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When you want to focus on having a great home, it is very important to pay heed to Vastu tips as it is believed that it helps you have a peaceful bedroom. There are a lot of different elements that need to be well aligned for the sake of being sure that you are welcoming the positive vibrations in your home in a befitting manner.

Here, we will guide you regarding the right ways by which you need to arrange the bed, and position the different elements in your bedroom to make sure that you focus on the energy alignment and bring in the right positivity in your life and your home as well. So, be all set to make some big and small changes to drive your fortune in the right direction and steer it ahead.

What Do You Mean By Vastu?

Often some people question what is Vastu and what meaning it holds. It is of course important to understand the pivotal points behind this science.

Yes, Vastu does categorize it as science as it is hailed to be the science of directions. It is known to be the Indian cosmic science of architecture and deals with the placement of different objects to align positive energy at your place. This is known to help bring better balance in your life and therefore triggers happiness and wealth and also health.

Vastu guides you with the way certain things need to be paced and the ruling direction commands you need to obey. This is why we will be sharing some of the key tips. We want you to go through these and understand what each of them means. We are aware of the fact that it isn’t always possible to follow everything. Yet, you need to gauge what you need to do and the changes you must bring to ring in the right change of fortune. So, here we will talk about Vastu tips for peaceful bedroom.

The Bedroom Key Elements

There are a lot of different elements that are a part of the bedroom and when you are being mindful of the Vastu tips for peaceful bedroom, you have to be sure that you are paying emphasis on each of the elements. Here, we are going to talk about the key ones among them to give you a better perspective on the details.

The Bed

The bed position assumes a core place in your room. It is crucial to ensure that you choose the right Vastu rules while placing the bed. The exact element and the direction of the bed will have a huge role to play as far as Vastu directions for a peaceful bedroom are concerned.

As per the rules of Vastu, the bedroom should be located in the southwest corner of your house. In this room, the bed needs to be placed in such a way that the head needs to be towards either the south or the east. This will automatically ensure that your legs will point towards the north or the west when you are sleeping.

bed placement
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This is considered to be the most favourable position when you are sleeping. Vastu tips for peaceful bedroom believe that the direction of bed placement is important as it governs the right energy flow. This will have a direct bearing on the health of the family and the quality of sleep that one gets.

Even medical science conforms to the fact that the lack of sleep has a bad and deterring impact on health. One has to be sure that they are putting in the right effort to ensure the best health.

Bed Positioning Tips

  • If you have a guest room, the bed can have the head aligned towards the west as well
  • We will always recommend you have wooden beds
  • It is advised to have one single mattress as opposed to a double mattress. This is likely to trigger positivity of unison and bring in better relationship energy.
  • Avoid having metal beds as this creates the wrong energy vibe
  • Always avoid having a bed in the corner. Corner beds tend to restrict positive energy and can therefore lead to the wrong vibration.
  • The centre of the wall is ideally the best position for the bedroom as this also leads to unhindered movement in the rest of the room. This helps in unrestrictive energy moments too.
  • Also, try to avoid having too dark colours in the bedroom. This tends to create a bad ambience and sometimes has negative repercussions too. Black is one of the most avoidable colours as per Vastu as it is associated with a negative connotation.

So, these are some of the vital points that you need to bear in mind. Following these will help you have a peaceful bedroom design.

Let us now dive further and check out more details about the design.

The Need For Good Sleep

As we are focussing on bedrooms and beds, it is very evident that we are paying a lot of emphasis on sleep. You have to understand that sleep assumes gargantuan importance for a lot of reasons.

Even if you explore things from a scientific point of view, you will find that the human body needs sleep to function properly. When you can sleep well, you will find that your brain will be a lot more alert and will perform in the right manner. At the same time, it helps you in much better and improved focus and attention.

Along with this, when you have a good sleep, you are not likely to exhibit irritable behaviour which otherwise gets very common. It also strengthens the immune system and gives your body the power to fight against illness. So, for a peaceful mind, you need to ensure that you are getting proper sleep. So, let us check more Vastu tips for peaceful bedroom aspects to make your life better.

