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A green lawn covered with green grass sounds like a dream, especially at this contemporary time, as apartments have replaced homes. On the other hand, it’s essential to get to a private green space in concrete gardens and dusty cities.

In today’s world, where space is limited, gardening is often limited to a few flower pots on the balcony. If you want to enjoy some greenery in your tiny apartment, a vertical garden may be an ideal option for those who like green spaces around their homes.

vertical wall
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Vertical garden ideas to brighten up your walls

Since vertical gardens add a luxury feel to private spaces, it is becoming increasingly popular in urban areas. If you plan to design your personal space with a vertical green wall, you are in the right place! Check out these fantastic vertical garden ideas for your home. 

1. Building a grand entry with a vertical garden

Gateway is one portion of your house where you can build a mesmerizing vertical garden. Besides converting your home into a green space, this garden would also serve as a backdrop for welcoming guests.

Furthermore, covering the entry of your house with various garden flowers and plants would enhance the beauty of your home, thereby increasing the greenery. 

grand entrance
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2. Small textures and flowers for the vertical garden

Although most garden wall concepts depend on vegetation, how about adding a few flower accents to enhance the look?

You can choose between delicate blossoms, pleasing textures, and single-colored backgrounds to create a mesmerizing and soothing backdrop for your guests. Urbium blossoms and Vinca minor are some eye-catching blooms that would glow up the look of your vertical wall. 

vertical garden with flowers
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3. Tiled Mural in Vertical Gardening

You might love the aesthetic nature of your living wall but do not have enough time to invest in its maintenance then you may consider mural tiles on your outdoor wall. These mural tiles will create an aesthetic impression of nature, and you don’t have to go through any hassle.

Try adding climbers to your tiled mural wall to enjoy a 3D effect without the maintenance and expense of a full-fledged living wall.

wall murals
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4. Aesthetically pleasing raised garden beds

If you are thinking of designing a small region of your wall with plants and herbs, decide how you will shape them so that it compliments their surroundings or your interior. Adding some raised foliage to your garden bed highlights your vertical garden and blurs the boundary between the beds and the living wall, building a sense of coherence within the room. 

raised beds vertical green wall
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5. Build a vertical garden wall on your patio

If you want it, you will get it. Building a vertical garden is easy, and you can create one even in a limited outdoor space. Getting one such compact vertical garden on your patio would be great as the green space would make you feel more comfortable, cozy, and close to nature.

In addition, you can strategically use vertical planting to cover up a brick wall or encircling fences, which makes a space seem even more claustrophobic.

vertical wall in patio
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6. Wild plants in vertical gardening

You can make the aesthetic look natural and wild by welcoming certain wild plants to your garden wall. Try out wild grasses and even some common variants of fern to add a lush texture to your vertical garden. 

vertical garden with wild plants
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7. Try out some living frames

If you think your apartment is not ideal for building a vertical garden, you must try some mini vertical gardens. Hang in a pair of succulents in your mini garden, as they are simple to maintain and very flexible.

You may hang these living art frames at the front entrance or the end of a balcony or use several to adorn a garden wall. Here you will find more fantastic gardening ideas.

live frame
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8. Brighten up a dull wall with an impromptu garden

A living wall covered in greenery breaks up the monotony of white walls and offers a green background. But you’re concerned because you’re the type of person who constantly changes their interiors?

Then try out some impromptu gardening options. Instead of investing in a permanent vertical wall, try arranging some large plants below some hanging pots to create an illusion of a vertical garden.

This is an incredible option if you prefer flowers over greenery. The best part is you can change the planters as required and enjoy seasonal flowers.

imprmptu garden
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There’s no doubt that green walls create a calming accent, even in a tiny room. So, a vertical garden is an excellent option as that may ultimately alter the atmosphere of your home, providing you and your guests with a refreshing and cozy ambiance.