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The trends in the field of interior design keep changing. There was a time when wallpapers were very fashionable and everyone was moving from paint to wallpapers. The wall tiles are the new trending thing and it is now in vogue. A lot of people are opting to have different kinds of wall tile designs for their rooms.

If you too would like to have wall tile designs for your living room and even your bedroom, we are going to share several inspirations here. We believe that it is important to choose the best options to beautify your home because home is where the heart is.

1. 3D Abstract Tiles

3D abstract tiles
Source: Geo Module / Shutterstock

If you are a fan of modern art and would like to have an abstract design in your home but still want a little oomph and jazz, chose the 3D abstract wall tile designs. These designs owing to the 3D element tend to add something extra to the space. This helps you make your place a lot better and much more amazing. You will be floored by the number of designs you will find when it comes to 3D abstract tiles and so choose the colour tone as per the overall theme.

2. Beige Tiles

beige tiles
Source: Three Di Cube / Shutterstock

If you want to play it safe and you don’t want to try anything extra or flashy, you can choose the regular beige tiles. They give the wall a plain and balanced look. A lot of people choose these tiles when they want the walls to be a little subtle and simple and have other décor elements in their home. Having too many loud elements in the room tends to make the room messy. You need to have to balance neutral elements too and the beige tiles serve the exact need.

So, if your bedroom has several loud and artsy elements that scream attention, choose to opt for this beige tile as their neutral tone will drown the loud tones and offer the apt cushion. This helps in bringing out the beauty of the room.

3. Turquoise Brick Tiles

turquoise brick tile
Source: Component / Shutterstock

If you will like your wall to be a little fancy and speak its language, this is the apt design to choose. This wall tile design element is laden with artsy touch and it is a great way to make a statement. If you have a dedicated girls’ room or an art corner in your home, you can choose this style there. You can also incorporate it in the master bedroom provided the theme should blend well. Have some elements in the same colour tone to make sure that the wall tiles look to be an integral part of the room.

4. Black And White Tiles

black and white tiles
Source: SS Pixels / Shutterstock

This is another perennial favourite. We know that the contrast of black and white always works wonders. So, if you will like to be sure that you are opting for something that is tried and tested, you can of for this geometrical design. Ideally, these tiles are suited for the living room as the big blocks look good there. We will suggest avoiding it in the bedroom as it may look a little misfit.

Make sure not to have the same wall tiles as the overlapping pattern on the floor and the walls are not likely to create a good impression. The smarter thing to do is to ensure that the floor tiles and the wall tiles are vastly different.

5. 3D Flower Tiles

3D flower
Source: Bavaria design / Shutterstock

Floral is one design that will never go out of fashion. This is why you should choose 3D floral wall tile designs if you are not looking to experiment much and would still want something designer for your place. This style is apt for living rooms as it goes with the flow of the halls. Don’t go for too ornate a design as the walls may end up looking clumsy. Designs like these are simple and their 3D art is enough to get people talking. These are currently one of the top hot-selling wall tile designs.

6. Brick Tiles

brick tiles
Source: Tip Top Photo / Shutterstock

The traditional Indian houses had bricks and sometimes people didn’t even paint their homes. So, if you want that vintage sort of feel and even if you have the brick theme in your home, you can choose these 3D brick tiles. Once again, it is the living room that seems to be the apt choice for this design of wall tiles. They seem to protrude from the walls and will draw the attention of the guests. The overall design is pretty cool and it will add to the look of your place. This design can come in different colours but we will suggest you opt for this shade as it is neutral and not too fancy or loud.

7. Brown Tiles

brown tile
Source: Cup of couple / Pexels

The good thing about brown tiles is that they look plain but sophisticated. It is a simple style of tile that does its work and is a good choice. You can opt for this style if you don’t want a lot of fuss and will like to keep things simple and minimal. The colour is neutral and will blend well with several other elements. You can choose this tile even in your bedroom as it will bring out the other hues well too.

8. The Sea Green Tiles

sea green tiles
Source: Max Vakhtbovych / Pexels

The sea green colour seems to be the colour of the season. This style is trending at the moment and it is sure to bring you tons of compliments. You can choose this geometrical pattern or you can also opt for other styles. Make sure that the colour doesn’t look like a misfit and it goes well with the overall theme of your room and the house. This design is well suited for the bedroom and even the kids’ room as well. The vibrancy is sure to work well.

So, these are some of the different designs that you can explore. Make sure to choose the right style that will make your home every bit as beautiful as you want it to be.