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People build and design their homes with much love and care. To have the right ambience and environment inside the house is always your prime motto and to achieve the same you must follow certain Vastu tips for positive energy at home. Be it home decor, furniture placements or any other factor in the house, keeping everything Vastu compliant is very important. 

When the ambience inside the house is positive, it automatically brings good luck and happiness to the lives of the family members. To let positive energy into the house, one should make sure that the house receives sunlight and fresh air. It not only purifies the atmosphere inside the house but also uplifts the overall ambience. 

So, we re going to talk of the best Vastu tips for positive energy at home that will help you uplift the mood and ambience.

Best Vastu Tips For Positive Energy At Home

Main Entrance

main entrance
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  • Any obstacle in front of the main door is not a good sign. Never get any pole or pillar or any other standing structure designed in front of the main door. These are called ‘dwar vedh’ and are not considered good for the house.
  • Although cleanliness should be maintained in the entire house you should particularly pay attention to the main entrance. Always keep the entrance tidy and clean. This ensures the entry of positive energy into the house.
  • One should avoid keeping any dead plants in the house. These plants should especially be kept away from the main entrance.
  • The main door of the house should preferably not have a black colour tone. If you wish to opt for darker colours, dark brown is a great idea. 
  • You can hang a beautiful bell or a wind chime near the main entrance for soothing music inside the house. It is believed to bring good luck and prosperity to the house.
  • Another great tip to keep the negative vibe away from home is to set up a buddha statue near the main entrance of the house. It is believed to keep evil spirits at bay and your home is sure to feel pure. You can also opt for a Ganesha statue. Peacock feathers also work wonders when placed near the main entrance.
  • Any form of waste or trash should not be collected or kept near the main entrance.


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  • You should ensure that there isn’t any mirror, television or any other reflective surface on the opposite wall of the bed. If you get to see a reflection of your body while asleep on the bed, it brings negative energy to the house and affects relationships.
  • The south and west wall are the best for aligning the bed in the bedroom. It promotes quality sleep and good health.
  • Keep your bedroom well set and tidy at all times of the day. Make it a habit to arrange the pillows and fold the comforters and quilts as soon as you wake up in the morning. A well-made bed sets the right tempo and you will feel the positive energy around you.
  • For setting the perfect romantic mood inside the bedroom, opting for either a pink or red tone of bedding is suggested. It promotes the feeling of love between the partners.

Living area

living room
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  • As per Vastu tips for positive energy at home, it is suggested that you should get your living room walls painted in any light colour tone. Lighter tones are believed to bring in positive vibes and energy into the house. Each colour has its own importance and you must have the best knowledge about which colour tone is perfect for your house.
  • Any electronics in the living room should preferably be kept in the southeast direction of the room. 
  • One should not by any chance keep a cactus plant in the living area of the house. This plant can possibly have an adverse effect on the health and well-being of family members. It can also easily affect the relationships among the family members in the house.

Pooja Room

vastu tips for positive energy at home
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  • Do not ever have the pooja room set up inside the bedroom. You should also avoid getting it designed beneath the stairs.
  • Keep the pooja room painted in lighter colour tones like white, peach etc. The ambience is calm and soothing when the walls are light.
  • Lamps and diyas not just make the ambience calm and soothing but also spread positivity around the house. Camphor is also an amazing thing to light when looking for positive energy at home.
  • You can also burn bay leaves to shun any negative energy from the house. This can be done either in the pooja room or anywhere in the house.
  • The idols placed in the pooja room should have ample space between them. This ensures enough air passes between them. Also by doing this the incense stick fragrance lingers around the idol better.
  • Shlokas and mantras when read out or played for a few hours radiate positive energy and levels up the divine ambience in the house. 


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  • Make sure that the door of the bathroom in the house is closed. Leaving it open post-use is a bad practice and should be avoided at any cost.
  • Any leakage in the taps should be readily repaired. Leaking taps anywhere in the house is not recommended when looking for positive energy in the house.
  • A pleasant-smelling bathroom is great for a fresh and nice ambience in the house. Use fresheners with a nice fragrance to keep bathrooms smelling great.
  • It is also advised that the toilet seat lid should be closed when not using the toilet.
  • Having proper ventilation in the bathroom is very important and should be taken care of. Also, if possible have a small window installed in the bathroom. It not only allows sunlight and fresh air inside the bathroom but also push out negative energy.


kitchen vastu tips for positive energy at home
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  • One must pay special heed while getting the kitchen designed. The place where you cook food for your family with much love and affection should be designed with perfection. See to it that the kitchen walls are painted in bright hues of yellow, brown etc. It adds a nice vibe to the kitchen ambience.
  • One should never store or keep medicines in the kitchen.
  • Keep your kitchen clutter-free. Do not store items that are no longer required. Free up the space as and when possible. You should also say NO to broken cutlery, utensils and cookware.

