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A lot of people have the conception that south-facing properties are not considered auspicious. However, you can use Vastu tips for south-facing homes and rectify any dosha and make it as good as any other property.

So, if you have ended up buying south facing home, make sure to follow the details we will be listed here. This will bring you the right set of benefits.

What Do You Mean By Vastu Tips For South-Facing Homes?

No matter where you buy a home, your house will face a certain direction. The direction in which your house faces assume gargantuan importance, especially in the world of Vastu.

So, the Vastu tips for south-facing homes essentially denote the direction alignment of the different rooms and the Vastu remedies for certain dosha when your house faces south. South isn’t considered the best direction for homes to face and so you need to opt for some remedies to negate or counterbalance the negative energy.

By choosing to follow the Vastu tips, you will be able to channel the positive flow of energy and bring the best of benefits to your home. So, let us see what they are.

The Main Entrance

First things, you should primarily focus on the main entrance first as this is where all the energies enter from. As per the Vastu experts, the entrance door will decide the overall energy flow in your home. So, you have to pay heed to its construction.

main door
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The Concept Of Pada

Have you heard of the term pada?

As per Vastu, when designing a property, the height and width of the property have to be divided into nine equal parts. Each of these is called a pada. To rectify the Vastu dosha of south-facing homes, the entrance should always be placed at the fourth pada. Doing so will ensure that a funnel of positive energies will be created in your home.

The starting point is always located at the southeast corner. So, when you are making the main entrance of your home, make sure that it is tilted a little towards the southeast side of the centre.

If you feel that concentrating merely on pada 4 makes your entrance gate a wee bit too small, you can choose a little of 1, 2, and 3 pada to enlarge the whole area. However, make sure never to venture into the fifth to the ninth pada as this will make your home largely inauspicious.

Learn more about door directions based on Vastu here.

Entrance Door Tips

Here are some other important entrance door tips you need to be mindful of.

  • Make sure that the entrance door is the largest gate in the house as it is where the energy in the home enters. None of the other gates can be made larger than this.
  • The gate should open inwards
  • The gate should open in a clockwise manner as this is known to create a positive flow
  • You can choose to build a threshold at the entrance. However, make sure to keep the area very well-lit to avoid people falling on the door
  • Always ensure that the entrance door is well lit and is kept clean and neat or else positive energy will retreat from your home

Vastu Tips For The Different Rooms

Now that we are done with the entrance, we will talk about the different rooms and how you need to plan them to make sure your home is well-balanced.

The Northeast Area Of Your Home

If you have a south-facing house, your living room should be in the northeast zone. You can also choose to have the puja room built here as the site is considered good for both of these rooms.

puja room
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If you have a small home and you have mammoth space constraints, owing to which you cannot dedicate a whole room for Puja, you can choose a part of the living room and dedicate it to the pooja corner. A lot of people choose this design to ensure they can use the northeast for both the puja part and the living room as well.

The Master Bedroom

The next in line is the master bedroom. This room too assumes a lot of importance. You should choose the southwest direction for the master bedroom in a south-facing house.

master bedroom
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If you have a big home with several floors in it, it is very important to bear in mind that the master bedroom needs to be made on the top floor. This helps in being sure that the alignment of the energy stays good. The top floor ensures that the Vastu alignment of the master bedroom is going to work in your favour.

The Kids’ Room

kids room
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All kids’ rooms should be made in the northwestern part. If this is not possible, you can choose the south or the western part as well. Make sure that you choose bright and vibrant tones for the colours in this room. This is done mainly because kids tend to get sharper with brighter exposure to colours. If you keep your kids exposed to vivid colours, it is likely to trigger smoother brain development.

The Kitchen

Even when it comes to the kitchen, you have to be sure that you are choosing the right direction as per Vastu.  The southeast direction is considered ideal for the sake of planning the kitchen. Make sure that while cooking, you are facing the east direction. This also helps in being sure that the kitchen receives adequate sunlight and thereby is well illuminated. It is believed that a gloomy kitchen is likely to interfere with the process of making food.

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The northwest direction is the second most preferred direction for the kitchen. If you choose this direction, make sure to face the west while cooking. These are the little things you should bear in mind to ensure better prosperity.

The Defects To Avoid

If you have a south-facing home, here are some of the defects you need to avoid.

  • Don’t align the kitchen in the southwest region
  • Don’t have a parking space in the south
  • Don’t end up having more open space in the south than in the north
  • Don’t have water appliances or heavy machinery that are water-based for instance the cooler in the southwest area
  • Never have a septic tank in the southwest direction as it is likely to pile up garbage or hoard too much negative energy in your home

Make sure to handle all these defects to ensure you can rectify the Vastu doshas


Is it a good thing to buy south facing home?

Vastu believes that all directions are good with slight changes in alignment. While the south-facing homes do come with some limitations, you should follow Vastu tips for south-facing homes.

Do south-facing homes tend to get hot in the summers?

Yes, south-facing homes tend to get a lot of sunlight and are therefore more likely to get hot in summers

Which aspect of designing is important for south-facing homes?

Make sure to work on the entrance aspect of your home if you have a south-facing home