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After a long day at work, your home sweet home is where you turn to. The warmth and positive vibe help you relax and prepare for the next day.

But do you know what is best for your home? Do you know what brings wealth and prosperity to your home? Well, Vastu has all its answers!

The north is one of the most favorable directions, according to Vastu shastra, since it is the direction of Lord Kuber, the deity of riches. If you are ready to follow Vastu guidelines correctly, a north-facing property may be able to bring home good fortune.

Nevertheless, for the north to be entirely beneficial, you must eliminate bad energies or dosh. Read on to discover the several factors that pertain to a North-facing property.

north facing home
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Which color is best for the north-facing home?

White and neutral colors, such as cream, khaki, and warm grey, are recommended for a north-facing home’s Vastu layout. Warm blue and green are viable possibilities if you love vibrant colors.

According to Vastu guidelines for a north-facing residence, darker colors such as crimson and maroon can be great options.

Regarding exterior colors, red and yellow are strict no.

Ideal room locations in a north-facing home

Here is a list for you that states some ideal rooms you should be considering that face north:

  • The drawing room, living room, and office should be facing north.
  • Your puja room should always be in the north-east direction
  • The master bedroom, closet, and washroom are ideally aligned when they are southwest facing
  • The south direction should have stairs and an overhead tank
  • The verandah, the balcony is most suited when facing east
  • Your hall, however, should be center-aligned

Why is a north-facing house considered auspicious?

Vastu Shastra is a diverse study, and narrowing it down to a limited direction is difficult. According to Vastu, no direction is entirely good or bad. Each of these orientations has advantages and disadvantages that, if followed strictly, can overflow your home with positivity.

The alignment of Vastu is also straightforward, and the placement of certain elements matters in this regard. Let’s understand this with an example – You recently moved into a new house and wished to align it with Vastu to reap the most positive energy.

To yield that result, the placement of your furniture, plants, clock, and even wall colors, will matter. Once everything falls under an optimal alignment, you can only find what you seek in your home.

A north-facing house stands auspicious as Kuber, the God of wealth and prosperity, dominates this side.

Fun fact: If you are wondering whether it is the same Kuber who had a golden palace in Lanka, which was later snatched from him by his brother Ravan? Yes, it is the very same deity.

That is why if you find a north-facing home, you would need a proper Vastu alignment and then see its effect on your home and your family.

If you are in the finance sector or own a business, a north-facing direction will be perfect. The reason is in this direction; houses tend to have a strong hold on the planet mercury.

Planet Mercury is known to be a booster for professions falling under the category of trade, banking sector, stock market, accounting department, and designation of similar nature such as publishing and printing industry, health and hospitality, and many more.

That being said, always consider the Vastu elements before you move into a new home. There’s more to be done than just relying on the direction. Look at the associated yoni numbers, the room placement, and room directions.

Now that you know the significance of this direction in Vastu shastra, it is time to assess how following proper Vastu guidelines can help attract good results. But, before that, let’s start with the main door.

Vastu tips for the main door of a north-facing house

main door
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Based on Vastu principles, the main entrance of any north-facing house should always find itself in the same direction. However, ensure the door is located in the fifth pada for best results. It is believed that the fifth pada is best to amplify your energy of attracting wealth to your home.

Apart from the 5th pada, you may also opt for the 3rd, 4th, or 8th padas, which will work in your favor. The 3,4 and 8 padas are also known as Mukhya, Bhallat, and Diti in Vastu and are said to play an equal role in attracting wealth if placed in the main door.

Vastu for a staircase in your north-facing home

For the staircase or any other room, it would always be the best option to seek advice from a Vastu expert. Apart from that, here are a few things you must remember when planning a staircase in your north-facing home.

  • Always avoid placing or planning staircases in the northern direction. A staircase in the wrong direction might lead to disastrous results and trigger financial strains in your life.
  • Apart from the north, you may opt for other directions like south, southwest, southeast, west, and northwest.
  • Avoid the northeast direction for your staircase, as it may lead to nerve-related issues in the coming future.
  • Your stairs should have a clockwise direction.

Vastu for living room

The living room is the place for most activities, so the energy vibration of this room should always be high. As per Vastu, your north-facing house should have a northeast-direction living room. You may also opt for the northwest direction if you don’t have an option.

However, just the placement of the room will not help you get the desired results. Among the other Vastu guidelines, you must be very careful while placing your furniture in the living area. Make sure you have ample space to keep your furniture, such as a table, sofa set, chair, and other items facing the southwest or west direction of the room. 

