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Vastu Shastra is an ancient science that can improve your life if you follow its rules. A clock is one such component of the house that may affect the atmosphere of your home and your family.

One component that you can find in every Indian household is a clock. The clock ticking sound has its distinct melody and is a reminder time is not constant; it flies. Today, wall clocks might not be as vital as they were before the arrival of smartphones. However, clocks still exist in quiet corners but are primarily used as decorative items in most homes.

While one will enhance the house’s decor with designer wall clocks, it’s vital to follow Vastu Shastra principles to ensure that your home’s positive energy and harmony stay undisturbed. Keeping this in mind, the question that might strike your mind is, what’s the best direction to put a clock?

An incorrect clock placement can impact the entire house’s energy. So you must ensure that you have placed your clock in the right direction and is in excellent working condition. There’s more…

Want to know what all factors can impact the peace and harmony of your home? Then keep reading this article till the end.

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Why do you need a wall clock?

Vastu Shastra states that the correct direction of the clock attracts positive energies but do you have a wall clock in your home? Is it working all fine?

In this era of smartphones, wall clocks have diminished remarkably. Even if you have a wall clock in your home, you hardly pay attention to it. Nevertheless, even if you do not consider a wall clock essential, according to Vastu Shastra, having a functional wall clock is deemed suitable for your well-being.

Hanging a clock, as per Vastu, may result in an exceedingly continuous flow of positive energy throughout each corner of the house. But it would help if you kept your wall clock in the right direction to ensure the best results.

What does Vastu say about wall clock directions?

Planning to shift to a new home but are not sure what is the correct position to place your wall clock? Here’s some precise guidance for you:

  • North

The best direction to put a clock is north, which has the pure dominance of lord Kubera, the god of wealth and prosperity. This placement will keep all the money difficulties within the family cornered.

  • East

If it’s unattainable to position the clock in the north, you should keep your wall clock in the east direction. East is dominated by Indra, the king of gods and heaven, a Hindu deity. If you keep your wall clock in the east, you will most likely attract peace and prosperity to your home.

  • West

You can consider the west direction for the clock placement if  East and North are not your best options. The west direction has a superior dominance by the lord of rain, Varun, and signifies stability in life.

  • South

As per Vastu rules, you should avoid keeping your wall clock in the south direction as it might attract negative energies. Possessing a wall clock in the South may also impact your family and finances. South isn’t considered auspicious as Yama, the lord of death, rules it.

Wall clock position in the bedroom, according to Vastu

Having a wall clock in your bedroom is a great idea, but there are a few things that you must remember. First, do not forget to place the clock in the east direction as it is assumed to generate positive impacts on your family. However, if the east doesn’t work for you, you may also place it in the north.

In that case, ensure you do not keep your head towards the South. Moreover, if your clock has reflective glass, avoid placing it opposite your bed. What is more, important that the wall clock should be far away from the bed.

Vastu clock position for living room

The house’s living room is where a family spends gala time with family members and guests. Vastu says accessories ought to be unbroken in the right direction to produce a positive energy flow.

The north wall is the best location to keep your wall in your living room. You may also choose the northeast direction as it is dominated by the god of wealth, Kubera. You’ll be able to additionally think about east, northeast, and west as alternatives.

types of wall clock
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Which type of clock is ideal for your home?

While taking care of the correct clock position within the house, it’s also essential to recollect a couple of points concerning the clock styles suggested in Vastu Shastra. Once choosing wall clocks for your home decoration, ensure you select straightforward designs.

1. Antique pendulum wall clocks: Who doesn’t love the feel of antique stuff or an antique-looking watch? We assume that you do too. That is why adding this to the list. Antique wall clock has a classic charm, and their oscillation symbolizes a decent flow of energy, per Vastu. That makes it an excellent choice to be added to your house.

2. Circular wall clocks: The circular wall clocks perfectly align with Vastu and feature a substantial impact on the house and its energies. Straightforward styles for your wall clock will add a minimalistic charm to your interior.

3. Metal wall clocks: Keeping a metal clock over a grey or a white wall sounds fascinating. Isn’t it? Make sure you place a metal wall clock to the north to attract peace and prosperity to your home.

4. Wooden wall clock: Another excellent wall clock option for your home is a wooden one. It looks elegant and gives a subtle antique essence to your interior. Nevertheless, do not forget to place your wooden wall clock in the east for best results.

5. Pocket wall clocks: Did you know about pocket wall clocks, and wouldn’t it be great if you added a pocket wall clock at your house? Curious as to what exactly it is. A pocket wall clock is a wall clock that shares a similar appearance to a pocket watch. You must have seen it in old English movies when the protagonist visits a train station. Pocket wall clocks are sturdy and should always be added on the east corner of the house to gain maximum benefits.

