Simple Tiles | Jaali Wall | Vintage | Marble | Rock Solid Brick | Elegant POP | Final Words

You only need some empty wall space to be ready! Look at some of these lovely, tiny mandir designs that may fit in even the smallest of dwellings. It is deemed lucky for the residence and its occupants to have a temple on the property. However, residential wall mandir design might be challenging. 

That is fantastic if you live in a spacious bungalow with enough area for a unique wall mandir design, but what happens to homes without that choice? Mandir designs for homes can fit the temple’s size in yet different parts of the house; they aren’t necessary to be situated in a specific space.

1. Simple Tiles Wall Mandir Design 

Using Tiles design for mandir walls is yet another best choice for temple space. You can use this theme to let your mandir space shine in your home. 

Simple Tiles Wall Mandir Design
Source: Photo by Sonika Agarwal on Unsplash

2. Jaali Wall Mandir Design 

While behind God Idol, a complex jaali display emits a heavenly aura unlike any other. The finest material for the shelving unit is wooden, but if you want to add an artistic touch, you may put a jaali window at the rear. 

Additionally, it’s an advantage if the display has backlighting! Your pooja nook is ready after you add a wood cabinet beneath. You may have little racks along both ends and set miniature deities to provide extra room.

Jaali Wall Mandir Design
Source: Photo by Priyanka Pandey on Unsplash

3. Vintage Mandir Design for Wall 

With a wall mandir design for the house, create a simultaneously lovely and peaceful sanctuary, a location where the house members may pour their spiritual energies. You may use this room as the centerpiece of your temple by painting the walls in soothing tones with a warmer highlight side. Built-in shelves on the other walls might be used to hold more idols.

This antique-style temple architecture for residence is a fantastic alternative to other conventional homes with expansive courtyards and loads of space. The floor, in which you can utilize attractive tiles in concept, also with decor, will provide a feeling of flair to the area. Decorative fixtures serve both decorative and practical purposes in the mandir.

Vintage Mandir Design for Wall 
Source: Photo by Sonika Agarwal on Unsplash

4. Marble Wall Mandir Design

Create a sleek and opulent marble temple design for your house to enhance your present wall mandir design. Make the complete mandir out of white marble, using ideas from the presented list. 

The finishing touches on the temple include hanging lights with diyas and other decors. Incorporate an earthy touch into the room with a few wooden cabinets and coordinate the shade of the chairs to the marble’s scratches.

Marble Wall Mandir Design
Source: Image by Volker Glätsch from Pixabay

5. Rock Solid Brick Mandir Design

Bricks are also a decent choice for building temples for durability. Bricks, when combined with rock solid stones, will give more strong design for your wall mandir design.

Rock Solid Brick Mandir Design for Walls
Source: Indian temple photo created by wirestock –

6. Elegant POP Constructed Mandir Design 

Choose a theme POP architecture when you have an intermediate space upstairs as mandir space in your residence. Use features to the existing as an interior color and commission POP sculpture in a style of your choosing. 

You might decide to use miniature idols and conventional diyas because the wall would have a heavenly meaning. Add a little bell and gentle yellow LED lights to finish off this mandir decor for your home. These elements will highlight the wall artwork and the deities.

Elegant POP Constructed Mandir Design for Walls  
Source: Photo by Galen Crout on Unsplash

Final Words 

Regardless of their little interior environment, people always make room in their houses for a holy area for the gods. This is the rationale behind the increasing popularity of wooden temples as well as other wall mandir designs. 

Simple puja temple layouts for sidewalls are simple to construct and preserve and come in a number of options. We acknowledge that not all individuals have a spare space they could turn into a puja area. The best course of action for you would be to choose another wall temple design concept.