The Key Tips For Good Sleep

Here are some of the Vastu-oriented sleep direction tips that you can follow for the sake of enjoying a good sleep.

  • When sleeping, never face your head towards the door. This is known to cause nightmares and can therefore impact the quality of your sleep.
  • If you have the habit of keeping a water jug in your room, it should not be placed in the southeast direction. This is likely to make you extra drowsy and can impact your energy levels.
  • If you have an attached washroom in the room, never leave the door open. This tends to bring negative energy inside the room.
  • Make sure that your bed is not placed under a beam. This is also likely to impact the quality of sleep you are going to get.
  • It is not recommended to choose a very dark tone for your room. This leads to negative energy and bad vibes.

The Bedroom Direction For Couples

  • If the couple is newlywed, then the direction of the bedroom needs to be on the northwest side.
  • If the couple is the master of the house, the bedroom direction needs to be southwest.
  • Under no circumstances should the bedroom be present on the northeast side. This site is known to interfere with health. It is known that this site is very negative for people with already conflicting health issues.
  • Once you are settled with the direction of the bedroom, we will focus on the direction of the bed.
  • If you stay in the master bedroom, your bed needs to be aligned either in the south or the southwest direction. However, you have to ensure that it should under no circumstance lies between these two zones as it will then be in a conflicting state.
  • You should try and avoid sleeping in the corners of the room. This will ensure that you will be able to get a smooth energy flow.
  • When designing the room, place the bed in such a way that it allows for space on either side and helps you have unrestricted movement at the same time.
  • Also, when working on the interior designing element, make sure you don’t keep any single themed item in a couple rooms. Couple showpieces are always preferred as they tend to bring better stability to the life.
  • You can keep portraits of gods and goddesses in your room too. You also need to ensure that you don’t keep pictures of wars and even demons or owls. These tend to send off the wrong message.
  • If you are trying to get pregnant, your bedroom should not be placed in the northeast direction. This direction is very bad for those trying to conceive. Even in the odd case, if you manage to get pregnant, you will have the risk of facing a miscarriage. Once you have conceived, you should steer away from the southeast bedroom too as it is not advisable or conducive. It is believed that this room attracts too much heat which is not good for the baby or the mother-to-be. 
  • It is believed that an awry placement of bed could lead to struggling relationships and even troubled marriages as well.
  • It is also further advised that the wife should sleep on the left side of her husband for a prosperous married life.
  • Under no account should your bedroom be located at the very centre of the home. The centre position is also known as the brahmasthan which means the source of energy. This area has huge vibrational energy and is always brimming with too much energy. The aim of a bedroom is to offer a place where people can rest. So, this leads to a very conflicted placement and therefore needs to be avoided at all costs.

These Vastu tips for peaceful bedroom help in ensuring a better balance and can trigger the right results. It will also help you live a healthier and happier life at the same time.

The Sleeping Directions

It is also important to know the right sleeping directions as per Vastu. When you follow these tips as well, it is likely to trigger a good and healthy change in your life.

sleeping position
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  • As per the Vastu norms, if your legs face the east while sleeping, it will trigger good chances of wealth amalgamation and an even better reputation.
  • When your legs are placed towards the west, it helps in balance and harmony. It will also allow you to experience peace of mind.
  • When your legs are aligned towards the north, it will bring prosperity and contentment to your life. Avoid pointing the legs in any other direction as it really won’t be conducive.
  • If you trace the roots of Vastu. you will find that it has been repeatedly emphasized that you should sleep in the south direction. This infers that your head needs to be aligned towards the south and your feet should point in the north while you are sleeping.
  • We will always recommend you have a square or rectangular bed. You need to avoid circular beds or even oval. It is also recommended to have a headrest as this helps you be sure that your bed orientation will be complete.
  • For couples, we recommend having pink or red bedding. You can also choose to have duvets and cover in this shade as this shade is symbolic of love, passion, and romance. This allows you to have a romantic relationship.

Other Vastu Tips For The Bedroom

Here are some other vital tips that you need to keep an eye on. These will allow you to govern the details in a befitting way and is likely to help you have a peaceful life.

