should always be present in either the east or the northeast wing to attract positive vibes. The receptionist should face either the north or the east.
  • Don’t keep artificial plants near the reception area. Vastu reacts strongly to artificial plants. If you will like to incorporate plants, you can keep French lavender or even green jade. Both these colours seem to have a good positive influence.
  • Another great flower option is a four-leaf clover plant. This plant is considered to be very auspicious. You can also choose to have indoor bamboo plants as they are considered to be very lucky. These plants also have a feng shui element so try to understand that too.
  • The direction of the reception table should be diagonal as per the front office door.
  • The logo of the company should be placed on the southern wall in the reception area.
  • Make sure to have the place well lit. This will foster a flow of positive energy.

Vastu For Office Electrical Points

The different electrical equipment that is present in the office should be placed in the southeast wing of the premises. As per the science of Vastu, it is this corner that seems to be the most suited for the different electrical appliances like the toaster, microwave, vacuum cleaner, chimney, induction, and more.

Heavier electrical units like the generator or the transformers should also be present in the southeast corner. Even utility electrical machines like the printer, scanners and routers should stay in this zone itself.

The weighing scales and machines however should be placed on the northwest or the eastern side as they are technically not electrical equipment exactly. We do realize that sometimes it is not feasible to have all electrical equipment in one wing, but for the best results and improved productivity, you should try to do so.

The Temple Area

As a principle, every office should have a temple, no matter how big or small it is. It is important to have one as this helps in fostering faith and belief.

Ideally, puja corners are always on the northeast side. You can also choose to have it on the northern side as this is also auspicious. Make sure to keep the temple clean at all times and you should always light a diya in it every day to invite positive energy into the place.

Make sure to have incense sicks and if possible, offer flowers to the idols too. An important point we need to add here is that the diyas that you light should never be placed in the south direction as this may lead to loss of wealth. By integrating the mandir in the right place, you will be able to drive away the negative energy and bring in a positive flow inside.

Always make sure that you clean the temple. This place is a very pious and auspicious side and by keeping it dirty, you will end up creating negative energy here which can lead to bad results.

The Desk And Chairs

If you want a thoroughly Vastu-compliant office, you also need to be mindful of the desk and the chairs and how they are placed.

Let us see some of the Vastu for office tips that can come in handy for you.

  • You will find several Vastu items that you can incorporate into your office desk. One of the common elements is the turquoise pyramid. It is believed that this pyramid helps in improving the relationship of the boss with his employees. At the same time, it circulates better and more positive energy in the area.
  • You should always make sure that all desks are free of clutter or else it will invite negative energy into the space and can hamper productivity.  
  • All loose sheets of paper and even books that are not in use should be kept in closed drawers and shouldn’t scatter around.
  • Right behind the chair, you can place the scenery of the mountain in the cabin. This helps you achieve bigger goals.
  • Make sure not to keep any broken or damaged stationery items. These tend to block the easy flow of cash and finances.
  • Don’t keep any unwanted documents. If they are not of any use, make sure to throw them away.

The Staircase Alignment

office staircase
Source: Laura Tancredi / Pexels

You must have a staircase in your office complex. Even little things like where the stairs are placed assume gargantuan importance. So, always try to make sure that it is present either in the south or the southwest direction.

We know that sometimes you really cannot do anything about the placement of the staircase as it is not in your hands. In such cases, you can use Vastu remedies to fix this problem. Also, it is mostly advised to avoid spiral staircases as the positive energy tends to dissipate in the spiral and can also negatively impact productivity in the workplace.

Also, try to avoid having any stairs in the middle of the office as this will lead to loss of money and can cripple the financial balance of your firm. Avoid the use of dark colours while painting the staircase and always choose light and subtle shades for a regulated flow of energy. You should keep plants at every step of the stairs to circulate the right energy. Also, the number of steps in the staircase should be odd.

Vastu For Office Furniture

When you are buying office furniture and also integrating it, you have to keep Vastu in mind. Here are some of the tips and pointers that you should focus on to ensure that your furniture is well aligned with the science of Vastu.

If you have a north-facing workstation, important documents and even working appliances like the computer should be placed on your left side. When your workstation is east facing, the right side to store such files and stuff is the right-hand side.

Those who have a work-from-home setup should keep the table in the southwest corner.  This helps in improved prosperity. It is also important to have a definite shape for your work desk. L-shaped and irregular or abstract shapes are not preferred. This is because it is believed that awkward incomplete shapes tend to disrupt the smooth flow and create confusion. This will hamper your overall deliverables. The best shape of a work desk is always a square or rectangle and it shouldn’t be made from glass or metal. Use the best quality of wood as this is auspicious and likely to trigger the best business results as well.

When it comes to the choice of furniture. it is advised to opt for steel furniture. An alternate choice is a wood but the edges should not be sharp as this could dissipate positive energy. Also, make it a point to use the light colour of polish to attract the best vibes.

Ground Rules

Some of the basic ground rules that you should keep in mind are as follows

  • Never eat at the desk as this is a mark of disrespect and will lead to financial losses
  • Never use a broken office chair
  • If the office chair has faded fabric or is torn, change or fix it immediately
  • Do not have a fully bright red office chair, but have a red touch to it. It makes the overall chair auspicious.
  • Never use a fully black office chair as this may disrupt energy flow.