Vastu for bedroom

Your bedroom should have a calm and serene vibe as that is where you recharge your tired body after a long day of work. The wrong bedroom placement may disrupt your good vibes and deter positive energy flow, disrupting your room’s serenity.

If you have a north-facing house, you should have the bedroom in directions like south, southwest, northwest, and west. Amongst all these directions, if you aim to reap the most benefit, you must align your master bedroom in the southwest direction.

Vastu for kitchen

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you remember your kitchen? The kitchen is where the most delicious memories of you and your families are.

Your kitchen should have warm energy surrounding it, and Vastu alignment can help amplify it. First, let us discuss the don’t’s. Your kitchen should never be in the northeast direction as it will lead to more harm than good for your family.

The best direction for the kitchen is the south direction. If unavailable, plan your kitchen in the southeast or northwest direction to maintain good health.

Vastu for the dining room

The dining room is a high-energy place similar to the living room, as both areas are associated with spending quality time with the family. Such places where you spend lots of time with family should have a happy energy filled with high vibration. This criteria also applies while eating meals in the dining room.

That is why Vastu shastra recommends north facing homes have a dining area in the north, west, or east direction. These directions amplify the energy of the atmosphere where you share the meal with your family.

If you think that north, west, or east doesn’t work for you, go ahead with the west direction, as it is a preferable corner for your dining room.

Vastu for study room

study room
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The study room is one of the most important places where your kid would study and learn new things. Therefore, the best direction for your study room in a north-facing house is north, west, or east.

You may consider that north isn’t available for you, then go for northeast, northwest, or east. These directions also work ideally for apartments.

No matter what happens, please avoid using any other direction as it may attract negative energy, harming your overall study room energy. As per the furniture considered, opt for the north, east, or northeast direction for any furniture placement for your study room.

Vastu for office setup in home

If you are a working professional or have a business of your own, you may prefer having an office setup at any corner of your home where you work for hours. Such kind of room requires a calm yet prosperous atmosphere.

Your work is essential to you, and so is your workspace so ensure that the room is Vastu aligned to help you generate financial gains without replacing it with a stress-filled environment. That is why Vastu shastra suggest you go ahead with the north direction when a home office is concerned.

Having a suitably aligned office will be able to attract healthy financial condition in your life. North direction is presided over by Kuber, the lord of wealth. Therefore, opting for this direction will be more advantageous for you.

For additional benefits, you may also include the following items in your home office:

  • Place the workstation in the northern direction of your home office.
  • Ensure that there is a wall behind your working place.
  • Stay away from going for glass walls when placing the workstation in front.
  • If a fountain element is available in your office, keep it in the north direction.
  • Try to maintain a clutter-free working station.
  • A wooden table and a high-back chair attract success into your life.

Vastu for puja room

Indian household stays incomplete without a puja room, and almost 90% of Indian family prefer to have their puja room. Such a bright room should have a calming and meditative atmosphere, ensuring that the time spent in that room helps you recharge your mind and soul.

The ideal placement for this room should be the east and west. However, consider the northeast direction for situating your puja room.

As per the Hindu religious textbooks, Indian temples are located in the western direction, ensuring the idols find their place in the opposite east direction. That is why both these directions are considered auspicious as per Vastu for your puja room.

Vastu for guest room

As per Hindu culture, we believe guests must be treated as God. So it becomes very crucial to pick the best direction that suits best for your guests.

In your guest room, you will have different people with different energy, which is why your guest room should be Vastu aligned to hold off any negative energy present in that room. That led to Vastu announcing the northwest direction as the most appropriate direction for the guest rooms.

Vastu for bathrooms and septic tank

Your bathroom falls under the negative energy-imitating zone of the house, and so does the septic tank. This makes the Vastu placement and alignment crucial, and without a proper alignment may lead to more disastrous altercations than expected.

Vastu suggests the best direction for placing your septic tank is the northwest, but you may also choose other orientations like the southwest or western direction. Speaking about bathrooms, a north-facing home with a west-facing bathroom is the ideal alignment, as per Vastu shastra.

Vastu for car parking or garage

A garage placement, as per Vastu, may look insignificant but holds huge weightage when the overall energy is concerned. Suppose you want to ensure that you don’t carry home unwanted negative energy along with your car that may jeopardize the peace and prosperity of your home. In that case, the suggestion is to position your garage in the southeast or northwest-facing directions.