The Cross Connection With The Kitchen

If you have a multi-storeyed house, it is always advised to make sure that the kitchen should not placed right underneath the bedroom. This is considered to be a bad Vastu practice. Even in housing complexes, most apartments are so designed that the kitchen units are all aligned in the same direction to avoid conflict with bedrooms.

The Furniture

Vastu strongly recommends that no heavy objects should be placed in the south, west, or southwest directions. You can have very light and movable pieces of furniture but steer away from heavy tables or wardrobes on this side of the room.

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Also, in most bedrooms, it is a must to have a dressing table. You can have it next to the bed but make sure the mirror placed on the dressing table shouldn’t reflect the body when you are sleeping. If there is no way to avoid this, you need to have a curtain to cover the mirror during the night. The dressing table should never be placed on the southeast or the southwest wall.

When you are designing the wardrobe, you have to be sure that you are following the right Vastu norms. The wardrobe needs to be placed on the south or the west wall.

If you keep cash or jewellery in your room, you need to be sure that you are keeping it in the north direction. This direction is known to be the place of Lord Kubera.

Also, you should always choose iron or wood for the sake of making the almirah. Under no account should you incorporate any marble touch in the wardrobe! You should also opt for lighter tones for the wardrobe colour as dark tones are absorbers of negative energy. This can have a direct bearing on the wealth of an individual.

The Bed Box

Most beds will have a box underneath that is mostly used for different kinds of storage. It is an absolute must to ensure that you don’t keep any unwanted stuff inside the bed box.

bed box
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Try to make sure that you keep it clutter free or else it will impact the relationship you have with your spouse. It is never advised to keep broken or very old stuff that serves no use inside the bed box. It is believed that the items you keep inside the bed box have a direct influence on the quality of sleep you are going to get.

Erasing Negativity

It is important to indulge in the right things to make sure you can weed out negativity from your room and subsequently your house as well. This is why you should mop the floor with sea salt twice a week. This is known to be the simplest way to cleanse the home of negativity and purify the atmosphere.

You can also make good use of aromatherapy as it is known to be very effective in driving away negative energy completely. You can choose to have a diffuser or even scented candles in your home. The aroma that diffuses out of it tends to drive away the negativity and will bless the place with the right vibes.

Bedroom Plants

Plants have a way of beautifying the place and they are a great Vastu element. Of course, you need to choose well regarding the plants you should have in the bedroom.

Here are a few options you can consider.

Money Plant

money plant
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This is a great option to ensure you have a stress-free atmosphere in your room. It doesn’t need a lot of maintenance as some indirect sunlight is sufficient. It is also known to work as a great air purifier as well.


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Lavender is known to be very effective when it comes to seeking inner peace. You can choose to have it right beside your bedside table. The aroma will continue to spread and will have a calming effect on the senses.


The lily plant is known to be symbolic of peace and happiness. It is also known to be very useful in keeping nightmares away. So, choose the right corner where it can grow and plant it in the room.

Bamboo Plant

This is one of the fancy plants that have managed to gain quite a lot of popularity these days. The southeast part of the house seems to be the most preferred choice for this plant. It requires little or no maintenance whatsoever.


What is the best colour as per Vastu for your bedroom?

Subtle colours like beige, cream, and off-white are the preferred choice. Dark colours should be mostly avoided as they tend to absorb negative energy.

What is the best bed position as per Vastu tips for peaceful bedroom?

As per Vastu, the bed should be so placed that the head needs to be towards the south or the east

What is the recommended sleeping position as per Vastu tips for peaceful bedroom?

The best direction as per Vastu has to be south. You can point your feet towards the north. This will most likely help you have a very good sleep and will therefore allow you to enjoy peace of mind as well.

Should a mirror not be placed opposite the bed?

As per Vastu, the mirror should not reflect the body while sleeping. If there is no other place for the mirror, make sure to have a curtain over the mirror which can be drawn while sleeping to avoid the reflection.

What can you keep under the pillow to fetch good luck?

It is believed that if you keep a religious book or even a peacock feather, you can enjoy a really good sleep and it may trigger good fortune as well.