The Plants

Source: Mayis / Pexels

The science of Vastu believes largely in the use of plants for the sake of creating and channelling a better energy flow and direction in your place.

So, if you too are willing to usher good luck and positivity in your workplace, here are some of the plants that you can choose to keep. But, make sure to do proper care of the plants, because if they wilt or die, it is considered to be very inauspicious.

The planters you can keep

  • Money plant
  • Bamboo plant
  • Snake plant
  • Basil plant
  • Lemon balm plant
  • Lily plant
  • Lotus plant
  • Cactus plant
  • Green jade plants
  • Areca palm plants

The Office Colours: Vastu Guide

One of the important things that fall under Vastu is the colour of the walls. The type and colour you choose should be guided by Vastu. This will help you make your office Vastu compliant.

The ground rule is that don’t choose gloomy or dark colours as this disrupts the momentum of the place. Having a bright colour tends to keep everyone cheerful and energetic.


Choose blue for the southern walls. It will lend an air of positivity and will keep everyone cheerful. It also helps in lowering blood pressure and keeping people energetic.


Shades of white like cream, beige, and yellow are often used in the east, south-east, northeast, and northwest corners. They are neutral tones that tend to balance things.

Red and pink

These colours are usually best avoided. However, if you still want to incorporate it, you can choose the south-end walls.


The south western walls of your office should be painted in the green shade. This helps in promoting harmony and can improve the professional relationship in your office too.

These are the top colour choices that you can opt for. It is likely to help in having a Vastu-compliant office.

The Home Office – Vastu Setup

Source: Elvis /Pexels

Work from home is the new norm and if you too seem to be working from home, here are some of the tips that you need to keep an eye on.

  • When you are working from home, you should always face the northeast.
  • Set up the desk in either the west or the southwest direction
  • The desk should never be right in front of the door
  • Avoid having a wall at the back of your chair
  • Your workstation should either be square or rectangular. Any other symmetry like L-shaped, circle, or abstract should be avoided
  • The table shouldn’t have a glass top or else the positive vibrations will bounce off and not lead to productivity
  • All the drawers in your desk should be either in the west or the southwest corner
  • The best colour for such rooms is often light gold as it spells money and profits.
  • The chair should be strong, durable, and well-built. It should also come up to the head of the person sitting on it.
  • Use the same tips for planters as stated above
  • Don’t keep unwanted clutter on the table. Keep only the basic necessity items
  • Never use a broken chair or table when working from home

Selecting The Plot

When you are looking to select the plot for your office, there are some important points you should keep in mind. Here, we will talk about them.

The Shermukhi plots are the ones that seem to be the best choice when buying pilots. These are broad at the front and tend to get narrow as you move to the back. Also, try to have a busy and very operational road close to the plot as this tends to bring in adequate profits.

Office Basement

If your office has a basement or it is entirely located there, make sure that it is made in the east or the north direction of the land. The mezzanine floors and the loft should ideally be towards the south, the west, or the southwest side.

The Lawn

Vastu strongly believes in maintaining an office lawn as it is very conducive to your workflow. If you have the possibility of making a big lawn with lots of big trees, you should have it towards the south or the western side.

If the provision is only for a small lawn and it would be bereft of trees, choose the north, east, or the north east side for it. Surround your office with greenery. It will foster a sense of harmony and will usher good luck and positivity.

The Parking

The northeast side of your office should not have any parking zone. Steer it clear of all vehicles. Park the vehicles in the northwest area of the building.

The Boss’ Cabin

boss cabin
Source: Max Vakhtbovych / Pexels

This is a very important aspect of any office and you have to be sure that you are choosing the right Vastu principles in the office. The cabin should ideally be located in the west or the southwest area.

Bosses should always face either the north or the east when they are seated. The door should open in the northeast area and the shape of the cabin once again should either be square or a rectangle. Avoid haphazardly and even L-shaped rooms or desks.

Try to avoid hanging pictures of any deities at the back of the chair. The table, as we said, should not be made of glass or metal. So, these are the key Vastu for office tips that will allow you to improve your productivity, atmosphere, and even the finance.


Does Vastu for office help in profits?

Time and again, people have found changes in their finances after making their offices Vastu compliant. So, yes, Vastu can trigger a change.

Can my office desk directly face the door?

No, office desks shouldn’t be placed directly in front of the door. This obstructs energy flow.

Can I have plants on my desk?

Yes, Vastu strongly encourages the use of plants. However, make sure to check our list of the suggested plants that you should keep.

What are Vastu pyramids?

You will find several Vastu pyramids in the market. These are Vastu objects that are used as remedies to fix Vastu dosha. Sometimes an office may have structural alignment issues. It is not always feasible to deconstruct and reconstruct an office space. In such cases, it is these pyramids that help in counteracting the Vastu defects.

Which is the best painting to be hung in the office?

Seven running horses are the most common and preferred painting in offices as it is symbolic of success and power. Hang it on the south end of the office.

Are aquariums good for office?

Yes, you can place an aquarium in the northeast direction. It is likely to aid in better wealth and finances of the firm.