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Everyone wishes to have a dreamy bedroom that is replete with the right design and décor elements. It is easier said than done and sometimes people tend to get confused between too many options. This is why it is important that you carefully assess the different options and find the right elements that can truly elevate your bedroom space. There are several wall painting designs that you can pick from too.

Each of these painting designs is made keeping several different aspects in mind. The underlying idea always is to ensure that the paintings add to the beauty of the place. You have to make sure that you choose the type of paint that suits the room’s style, the theme, and adds to the appeal rather than popping up as a misfit. For instance, you should avoid very dark-coloured paints in the master bedroom as it is likely to impact your relationship adversely.

So, let us dive into the different details to help you come to the right decision regarding which paint style will be apt for your bedroom.

How To Spot The Best Wall Painting Designs For Your Room?

Most people have difficulty narrowing down their options and coming up with the right choice. This is why we are going to list some important tips and steps that are likely to be of help to you.

Analyse the theme

The first step that you need to follow is to analyse the theme of your room. You should assess the colour palette, the overall theme, and the design, and thereby come to a general assessment of the type of painting that will suit your place the best. Therefore, one has to narrow down the options in form of categories that is are you looking for bold paint in striking hues of red, or are you looking for a subtle and peaceful paint shade? You may also have a modernist and futuristic design of the room which will call for modern artistic hues.

So, make sure to choose a category that is suited to the room.

Textured or plain

The next thing you have to understand is whether you are looking to opt for textured paint or plain paint. Textured paint is in vogue these days and a lot of people want to opt for textured designs. Sometimes not doing anything else but having textured wall painting designs is enough to bring a space to life.

So, you should assess what is it that you want. An important tip we would like to add is that don’t use textured paint all over the home. Doing this makes it too common and it loses its uniqueness. Use it in moderate amounts.

Touch of Art

Understand whether or not you will like to incorporate artistic brushes or not? The new generation these days like to have some quirky art on their wall. This allows them to drastically jazz up their space and elevate it in a way nothing else does.

If you want to add some art, you will need to choose a subtle and very light background colour to ensure the art is visible. The contrast needs to be there for the sake of better visibility.

So, make sure to use these steps and it will allow you to come to the right decision regarding the best wall painting design to opt for in your room. You should also try to analyze the cost of painting.

Now that we have walked you through the steps, we will be sharing the different options. This will help you see some of the trending ideas and thereby offer you a better foundation to make the right selection.

Wall Painting Designs Options

Let us see some of the different options that you have at hand. Feel free to check them out and then come to the right decision regarding the design you want for your place.

1. Textured Paints

textured paint
RaiDztor / Shutterstock

You can always choose to have textured wall paints for your room. They come in a lot of different designs and courses. Feel free to explore the endless possibilities and the limitless options at hand. The idea simply is to find out the right combination that will look good in your room.

For example, if your room has a subtle theme, you can choose aqua-blue textured paint as it is likely to blend and bring out contrasting hues.

2. The Romantic Undertones

Image Flow / Shutterstock

A lot of people love to have romantic undertones in their rooms. You can choose pretty pastel shades like raspberry pink, perfect peach, sky green, and so on. Each of their shade is very light and won’t be the eye-catching element, yet their subtle and dreamy tone will make all other things in your room pretty obvious and more visible.

3. The Bold Hues

Viktoria Lytvyn / Shutterstock

Some people prefer to have loud and bold hues of colour. You have to understand that not everyone will be comfortable with this choice. A lot of people feel that very loud colours tend to be a huge put-off.  So, you need to understand well that the bolder tones need to be incorporated in the right manner.

The last thing you want is to have a very loud room which doesn’t appeal to your taste. An important design element you need to learn is to understand when to stop. Having too many elements end up making everything a huge mess.

4. The Magical Black And White

We are all aware of the eternal magic of black and white. Few things are as endearing as the combination of black and white. So, if your room seems to suit this colour combination and tone, you can choose to opt for the dual shade of black and white.

The good thing about this colour is that it is a safe choice and even if there are other colour palettes in the room, the combination of black and white will go well with everything. You will find a lot of variety even in the black-and-white combination and you will therefore have plenty of options to fiddle with.

Feel free to choose what you deem fit and then work accordingly. You can choose to have black elements in the room and then paint the walls white. Few people opt to do the reverse as black can be too loud and dark for the room.

So, unless you are willing to do something different and experimental, wall colours should be white rather than black. If you do choose to have black walls, make sure to have extra lights in the room. Extra illumination will be needed to drive away the darker tones.

5. The Touch Of Art

touch of art
Maria Luiza Melo / Pexels

As we told you, a lot of people like to have an artistic touch to their walls as well. You can choose to add decals or have different geometrical shapes. There are several wall stickers and wall arts that are available too.

You can even have art in the form of wall painting designs too. The key point to remember is that the art piece which you will be incorporating should be in tandem with what you want and love. What we essentially mean to say is that the art needs to be related and not be entirely random and misfit.

6. 3D Wall Paints

3D wall
Olena N / Shutterstock

Another thing you can choose to do is opt for 3D wall paint. You could choose a honeycomb mirrored wall or simply pop-up style 3D patterns. The options are once again going to be very limitless. You can also choose a mix of wood and brick and this will create an illusionary and elevated look in your home.

The world of 3D paints is huge and it will give you endless options. You have to be careful when picking both the colour and the design because you don’t want the rooms to look too extra. You have to be careful in your selection.

We usually don’t recommend very dark colours when it comes to 3D wall paints as it tends to have a very strong impact on the room and can sometimes get too loud and even claustrophobic. Try to keep it simple and jazz your room with the help of several different elements.

You should also try to incorporate different décor elements that match the theme of the 3D wall paint.

So, these are the different wall painting ideas that you can choose from. We are pretty sure that it will allow you to create the right image and it can elevate your room in a befitting way.

An important lesson to bear in mind is that you should not get carried away. Learn how to restrain yourself as too many walls should not look alike. While all walls in the same bedroom can look alike, don’t choose the same colour tone and texture for all the rooms in your home.

Make it a point to devote the right time and effort to the sake of choosing wall painting designs. The perfect design will help you elevate the room interiors perfectly. A lot of people simply choose to have great wall paint and then use minimal design and décor elements.

So, feel free to explore these aspects and then come up with the right solutions.


Are textured paints trending at the moment?

Yes, textured paints are one of the top trending options at the moment. You can choose to have textured paints in your rooms too, but don’t paint them on too many walls.

Which colour is the trending choice?

While there is no single colour that enjoys preference, it is lighter tones like white, beige, and cream that seem to get more popular. These tend to be light on the wall and create a good impression in the room.

Is Asian paint the best colour choice?

There is no rule book as such that guides regarding which brand of colour paint is good. We do recommend Asian paint colour codes as they give a super long-lasting finish. However, there is no obligation to choose Asian paints exclusively. You can check out the different options at hand and then come to the right decision.

What is better- water-based or oil-based paint?

Both types of paint have their own merits and demerits. It is important to understand and assess the pros and cons of each type of paint and then choose the right one. Oil-based paints tend to give a richer and glossy look while water-based paints won’t fade for a long time. They stay the same even in the sunlight. Oil-based paints are not suited for all surfaces while water base paints work well for almost all kinds of surfaces. So, you need to make the right call after the final assessment.