General Tips

general tips
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  • Make it a point to keep the windows open for sufficient time preferably during the early hours of the day. This ensures ample sunlight inside the house. Also, fresh air makes the place feel lovely and pleasant. 
  • Any electronic item when not in use should be switched off. This even applies to WiFi routers inside the house.
  • Place a piece of sandalwood in the most-seen corner of your house. Sandalwood is considered pure and the fragrance it diffuses in the air is believed to remove tension from the house.
  • It is not recommended to let darkness prevail in any corner of the house. If by chance there’s any section in your house which does not get ample natural light, make sure to keep the area illuminated with lights. Turn on the lights in the house for a better feel. 
  • The northeast wall is the best for hanging wall clocks in the house. You should never leave any non-functional clock in the house. There are chances you might face stagnation in finances in the form of business losses.
  • Have an indoor garden wherein you can spend time after waking up early in the morning. It is a great idea to enjoy the morning freshness and grab some energy from the environment.
  • Avoid having sharp-edged furniture in the house. 
  • If you love aquariums and prefer having one at home it is recommended to set an aquarium in the northeast corner of the house. Aquariums have moving water and there are certain norms you should follow while having one at home. 
  • Reserve a little space in the east or southeast corner of your house for a beautiful wooden tortoise. It will not only work as a decor piece but also add to the positive energy in the house.
  • If you love hanging pictures on the wall, make sure that you do not select any picture that depicts negativity in any form. Warfare, bloodshed, pictures displaying sadness or loneliness etc should not be opted for.

Helpful Vastu Remedies

Apart from these Vastu tips, there are certain remedies that you can follow and apply to correct any existing Vastu fault or to add to the good ambience. You can do the following:

  • Hang wind chimes in the house to invite positivity and shun away Vastu doshas. It is advised to go for the ones that have either six or eight rods and also make sure that the rods are hollow.
  • Beautify your living room by hanging your family pictures on the appropriate wall. These photos have a positive impact on your relationships and you will feel a wave of love and emotions floating inside the house.
  • Uncrushed sea salt when placed anywhere in the house is believed to soak in any negative energy inside the house. You can also use salt in water and get your floor wiped for a better feel.
  • A horseshoe when hung with its end pointing upwards is a great idea to hold all the positive energies inside the house. 
  • When you feel helpless at work or job and you have a feeling that your plans aren’t working smoothly, try keeping camphor anywhere in the house. 

Positive Energy Benefits

Having a constant flow of positive energy in the house has many benefits and it impacts your life in several ways. Here are a few:

  • The mind of the people residing in the house is always free of any negative thoughts.
  • You are sure to stay healthy both physically as well as mentally.
  • Positive energies inside the house help in maintaining the relationship between family members.
  • It somehow keeps the professional grounds of the family members strong and safe.
  • The family members do not usually face any financial crisis.
  • It also has a positive impact on the students as their academic performance improves with time and they have better job stability.

When you follow these norms and avoid doing the things mentioned above, you are sure to have happiness and joy inside the house. We have listed the best possible Vastu tips for positive energy at home. Living in a happy home is what every human craves about and to make your home a happy place you can always follow the Vastu Shastra tips and techniques. 


What impact does a Tulsi plant have in any home?

To fill your home with positive energy, a tulsi plant should be planted in the house. It is considered extremely pure and divine as per Hindu mythology. The Vastu appropriate direction for the tulsi plant in the house is the northeast direction.

Is it recommended to have a mirror in the bedroom?

As per the Vastu norms, one should not have a mirror in the bedroom, especially on the wall opposite the bed. It is believed to radiate negative energy. If you still have one, make sure to cover it with a cloth before going to bed.

What is the easiest way to keep a negative vibe away from home?

The best and most used method is to hang lemons and chillies at the main entrance of the house. It is believed to be very effective in keeping negative energies away.

Are there any Vastu norms for the bathroom in your house?

Yes, there are a lot of things you should keep in mind to keep your bathroom free of any negative energy. You can take a look at the bathroom tips mentioned above for a detailed explanation of the same.

Can you rectify any Vastu faults already existing in your house?

Yes, you can rectify the faults but it depends upon the type of the fault. Sometimes minor alterations here and there can solve your issue.