Most effective Vastu tips for wall clock position

  1. Avoid placing your wall clock in southeast or southwest directions
  2. A watch represents life, so you must check if all the wall clocks in your home are in excellent working condition. Keeping a non-functional wall clock is considered inauspicious.
  3. Ensure that the clock doesn’t run behind time.
  4. If you have a wall clock that produces sound, make sure it’s melodic and soothing to your ears, as that can initiate a positive flow of energy.
  5. Discard a broken or cracked clock. Keep the glass of your watch clean and free from mud and cobwebs. Repairing or discarding clocks that have stopped operating is equally vital to avoid any negative impact.
  6. Do not place a wall clock just above your main door; it should not face any door within the home as that might bring in some unnecessary negativities in your life.
  7. The clock’s position should be appropriate – not too low or too high.
  8. Keeping a watch underneath a pillow isn’t suggested, as per Vastu Shastra.
  9. Please choose the color of the wall clocks based on the direction where you are keeping them. For example, if you have placed the record in the east, north, or northeast directions, choose yellow, brown, and off-white shades.
  10. Clocks with negative images of poverty, poverty, and death are unsuitable for attracting the best Vastu results and must be avoided.

Can you keep a pendulum wall clock in your room?

According to Vastu Shastra, hanging a pendulum wall clock in the home is an excellent approach to creating a pleasant atmosphere and eradicating life’s difficulties. The optimal position for the watch is in the living room; the worst place to keep it is your bedroom. According to Vastu specialists, the clock’s shape should be round, square, oval, or eight and six arms.

Shades for your Wall clock

The color of the clock also plays a vital role in Vastu, apart from selecting its correct position. Here are some tips for you:

  1. You must use light colors for wall clocks, like white, beige, green, or sky blue. You must strictly avoid dark colors to keep negative energies away.
  2. If you’re placing a wall clock on the north wall, choose shades like grey or white or metallic colors.
  3. If you’re placing a wall clock on the east wall, you can either go for a wooden watch or something that is green or brown- colors that are close to nature.

Best wall clock position for your workplace

The north or east is the optimal direction for placing a wall clock in an office because this is the direction that indicates success and prosperity. So, putting your watch in this direction will help attract lucrative business chances.

Similarly, placing your clock in the east can improve several aspects of your life, like education, employment, and family.

Why should you avoid placing a wall clock in the southern direction?

According to Vastu Shastra, placing a wall clock in the south direction of a home is not advised because Yama, the deity of death, resides in the South. So, putting your watch in that direction signifies stagnation and might result in health issues for the household and trigger business challenges.

Before concluding this article, let us share with you some additional information about wall clocks as per Vastu shastra, which will help you better understand this topic. 

Watches and wall clocks are the best gift items. However, if you’re presenting it to somebody, it’s vital to follow Vastu Shastra. Don’t gift a watch or clock to someone older than you because it denotes the passing of your time.

Ideally, the best direction to hang your clock is North and East, and keeping it on the right wall attracts positive energy within the house.

Choose regular shapes for the wall clock, like a square or circle, because according to Vastu Shastra, simple shapes allow positive energy to flow into your home quickly.

Vastu tips to charge your home with positive vibes

Repair or replace non-working clocks

As per Vastu consultants, stopped clocks correspond to a scarcity of progression and should bring ill omen in one’s life. It harbors several negative emotions and energies.

Make sure to keep your clock running at all times. Then, you’ll be able to compare the time shown on the clock with your own life. This way, you may take the utmost care of your wall clocks. It’s essential to keep your watches in good condition and check if it is showing the right time.

Place wall clocks towards the orient

Earlier, the word ‘orient’ was heavily used in Japanese culture. So, as per Vastu, your clock ought to be placed in the east direction. [you should do this in case the north is unavailable.]

As we all know that this direction is ruled by the sun and brings quality to the actions or karmas, we tend to perform. It associates with nursing’s previous voice communication that change of state within the east direction will enhance your food style. It is the same with wall clocks.

Placing your put down the east direction will improve the standard of your work and relationships within the family as it’s thought-about to nurture family relations.

Clock placement is essential.

Your favorite clock Vastu direction may be a place within the home apart from the South. So refrain from hanging wall clocks in the South because Yama resides in the South. It is suggested in Hindu scriptures that you should not place a watch in the southern direction as that might bring darkness and even death to your life.

Taking special care of wall clock

  1. Wall clocks ought to have a place within the house perpetuity.
  2. A clock should have a nearby decorative spot over the house’s entranceway.
  3. For married couples, pendulum wall clocks should be removed from the bedroom.
  4. The clock mustn’t face any door.
  5. If the person sleeps in the southern direction, the clock should be north.
  6. The clock should be placed in a very position wherever it is visible to everyone and is readily accessible to all.
  7. Avoid clocks that depict negative energy like wars, grief, and loneliness.


Neglecting the direction where your wall clock gets placed can harm your home and family members. That is why it becomes eminent for you to consult an expert of the Vastu shastra who can pave the way through which you can choose the best possible direction for your wall clock in your home.

 Even though the usage of wall clocks has shrunk, almost everyone still has at least one wall clock at home. We are sure you have one too. Then why not use it optimally and as per the Vastu?

There is a reason why Vastu has aligned your wall clock in a specific direction. Do not miss it. Align your house’s wall clock today with the help of the Vastu, and then see the shift in the energy and the transformation it brings into your home.