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As per the elements of Vastu Shastra, it is important to be mindful of the direction element of your house. If you don’t pay heed to the direction and the cuts present in the house, your house will not be Vastu compliant. This can have very bad repercussions on your overall finances, health, and even energy.

So, here we are going to focus on the right Vastu remedies for a cut in the south west corner

The South West Corner

In the southwest direction is the seat of Rahu, the fiercest planet. It is also known as the Nairutya corner. This corner helps in bringing stability to the home and therefore you have to pay heed to the elements in this corner to ensure peace and stability prevails in your home.

The presence of a cut in this corner will trigger different kinds of side effects and is termed a Vastu defect. It is likely to bring mental stress and can lead to unwanted financial burdens as well. You have to be sure that you make this section heavier than the rest of the place as this will allow you to keep things balanced.

Vastu Remedies For The Main Door Facing The SouthWest

If you believe in Vastu, you should try and avoid homes that have doors that face the southwest. However, if you ended up buying one, don’t worry. You can make use of Vastu remedies as this will counteract the effect and balance the negativity. These are some of the tips and things you can implement.

  • Make sure to place an idol of Lord Ganesha at the entrance. This balances the negativity significantly
ganesha idol
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  • If close to the entrance, you have an empty wall, you can place a painting or even a statue of Lord Ganesha there
  • It is always pious to place symbols of Om, Swastika, and Trishul on the sides and the top of the doors. This helps in bringing positivity to your home.
  • When the main entrance faces the southwest direction, you have to make sure that the number of doors and windows present inside the house are even in number
  • There are Vastu pyramids that are available. These are great Vastu remedies to rectify the doshas. You can place these remedies inside the home close to the entrance. You can also choose Vastu-approved plants and wind chimes as well
  • The preferred colour palette is red in the south corner, yellow in the south and southwest and peach or pink in the southwest
  • You can also place a picture of Lord Ganesha at the entrance of your home

The Vastu Defects

Let us tell you some of the common placement of rooms and objects that are to be termed as Vastu defects and are likely to interfere with energy movement and balance

  • Any extension in the southwest direction in a southwest facing house is a Vastu defect
  • If you have a living or even the drawing room in the southwest portion
  • A cut in the southwest direction
  • Borewell in the southwest direction
  • The main door in the southwest direction
  • Widows or even large openings in the southwest direction
  • Toilet in the southwest direction
  • Kitchen in the southwest direction

If any of the above design aspects are present, you will need to opt for the right Vastu remedy in such cases.

The Effects Of Vastu Defects

Here are some of the common side effects that are likely to occur if the southwest corner has dosha

  • You can have anxiety issues with regards to life and relationship
  • You may be impacted by heart diseases
  • Despite putting in hard work and a lot of effort, you may not get your dues and recognition
  • You may end up suffering from major financial woes
  • Some of the members of the house can suffer from mental instability
  • The mindset of the family members is likely to be negative.

Owing to these side effects, most people choose to opt for Vastu remedies. Make sure to implement some or all of these and you are sure to align your energy in the right way.

Always make sure to design our house as per Vastu norms to ensure the best-balanced energy. You can check the complete details of Vastu-compliant homes.

Vastu Remedies South West Corner Tips

When you have a cut in the southwest direction, here are some additional Vastu remedies that you can implement. Using this is likely to bring the right balance to your surroundings.

vastu pyramid
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  • If it is possible, try to construct an overhead water tank in the southeast direction. This will balance the energy in the southwest direction
  • Make sure to keep all your jewellery, important financial documents and cash in the southwest corner. The science of Vastu believes that things placed in south-west corner tend to multiply very quickly
  • If you have vaults placed in the southwest direction, try to make sure that the opening of the vault should not face the south or the west direction. Doing this can lead to a heavy financial drain
  • Make sure to install a fountain in the northeast corner. This will help in bringing positive energy to your home
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  • Try to ensure that all the safe and lockers should open either in the north or the northeast direction
  • Take a glass and fill it with water and salt. Keep it in the southwest corner of the house. This is likely to absorb all negative energy
  • If there is a borewell in the house, avoid keeping it in the southwest direction. If there is no way you can change the direction, paint the top in red colour and then place a Rahu yantra on top of it. This acts as a befitting remedy for Vastu defect
  • You can also choose to create open spaces in the northeast direction of the home. This will help in circulating the free flow of positive energy
  • Place a red cloth inside the safe and make sure to place it along with a citrine crystal. This is likely to increase wealth.

So, choose these Vastu remedies for a cut in the south west corner and maintain the right Vastu-compliant home.