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Finance is at the heart of every business, so creating a happy, inspiring, and financially stable workplace is essential. That raises the question: is Vastu required for your office to improve the overall working environment or to become a successful businessman?

The answer is Yes. Even though following Vastu principles alone cannot help run your business successfully, it is one of the most crucial factors. You can adhere to Vastu principles to design the interior and exterior of your workplace to attract some good fortune and wealth.

Building a Vastu-perfect workplace can help cultivate a positive, professional work environment for management and staff, allowing them to make the most of their office space for success and profitability.

This article will provide a comprehensive overview of how to have a proper Vastu alignment for your office.

Importance of Vastu Shastra for office?

The Sanskrit name Vastu Shastra refers to “the science of architecture.” It integrates several architectural design concepts, including space, arrangement, layout, and dimensions. Vaastu Shastra is an ancient Indian philosophy that promotes peace and prosperity by eliminating negativity and boosting positive energies in our environment.

The purpose of the Vastu office is to bring in more good energy and eradicate any negative energy from the workplace so that business becomes progressive and wealthy.

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In other words, Vastu focuses on creating buildings in different locations that are in harmony with Mother Nature. A vastu aligned building ensures that the building is filled with positivity and good vibes only.

The atmosphere of a corporate office building is filled with mixed energy from different people. So, if you want to amplify positivity and bring financial abundance to your office it is essential for you to follow Vastu principles.

What is the best Vastu direction for an office building?

According to Vastu’s recommendations for office buildings, the direction of the office building relies on the type and purpose of the company. Each direction is linked with distinct Vastu qualities.

For instance, the north attracts prosperity and opens up new opportunities in your business. Kubera, the lord of wealth, dominates the north, so it is always a great idea to establish an office building in this orientation.

Similarly, you should face east if your workplace is tied to the service business, as the goddess Laxmi resides in this orientation.

Whereas the southeast is where you experience the flow of money, this direction is ideal for boosting the financial activities of your office. Always remember that the selected office is in a busy area instead of a lonely one. Roadways should surround it to attract commercial success.

Vastu seating arrangement for office

If you are wondering what is an adequate seating arrangement as per various departments, then don’t miss out on these pointers:

  • Entrepreneurs, CEO, and any management-level person should have their seating arrangements in the north or northeast-facing direction. The northeast stimulates a fresh beginning and helps achieve success as an entrepreneur.
  • The people associated with the marketing and sales department should adhere to Vastu the most. Ideally, Vastu suggests the ideal seating arrangement is in the northwest direction. But, they can also opt for the northeast direction if they want to amplify proactiveness.
  • The department of account is vital, and as per the Vastu shastra alignment for the office, they should opt for the northeast and southeast direction of the office for their department seating arrangement.

What is the ideal seating arrangement for owners, directors, and managers?

An owner with a leadership role is a prominent personality and needs a distinguished seating arrangement matching his personality and completely aligning with the Vastu. Here are a few pointers that you must keep in mind to create seating arrangements for the company owner or any other director, as per Vastu:

  • People sitting at the top with the leadership role should be facing the northeastern direction, and their cabin should be in the west.
  • If you are the owner of your office, you must ensure that the wall behind where you are sitting is strong and cemented. Glass walls or curtains are not great options.
  • Managers, executives, and directors should follow Vastu alignment, too, if they wish to create a positive environment in the office and workforce. You must ensure that their office or cabins are in the southwest direction.

Ideal seating arrangement for employees?

seating arrangement in office
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An office has multiple departments, and so far, the mentioned departments only comprise a portion of the total. It is essential to have Vastu aligned seating arrangement for all the other employees working in the office. Here are a few tips that you must keep in mind while arranging a seating place for the other employees:

  • All office employees should be facing Vastu aligned direction, north, when working. They can also opt for the east direction if they wish. According to Vastu, north and east, both these directions have improved employee productivity.
  • Employees should also try to avoid certain aspects while making their seating arrangements. They should avoid the southern direction altogether when they are working. If possible, the employees should avoid sitting directly under any light source, natural or artificial. If the situation persists, try to get it covered by a wooden board.

