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The reason why millions of hearts are beating in South India, Vijay Thalapathy is South Indian Cinema’s king and his stardom knows no bounds. The actor has made a name for himself in the Indian film industry with around 69 films to date and nothing is stopping him to rise and shine more.

When it comes to discussing the ultra-stylish abodes of Indian celebrities, Vijay Thalapathy’s beach house deserves a special mention. Fans have often seen Vijay mentioning how he admires Tom Cruise’s beach mansion and we can see similarities between his abode and the mansion of Hollywood’s heartthrob. Let us take a sneak peek into Vijay Thalapathy’s house.

About Vijay Thalpathy’s House

Housed in Casuarina Drive Street, Vijay’s private residence is one of the most talked about sites in Chennai. The area is counted amongst the posh areas in the city.

The Beach Mansion Angle

After giving several hints as to how he loves Tom Cruise’s beach mansion, Vijay himself got his beach home designed with hints from the beach mansion he loves. It is interesting to see the kind of resemblance he brought to his house in Chennai.

Fancy Frontage

It is rightly said that the first impression speaks a lot about the house. Vijay’s mansion has the nameplate highlighted beautifully and you will love the vibrancy it oozes. The porch is large enough giving the house a massive frontage and there’s a beautiful stone wall boundary. The main entrance of the house is massive and the presence of a gazebo makes it all the grander.

Grand Entrance

As already mentioned above, the entrance of the house looks grand in the sense that it is wide and massive. The mansion features a towering door. Boundary walls are running on both sides of the gate and it features plants and little shrubs thus adding the perfect touch of green. 

Blend Of Modern And Contemporary

Carrying the modern taste with hints of contemporary style, Vijay’s house has a pristine white exterior. The interiors have a blend of both modern and rustic interiors. A large open terrace serves as a perfect unwinding place for the actor and his family members.

Vijay is a plant lover and the gorgeous garden in his house is enough proof of the same. Fans often get to see pictures of Vijay spending time with the plants in his garden.

The property somehow matches up to Vijay’s vibe. It is gorgeousness, art and luxury packed together to provide comfort with style. we hope you enjoyed this virtual sneak peek into Vijay Thalapathy’s house.