Also, ensure that it shouldn’t face the north direction as it may have a damaging effect on your mental peace. Mental peace is crucial, and Vastu understands that well. That’s why it suggests avoiding north-facing car parking.

Vastu for balcony and terrace

terrace and balcony
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Balconies and terraces are your havens, and having an open and airy vibe is a must when Vastu alignment is getting discussed for your north-facing home. Always opt for a direction that fits perfectly with the Vastu vibes and can attract positive energy.

Want to know how? Vastu has the answer for you. Choose directions such as north or east for your balcony view. Avoid the south or west-facing orientations altogether. If you get a north-facing balcony, take it immediately, as Vastu recommends it highly for you.

Vastu for storage tanks 

Water storage tank placement may seem insignificant, but it holds massive importance in the house owner’s life. If you consider purchasing a north-facing house, ensure your water storage tank aligns in the north, east, and west directions. Avoid going for the southern approach with your water storage tank placement.

Vastu for boundary walls

Vastu alignment is crucial, even if it is for your boundary wall. Whether you live in an apartment building or have purchased your property, try to ensure that your boundary wall is facing north or east directions and is slightly low in height.

Vastu for outer gate

Your gate is the place that may help you filter the unwanted negativity circulating all around your house. Avoiding such energy from the door is recommended as this way, they do not get a chance to enter your home.

Stop it at your outer gate by having a good Vastu alignment. You can plan your outer gate in either the northern or eastern direction for optimum results.

Tips to safeguard your north-facing home from negative energy

  • If you are getting yourself a north-facing property, avoid any slope that falls under the direction of north to the south. Those directions are not considered auspicious.
  • Try to avoid clutter as much as possible. Vastu detests clutter and if you wish to keep your house Vastu aligned, try to avoid clutter. Avoid keeping all your trash or waste items in the north or northeast direction as if your house energy is getting cluttered from the outside; it may negatively alter your child’s development and financial status.
  • Ensure that the main door in your house is built of wood. It is also beneficial to have a doormat to deflect negativity.
  • Maintain a clean home and surroundings.
  • If you like keeping plants at home, the north-facing house Vastu plan recommends aglaonema, ferns, bromeliads, and hedera.
  • The building’s wastewater outputs should be located in the south or north corners.
  • Do not have any trees in the northern direction of your home. It may have a counter effect on all the positive energy you are trying to gather.
  • If your circuit board is in the northern direction, try to shift it in the southeast direction. Vastu forbids you from having a north-facing electricity board as it may yield unsatisfactory results.
  • You will fill every house direction with religious items if you are religious. Vastu says a home filled with sacred items such as om, religious paintings, Swastik, and many more, is auspicious until it does not find itself while getting scattered from all directions. Try to place each of these items in a Vastu-suggested order to nullify the ill effect.
  • The kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom should not be located in the northeastern quadrant.
  • The primary entrance or door should not be in the sixth pada.
  • Avoid placing mirrors in the south or southeast corners of your home.
  • Do not use black marble for kitchen countertops.

Vastu plants for your north-facing home

vastu tulsi plant
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Plants are always a great option to include in your north-facing home, but you must remember that not all plants can bring some luck to your north-facing house. Here is a list of plants you can choose from that are low-maintenance and require little sunlight to amplify your house’s energy.

  • Aglaonema
  • Begonia rex
  • Chlorophytum
  • Ferns
  • Araucaria
  • Bromeliads
  • Dieffenbachia
  • Hedera
  • Money plant
  • Tulsi plant
  • Lettuce plant
  • Parsley
  • Mint plant

Bring home some good luck to your north-facing house!

Want to amplify your house energy more? Follow the below-mentioned steps to achieve that goal:

  • Opt for a well-developed north-facing home with an additional extension towards the northeastern direction.
  • Place an idol of lord Kuber to attract wealth from the north direction.
  • Placement of Tulsi plants in specific directions, such as the northeast, east, or north, will ward off all the negativity.
  • Get wind chimes with a metallic look for north and northwest directions.
  • You can also get a metal turtle in the north direction
  • The placement of Camphor is said to be auspicious in terms of Vastu.
  • You can place a Vastu-bound Kalash in the northeast direction for additional productivity.

There are several do’s and don’t’s that you must know while buying or building a north-facing home. If you feel confused, you may seek an expert who can guide you in the best possible way.