Vastu’s alignment for office entrance

The office entrance plays an important role and becomes very important when filtering out negative energies. Keep your office entrance in the north or northeast direction to get optimum results.

According to Vastu, the northeast is considered auspicious and will bring positivity to the office. North is among the best directions as it is associated with Kuber, lord of wealth. You must emphasize this direction if you aim for financial abundance or profit generation.

How to attract positive energy in the office?

Want to attract positive vibes around you in the office? Attracting positive energy is essential as it will determine the success of your business. If you wish to imbibe freshness and positive vibes in your office, then you must follow these tips carefully:

  • Go for a clutter-free space– Clutter and chaos drive away positive energy, so you must try to minimize it as much as possible from the office. Try and keep the rooms clean and clutter-free. Organize the documents and items properly. Whatever you are not using currently, either lock them away for future use or discard them altogether.
  • Are you feeling tired? Don’t sleep on the desk – Lethargy and tiredness are normal but avoid sleeping on your desk. As per Vastu, the work desk is auspicious and considered the prime positive energy source. If you regularly fall asleep on your work desk, chances are that it has already started attracting negative energy, which you should be attracting in your office.
  • Vastu for cabin office – Here is a Vastu tip for all employees designated with a cabin office. When sitting in your office, try to ensure that your back is not facing the door. This way, as per Vastu, you will not only miss out on people entering your room but this seating arrangement is said to attract internal conflicts and misunderstanding. 
  • Items that will uplift the environment –  If you aim to bring forth adequate communication and trust in your office, including certain Vastu-aligned items may help amplify this notion.

You may begin with murals portraying mountain ranges, flora, or fauna on the wall behind your seat. Ever seen a turquoise-shaped pyramid on your desk? It is believed to bring success in your professional life.

You may also take help from an expert for any other items they might suggest based on your requirement and office position. However, if you bring these items to your work desk, you will be able to attract positive energy flow around you and harmony amongst your colleagues.

What Vastu says about your office interiors?

If you want to have a magnetic effect towards the financial upliftment in the office and to ensure the lord of wealth Kuber blessings always stays in your office, try to add a kuber yantra.

If you think a kuber yantra is not the best option, go for a chic mirror. You can keep this mirror on the north wall of your office as the north and northeast direction has a clear connection to your personal financial growth.

 Here are a few more suggestions for you related to office interiors that will help you reap loads of benefits:

  • Do not clutter your office, especially in the northeast direction. Piling up waste goods in that direction near the working desk can create obstacles in business. Instead, try placing these items in the northwest to enjoy clearance of any unsold stock left.
  • Vastu shastra suggests that you should always keep your vault in the southwest direction in your office for best results. If you own the financial documents in it, ensure that it faces northeast direct to attract prosperity.
  • There is a saying in Vastu that flowing water symbolizes a consistent flow of income and productivity. To bring it to your office, add a water fountain in your office. The size of the fountain doesn’t matter, it may be a showpiece, but it will still work effectively in bringing calmness and will provide power.

Keep this fountain in the north direction if you seek career growth. However, do not place it at the entrance of the office too. The positive effects might go away.

What does Vastu have to say about any electrical equipment and machines in the office?

 It is suggested in Vastu that most electrical equipment and other items in a similar category should find themselves in the southeast direction. Vastu prefers this direction for any electrical applications present in the office, be it a coffee maker or micro-oven in the pantry, meters, or electrical transformers of your office.

You can keep other office appliances such as scanners, printers, fax machines, monitors, and wi-fi routers in the same direction. However, when it comes to weighing machines, they should be placed in the northeast or entirely in the east.

