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We wish everyone’s homes to be filled with incredible energy, serenity, and prosperity from this post below.

Most of our time is spent at home doing things we like. Additionally, we want our homes to be oases of calm and wealth where our loved ones can thrive. As a consequence, following the Vastu guidelines for the house is critical. It adds to the positive energy in the room, which is a plus. Vaastu always focuses on how to bring good energy into the home.

Vastu Home Direction
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The relevance of Vastu instructions and their influence on our lives will be discussed in this piece. We’ll also look at why they’re so important.

Vastu Directions For The House

To help you create your ideal house, below are some Vastu guidelines:

  • Exactly what is the best Vastu direction for a bedroom? 

The positive and bad energies that enter a property are affected by the direction the Vastu for that property faces. Vastu dictates that a bedroom’s Vastu should be oriented toward the east, north, or northeast if possible.

  • Vaastu advises against building your home towards the southwest.

According to Vastu, the northeast is the best direction for a home to face since it is related to the God of riches. People think that evil comes from the southwest in a similar manner. It’s an omen of enormous wealth but also of dire straits.

  • It’s a bad idea to build a house that faces southeast.

Vastu suggests that the southeast corner of a house should be avoided at all costs. Both illness and rage emanate from it. Additionally, it increases the risk of family disagreements.

  • Main house entrance location

The front door must be larger than the rest of the house’s entrances. The entryway should face north, northeast, west, or east since these are considered the luckiest directions. People living in the home may be unhappy if three doors are located in a straight line or are parallel to the main door.

  • Materials used in constructing a home’s front door are quite important.

If you’re lucky, you’ll have a wood door. If the building’s main entrance is situated in the south, wood and metal should be used in its construction. Metal should be used for the main entrance to the west. The north-facing entryway must have the colour silver.

Vastu Direction For All Rooms

If you follow Vastu’s advice, you’ll have abundant happiness at home. They all cluster together in the living room, an open playground for energy. Guest seating arrangements should mirror the host in terms of Vastu principles for a home, with the host facing either north or east and visitors facing opposite directions. 

As a result, you may be sure that only the healthiest and most helpful energy will enter your house.

  • Master bedroom

According to Vastu, the southwest is the best location for a bedroom, and the master bedroom is no exception. Understanding that the southwest is ruled by the element “earth,” which connotes weight, is critical to your success. As a reminder, the southwest is not the best direction for a child’s room, a servant’s room, or an area often visited by visitors.

  • Kitchen 

    Vastu advises that your kitchen face southeast or northwest, depending on where you live. As a result, the stove’s fire is unaffected by wind blowing from the south toward the west or north toward the east.

Vastu Direction refers to a room’s best possible position

An essential factor in determining a home’s Vastu direction is its position, also known as its placement. 

There are specific Vastu directions for each room in the home, and the following is a list of those:

  • The Indian science of Vaastu dictates that the living room should be oriented following the rest of the house’s orientation. The living room should be in the northeast corner if your house faces east or north. Front doors should be positioned in the northwest and southeast of properties facing west and south.
  • Vastu recommendations for the home recommend that the kitchen be located in the southeast corner of the house. The dining room should go in this way. In contrast, Vastu advises against placing the dining room’s central orientation in the south. According to Vaastu, your dining room should face the west.
  • According to Vastu, there are two ideal locations to put a restroom, and they are both located in the North or North-West. Vastu for the home states that if the bathroom is positioned in the wrong way, it may harm one’s money and health.
  • It is possible to locate a child’s bedroom, study area, or playroom in the house’s West, North, South, or even East. According to Vastu, the South-east and North-west are ideal options if there is not enough area in these directions. Following the principles of Vastu, children should sleep in the west-facing bedroom of the home.

Vastu Tips – Simple and Easy to Implement

Find out how to boost your home’s prosperity and good fortune with these quick and easy Vastu tips:

  • At all times, make sure that the areas are open, clean and light.
  • If you want to create a more pleasant and peaceful atmosphere, you may do it by arranging some plants.
  • Check to see that each room in your home is either square or rectangular.
  • Place a Tulsi plant in the north-eastern corner of your house to help turn negative energy into positive.
  • Gentle illumination from lamps and candles may assist in creating a calming ambience.
  • You might adorn a wall in the northeast corner of your property with happy photographs of your family.
  • If you desire a free energy flow in your house, leave the centre of your home empty or place some light furniture there.
  • Installing a crystal wind chime in the family’s bedroom may reduce the chances of tension or arguments amongst household members.

Factors Lessening Vastu Dosha 

The following components may lessen a home’s Vastu Dosha effects. If you’d like to boost your home’s Vastu score, here are some ideas:

  • Vastu-friendly sea salt: 

Adding a few grains of sea salt to each of the four corners of your home will help clean the air and rid it of negative energy.

  • Use crystal pyramids or crystal balls:

There are several benefits to using crystal pyramids in your home or office, including a feeling of grandeur and the capacity to remove bad energy. In the reception area, place them on a table or shelf to welcome visitors.

A great alternative to pyramids is the crystal ball, which is an excellent alternative to pyramids. Maintaining their purity is vital since they are amplifiers of a certain energy.

  • Incorporate Horseshoe:

When it comes to Vastu principles, a horseshoe is seen as a symbol of good fortune. To draw in good vibes, hang it on the front door with the ends facing up.

  • Fish tanks can be a wonderful choice:

It is thought that fish tanks emit positive energy that promotes wealth. Keep any Vastu dosha in the living room in the northeast corner if you wish to strengthen it.

Final verdict

We won’t have any trouble implementing these Vastu for home principles now that we’ve been given this information. Choosing the proper Vaastu direction for your home is essential if you want a happy and prosperous life. Keep these Vastu rules in mind so that the flow of positive energy and the happiness of your family may be optimally maximised.