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While seeing building our own house or buying it feels like heaven on earth. Hence heaven must look as perfect and beautiful as it is in its interior and exterior. Choosing the home decor of the house is problematic.

Because it is all about impression, stunning look, maintenance, and budget-friendly. The webpage will give you 15 Excellent Wall Tiles Design Ideas for Outside House, which gives your house a well-managed impression in a society or area.

wall tiles design
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Wall Tiles Design

These 15 Excellent Wall Tiles Design Ideas for Outside House will be beneficial for you if you are new to building your house or in case you are renovating it. Especially choosing the tiles that feel like a burden will get reduced when you go through this post. The tiles on the webpage have value for money and are trendy.

Overall you will get a deep and excellent knowledge of designing exterior with tiles. You will also get an idea about some types of tiles we can put on the wall, their significance, and generosity. Hence let us start exploring it.

Fascinating Tiles Ideas for Outside House 

1. Italian Ceramic Pattern 

italian ceramic pattern
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The first and foremost tile idea has a beautiful pattern and is also a trendy one. These tiles give the house a brightly beautiful and colorful look. Talking about the beauty of the way is best of all. The artisans have done a great sequencing and ordering of the designs. 

The pattern combines aesthetic, floral, traditional, and attractive. Yet having these specifications, the tile is not expensive. The market price is average and does not seems to touch the sky with its price. The maintenance of these tiles is also not very high but is average once a year. Also, installing these tiles does not demand to be very cost-effective. 

2. Diamond Pattern Tiles

diamond pattern tiles
Source – Image by Speedy McVroom from Pixabay

Next comes the diamond pattern tiles, one of the most famous and fascinating designs among tiles. The design of the tile is Diamond shaped, which has one color and different shades of the same. The tiles have different shades, and the design has different colors also. These different color sets have a unique and astonishing design. 

There are numerous representatives of the combinations of colors, and you can pick according to your preference and suitability. Besides its beauty, it is cost-effective and does not require high maintenance. You can give a trial to the Diamond pattern tiles due to their extraordinarily sober and stunning glance.

3. Fish Art Pattern Tiles

fish art pattern tiles
Source – Image by GLady from Pixabay

The following comes with a unique and beautiful patterned tile. The tiles have Fish art on them having many colors. The art shows the traditional and beautiful patterns used in the old times. The tile is beautifully named Mosaic Fish Tile. The rich and Royal queens love to implement on the walls of their forts.

The artisans have done beautiful artwork on the tiles that anyone can get impressed with. When you install these tiles on the outside house walls, your impression will define the love for traditionally made things. Also, these tiles are averagely priced in the market, following many old, unique, and traditional patterns.

4. Green Ceramic Pattern Tiles 

green ceramic pattern tiles
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The next on the list is Green Ceramic Pattern Tiles. This tile pattern has one unique thing a single color having different shades on it. It has small-square designs and gives a bright glance at the outside house. The tiles have a lively and elegant look and show your modernity while being selectors of colors.

In terms of Green shades, we can conclude that it gives a forestry look which is another unique thing about this tile. It is budget-friendly, and you can go with this pattern if you are suggested to renovate your house from the outside.

5. Onyx Marble Texture Tiles

onyx marble texture tiles
Source – ELON TEXTURE / Shutterstock

The next suggestion by the webpage is Onyx Marble Texture Tiles. It is a simple, sober, and beautifully designed pattern. The effect of the white shades with sky blue and yellowish gives it a solemn glance. The design does not require high cost-effective installation. 

The impression of your house on others will be vibrant and royal and seems simple and authentic. It would help if you gave it a trial to point out your aesthetic and modern thoughts.

6. Ceramic Skyblue Pattern Tiles

ceramic skyblue pattern tiles
Source – Iyoze / Shutterstock

The following pattern is of Skyblue color having small square designs. The bright aqua shades give it a pinch of exquisite taste and are widespread and trendy in Indian houses. You must try it because it has an average cost and offers a beautiful and elegant glance at your home from the outside.

7. Neutral Dutch Closeup Vintage Design Tiles

neutral dutch closeup vintage design tiles
Source – Pattern Fabricator / Shutterstock

If you love the home decor related to Vintage, this would be the best for your choice. The shades of white and grey hit an exquisite and generous way. It consists of designs that offer the making with cement. It offers a stunning and astonishing sober glance at your house. Again comes with an average cost in the market and demands low maintenance if you belong to a medium-budget family.

