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Remember when a pendulum wall clock was a luxury item for most traditional houses from the past? Nevertheless, wall clocks have evolved since then, and now a wall clock is more than just a functional timepiece. Sometimes, it may also be considered a work of art!

At present, buying a watch of your choice is not a big deal, but what is more, concerning is where to place the clock. If you are not a big fan of Vastu Shastra, you can set your wall clock anywhere in the room. While if you are willing to comply with Vastu Shastra guidelines, then it is crucial to have a clear idea about the placement of your clock.

Placing a watch in the incorrect room may significantly impact the vibe of the whole home, so it is essential to keep your wall clock in the correct direction. Now, it’s apparent that you have several questions regarding the placement of a wall clock, so let’s find out the answers to all your questions!

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Where to place your clock according to the Vastu Shastra?

Vastu Shastra recommends you hang a wall clock in the right direction of your house to welcome prosperity, peace, happiness, and positivity to you and your family members. Therefore, the best places to place a wall clock inside your house are North, East, and West. The only remaining direction, the south, is unsuitable for hanging a wall clock.

The best direction to place your wall clock

If you want to bring in and welcome prosperity and wealth, you have to make Kubera happy. Kubera, the God of wealth, is known for residing in the north direction, so placing your wall clock in the north can attract wealth and prosperity in your life.

Since Indra, the king of gods, reigns over the east direction, you also have that option in case your north wall is blocked.

West is the direction of Varun, the God of rain, so you can also place your clock on the West. Lastly, ensure its height is at most of the doorways while keeping the watch. The only prohibited direction is the south, and placing your clock in this direction might yield adverse effects. Want to know why?

Why should you avoid placing a wall clock in the south?

Since the south direction defines stagnation Vastu Shastra recommends that the south is not ideal for placing clocks as it might harm your family. If you place a watch in this direction, the inhabitants of your house might face health problems and experience obstructions in the businesses. Everyone wishes prosperity and a good flow of positive energy in their life and working system.

Nonetheless, minor things like placing the clock in the wrong direction can prevent the flow of the workings since you know the best recommendations for setting the wall clocks. NorthEast or West, do not hang your wall clock in the south!

Best positions to hang your wall clock, according to Vastu Shastra?

While there are several points that you can follow while hanging your wall clock inside your house, if you can follow the Vastu Shastra tips, you can achieve the best outcomes. Here are a few things to remember:

Vastu Tips to place your wall clock in Your Bedroom

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  • According to Vastu, placing a clock in the east direction is best if you plan to hang a wall clock in your bedroom. Another direction for the bedroom clock is the north direction. Suppose you place your head on the southern side while sleeping. In that case, you must set your wall clock in the northern direction for the best results. 
  • Whether you are keeping your clock on the east or north side, prefer placing them at some distance from the bed. 
  • Vastu recommends that the north side is the best for keeping clocks if you want to welcome prosperity to your house. 
  • Avoid placing the wall clock over the entrance of your house.
  • Ensure that you do not hang any wall clock or calendar on the external wall of your home. Instead of embracing good aspects, things might turn to something other than your side. Therefore, it is strictly not advisable. 

Vastu Tips to place your wall clock in Your Living Area

wall clock for living room
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  • Your living room is an area that ought to be full of positivity as this is the place where you spend most of the time with your family members.
  • So if you are willing to follow Vastu guidelines, make sure you place a wall clock in the North direction only, as this direction is controlled by Kubera, the God of riches.
  • If your Northern wall is blocked and you think you cannot place a wall clock, try putting it in the northeast, east, and west direction.
  • Placing your wall clock in the right direction can help generate a good flow.

Is your wall clock running throughout the year?

No matter what clock you choose to keep in your house, ensure everything works correctly. You must ensure that the glass in your wall clock has no spots or cracks. Besides keeping your watch clean, it would help if you kept changing the batteries from time to time as required.

Despite changing the batteries. If your wall clock still does not work properly, replace it with a new one. As per Vastu, a clock that is not working shouldn’t be placed inside your house as that might attract evil vibes. So, it is recommended to keep your watch under check and check if it shows the correct time.

A few minutes faster than the standard time is not an issue, but it is not a good sign if the clock lags behind the actual time. If you see such a problem, get them repaired quickly and if it does not fix, then prefer discarding the clock. 

What is the ideal shape of a Vastu Wall Clock?

different shapes of wall clock
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A round-shaped clock is ideal for hanging in your house if you wish to follow the best recommendations by Vastu Shastra. As per Vastu, you must strictly avoid keeping pendulum clocks in the bedrooms as that may create disharmony in the living environment. Also, if you have a pendulum clock in any other room in your house, ensure they are facing east

What must be the color of your wall clock, as per Vastu?

Besides the direction of placing the clock, the color is also a crucial selection. If you plan to keep your wall clock facing north, stick to white, grey, or metallic colors. Furthermore, if you have chimes in the watch, ensure that the sound of the chimes is pleasant. Wooden clocks have a charm, so placing such an elegant wall clock inside your house is recommended.

a wooden wall clock
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Places to avoid hanging your wall clock

While you can place your wall clock in any suitable position, there are some Vastu Shastra tips that you must follow to get the best results out of the placement of your wall clock.

  • The doorways are not the best places for hanging the wall clocks. 
  • It is best to avoid keeping clocks beside wires or power outlets as that may attract negative energies, which might impact the peace and harmony of your place.
  • It would help if you did not hang the clock beside the picture of any relative who has passed away. 
  • Never place pendulum clocks in your bedroom. 
  • Ensure the reflection of your bed cannot be seen in the glass of your wall clock, as that is considered inauspicious. Before placing a wall clock in your bedroom, check for reflection from all angles before you drill in a hole.
  • With superhero movies in trend, people tend to purchase clocks with superheroes, crimes, and violent scenes. However, keeping a distance from wall clocks with images of crime, violence, and negativities is advisable before purchasing a wall clock. 
  • If you have a clock in your home with images of war, struggle, or poverty, remove them immediately since they attract bad luck. Likewise, images of bloodshed and strife tend to attract negative energies and invite bad luck. 

Bottom line

A house is a happy place when it is filled with positive energy and good feelings. Therefore, choosing the proper shape, size, shape, and color are mandatory. In addition, you must place a clock in a strategic position that may add contentment, success, and wealth to your life.

Investing in a circular wooden clock would be a positive move. As you can understand, the northeast and west directions are the best for placing the clocks inside your house.

Not only does the clock placement play a crucial role in bringing prosperity, happiness, and peace to the house, but the clock’s design, appearance, and shape also play a crucial role.

Therefore, while selecting a clock for your home, ensure that it does not have any negative image like crime or war because it can invite bad luck and energy for you and your family. The best solution is to follow the Vastu guidelines to get the best results. 

Now that you know where to keep your clock and everything related, are you ready to invite some positivity to your home?