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A new home is always a dream come true for any house owner and to have a house that’s completely Vastu compliant is another dream. It is not possible for the builders to always come up with house models that are fully Vastu compliant. To make sure that you have a peaceful and happy life see to it that your house is designed as per the Vastu standards and only then plan to move in. 

If it is time for you to take that leap, we have listed the best Vastu tips for a new home that will help you in making your house a happy place to live in. 

Basic Vastu Tips For New Home

  • Always make sure that the rooms in the house have ample light and air coming in. 
  • The shape of the rooms and house is also something one must pay heed to. Vastu preferred houses are either square shaped or rectangular. 
  • Avoid having your dining table anywhere close to the main entrance of the house. It is not recommended as per Vastu. 
  • The staircase if any in the house should be in the southwest direction. 
  • While planning the direction for heavy or big sized furniture try to align them in the southwest. 

These are the most basic principles of Vastu shastra that one must keep in mind while getting a new home designed or even while purchasing a new house. Apart from these basic principles, there are a lot of other Vastu tips for a new home that should be considered.

Main Entrance Vastu Tips

main entrance
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The main entrance of the house is not just a door that lets you in and out of the house. It holds importance and it is the entrance for energy and vibes into the house. The north, east or northeast are the three preferred main entrance directions as per Vastu. 

Carved out of the best quality wood, the main door can be painted in any darker shade but it should never be black. You should not decorate the space outside your main entrance with any fountain or water-based decor piece. Also avoid any sort of clutter, waste bin or even a shoe rack outside the door. Beautiful torans and nameplates are apt decor items for the main entrance. 

It is suggested to keep the area near the main entrance free of any animal figurines and one should also not get a bathroom constructed anywhere near the main door. When the door is well lit and opens in a clockwise direction, you are sure to have the best ambience in the house.

Living Room Vastu Tips

living room
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The most used room in the house is the living room where the entire family spends time together and you also tend to attend to your guests here. This room is very important when it comes to Vastu doshas. To keep the room free of any doshas, make sure it is in the north, east or northeast direction of the house. 

The west direction or the southwest inside the room is the apt place for furniture. The southwest section of the room is best for any electronic appliances. You should reserve the north wall for mirrors if you wish to install one in the room.

Kitchen Vastu Tips

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The southeast is the best direction for the kitchen in your new house. This is also the apt corner for appliances in the kitchen. The three directions that one must completely avoid for a kitchen are north, southwest and northeast.

Bedroom Vastu Tips

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A really important section of the house where the couple spends time and strengthens their relationship, the bedroom should be well planned and Vastu complaint. While purchasing a new home, make sure that the bedroom is designed in the southwest. The northeast and southeast-facing bedrooms are troublesome for the family as the former can have a bad impact on the health and the latter can have a bad impact on the love and relationship of a couple.

Have the bed placed in the southwest corner of the bedroom and ensure you do not put up any mirror or television on the wall opposite the bed. It is not considered good to have your reflection seen while you are asleep. Any fountain painting should not be present in the bedroom. Keep your bedroom wall paint neutral and enjoy mood lighting with some pleasant aromatic oil aroma to have nice positivity in your life.

Kids Room Vastu Tips

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If you are on the lookout for the best direction in your new house for your kids’ room, it is the southwest corner of your house. It is also suggested that the south and east directions are the best to sleep. The head facing these two directions is always Vastu recommended. 

Staircase Vastu Tips

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The southwest direction is the most preferred and suggested direction for the staircase in a new house. You can opt for other directions as well but it is suggested to take proper guidance from an expert. The northeast zone is considered bad for the staircase in the home.

Dining Area Vastu Tips

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The dining area is the most flexible section of the house. You can have the dining hall designed in any direction like west, north, south or east but the most preferred direction is the west. It is the most suitable place for the dining hall in your new house. The only direction that you must avoid at any cost is the southwest. 

Bathroom Vastu Tips

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The section of the house that people usually ignore when it comes to Vastu, the bathroom in your house can easily attract negative energy if not taken care of. Keep the northwest zone in your house reserved for the toilet and bathroom. If not possible, you can opt for other directions but the southwest must be avoided. An important point that you should keep in mind is that there should never be a shared wall between the kitchen and the toilet or the Pooja room and the toilet. Try to have the bathroom in lighter colour tones like peach, grey etc. 

Other Vastu Tips For New Home


The colours dominating most sections of your house are also something you must pay attention to. To have your house painted and decorated in lighter neutral colour tones is always recommended.  Try to avoid using darker tones in the house as it is believed to attract negative energy. 

Ventilation and Light

Adequate natural light coming into the house and proper ventilation are essential for every home. It ensures positivity and shuns negative energy away.

Room Shape

Rectangular or square-shaped rooms are the recommended room shape as per Vastu Shastra. It is also said that a circular or any other room shape is not considered good for the house.

Moving In Time

When you are about to enter your new house, you must always follow everything as per the Hindu calendar called the panchanga. The Graha Pravesh ceremony must be conducted as per Hindu rituals and it is advised to consult an expert who can help you with the entire ritual.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Entering Your New House 

Apart from Vastu tips, there are other things as well that you need to keep in mind before entering your new house. Double check the Graha Pravesh ceremony list and see whether all the items listed are ready. You must also keep the bedding, toiletries, clothing and other essential things properly managed for a comfortable first day and night in your house. 

Ensure that the electricity and water supply is set up correctly. Have proper arrangements for food items in the kitchen. You must also keep all the Pooja stuff ready and well organised so that you can enter the new home following all the rituals correctly. 

Try to follow all of these tips and see your life getting better and happier. A happy home implies happy hearts dwelling in. When a house has appropriate Vastu, it attracts positive energy and the ambience is automatically uplifted. 

If you are still unsure about certain facts, you should consult a Vastu expert for the same. 


Can a house have a negative impact on your life if it is not Vastu complaint?

A house that’s not Vastu complaint or has any doshas will attract negative energy. It can negatively impact your financial, physical, educational, as well as mental aspects of life.

What kind of colour tone is recommended for a new house?

Neutral and earthy colour tones in the house are sure to bring in good vibes and uplift the ambience of your house. Darker colour tones are a no-no when it comes to Vastu Shastra.

Is it recommended to decorate the main entrance with plants?

Yes, it is a good Vastu practice to keep plants at the main entrance. Morning glory, citrus, and money plant are a few plants that are apt for the main entrance. However, you should keep in mind that any dead plant should be immediately removed from the main entrance as well as the house. 

What is the ideal Vastu direction for home?

The best direction for any house is northeast. Always check the direction of the house before moving into a new house. 

Should you vacate a house that has Vastu doshas?

No, there are ways by which Vastu doshas can be corrected and when you follow those steps your house becomes free of those doshas. It is safe to live in the house post-doshas removal.