What tips does Vastu have for office lights?

office lights
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According to Vastu, if the office’s lighting is appropriately Vastu-aligned, it helps create a warm, energetic, and inviting environment that brightens the entire office space. If you aim for that, ensure natural light passes through your office.

Sunlight has been a beacon of positive vibes in the office. To achieve success, place your bright lights in the southern direction. Also, try to get anti-glare on your computer screen.

Vastu says that without adequate lighting in the workplace, you may feel sluggish and lack the concentration needed to work. Try and balance the lighting as possible. 

The lighting shouldn’t be too less, nor should it be too much. Too much lighting has harmful effects. Get lights that are soothing to your eyes to draw in positivity quickly. Also, keep in mind that the reception of your office, as well as the main entrance, should be completely lit, with spectacular varieties of lights to invite pleasant energy.

Vastu tips for the reception area

Reception of the office is the first point of communication and can have a massive hand in making or breaking the clientele impression.

reception area in office
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Therefore, the energy surrounding this area of the workforce should be pleasant, calm, and ultra-productive. Follow the below-mentioned points to get your office reception Vastu-aligned:

  • The receptionist must have a seating arrangement facing either east or north.
  • The placement of the reception office should face towards the east or northeast direction.
  • If the reception area has the company logo, then make sure it is in the southern direction.
  • The diagonally placed reception table is best facing the office’s front door.
  • There are three options of plants you can keep in your reception area. Go ahead with green jade flowers, french lavender flowers, and four leaves clover plants if you want to attract prosperity from your reception area.

Vastu Tips for office pantry

Just like the kitchen and dining area are crucial for a home, an office pantry is equally essential. Here most employees spend quality time with their colleagues while enjoying their food. So it is vital to ensure that the pantry can dissipate a relaxing yet productive environment.

Here are a few tips you must remember while planning your office pantry:

  • The office pantry should be in the southeast direction, and the Southeast direction opens up the abundant flow of energy in the office pantry.
  • All the electric appliances should be in the southeast direction as well.
  • The wall color of the pantry can be in shades of light blue or light green.
  • Add plants to amplify the vibration of the office pantry.

Vastu’s suggestions for the washroom in the office

 Do you think the bathroom isn’t that important in your office? Then you’re mistaken. As essential as attracting positive energy, it is equally crucial to channel all the negativities out of your office.

Washrooms do not fall under positive energy, so keeping them a little away from the actual workplace is considered ideal. You must check that the placement of the washroom should be in the northwest or west direction.

Vastu tips to consider for your workplace stairs

A staircase can be held responsible as the stepping stone to success, and the wrong placement of it can jeopardize your business. So the first crucial thing you must remember is positioning your staircase in the southwest or south direction.

Here are a few more things to keep in mind-

  • Avoid getting a spiral staircase, as Vastu considers it imbalanced and out of shape. Such a shape can also obstruct positive energy flow.
  • Avoid center-aligned stairs as they may lead to financial drainage.
  • You can bring plants of various natures and add them to every corner of the stairs.
  • Try to have an odd number of staircases to attract prosperity.

Vastu suggested plants for the office

vastu plants for office
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 Not all plants can yield the result that you seek. So here’s a short list of plants that are ideal for your office, as per Vastu:

  • Jade plant
  • Basil plant
  • Areca palm plants
  • Money plant.
  • Dracaena plants
  • Lucky bamboo plant.
  • Snake plant.
  • Cactus.
  • Lotus plant.
  • Lily plant.
  • Lemon balm

The best part about most of these plants is that they are indoor plants, and you do not have to invest much time and effort in maintaining them. You can water once or twice a week, and you are good to go!

Ready to plan your office Vastu now?

We hope this article was worth your time! Several factors can help improve your business, and Vastu is one of them!

Vastu for office may seem insignificant to some, but it holds massive importance if you wish to bring prosperity and success to your career and your office. Try implementing all the tips you have found in this article and get an expert opinion for more in-depth and personalized Vastu suggestions.