8. Grand Emerald Designed Tiles

grand emerald design tiles
Source – Image by 41330 from Pixabay

The next suggestion by the webpage is Grand Emerald Designed Tiles. These are the best tiles to install on the outside wall of the house. As the pictures show, the floral 3d art on the tiles gives a prosperous and unique defined artwork. This design can quickly get your guest’s attention and make your impression classy and fabulous.

Its market price is more than the average budget but can be proved to be very budget friendly if you love home decor and do not hesitate to invest in the decoration of the house. Especially an Indian family will love it due to its floral-designed beauty.

9. Honeycomb Shaped Tiles

honeycomb design tiles
Source – benji_xuan / Shutterstock

As the name hints at the tile, it is Honeycomb-shaped tiles that we will discuss at this point. It will be the best choice if you love to invest money in home decor. It will give a beautiful glance to your house. The grey with bright white offers a modern and aesthetic look and shows your prosperous side.

The picture suggests for white and grey combination, but you can choose according to your choice. If you are planning to buy a house that has been installed with Honeycomb-shaped tiles, you are good to go with the investment in home decor.

10. Mosaic Golden Line Pattern Tiles

mosaic golden line pattern tiles
Source – alerwi39 / Shutterstock

These are the highest supreme, classic, elegant patterns among 15 Excellent Tiles Design Ideas for Outside House walls. The Mosaic Golden Line Pattern gives your house a royal and generous glance which can improve your image in the society or area. 

These types of tiles are professionally recommended and known as masterpieces. One of the advantages of using Mosaic Golden Line pattern tiles is that the golden lines suit every color of the tiles; hence, you can select any color shade with it. These are budget-friendly and need low maintenance with installation as well.

11. Vintage Framed Vector Ceramic Tiles

These tiles are framed with a Ceramic-designed pattern. The pattern can be multi-colored, more upgraded, and beautifully designed. These tiles are the representation of traditional tiles of old times. These frames can be of different patterns. And you can get them designed with floral design, animal artwork, sober colored patterns, etc.

If you want to decorate the outside wall of the house and be able to daily dusting, then you can refer to these framed tiles having bright white textures in between the tiles. Also, these are good to go due to their average cost and bright glance.

12. Beautiful Vector Framework Tiles

These tiles have the same framework as above mentioned tiles. The only difference is that this tile has square pattern work on the borders. The collection of these small square box works gives it a different look and offers an elegant look to the house. 

These tiles are also a cost-effective and better investment in home decor. The prosperity and dignity of the artwork on the tiles make your impression better on others. Because when someone praises your new or newly renovated house, you will feel like heaven on earth with massive enthusiasm. Therefore, you must choose the tile’s color and choice accordingly.

13. Millennial Pink Pale Mermaid Pattern Tiles

millennial pink pale mermaid pattern tiles
Source – Crazy Lady / Shutterstock

The following tiles have cute and beautiful gestures. Millennial Pink Mermaid tiles have small patterns of mermaids on them. But having light color tiles requires dusting daily—one’s needs to maintain its beauty by doing so.

The installation of these tiles does not require a high cost, and it shows the simplicity and love for the beauty of nature. The sober texture of the tiles gives a stunning and astonishing look to the house’s exterior. The house owners that love nature beauty can invest in these simple, sober and beautiful.

14. Golden Lines Pattern Tiles

Now comes the most astonishing and superior color shade, Golden Color. Imaging Golden color on the outside wall of the house will give a prosperous and bright, lively vibe to the entire house. Also, you can get attention and make the best impression in society. The Golden textured tile’s generosity is touching Sky and will give you immense happiness when your house looks stunning.

The cost of Golden Lines Pattern tiles in the market is mediumly averaged. It also demands maintenance atleast once a month. One needs to take care of it and maintain its beauty and shine, which is the tile’s most attractive part.

15. Nature Golden-Green Tiles

nature golden green tiles
Source – Parinya / Shutterstock

The following are the Nature Golden Green tiles in the list. It has a fantastic shade on all types of tiles outside the wall. The stunning look of these tiles attracts nature to love you. Also, it is easy to maintain and does not require high-value maintenance. The tile cost is not so high but has an average value. 

It attracts spiritual vibes from the environment. It is highly prosperous because of its shades, Golden has a great value, and Green is attracted to positive vibes from nature. These tiles are the must-try ones among many types of tiles.


The webpage gives you the knowledge of numerous types of tiles. If you are building your house or renovating it, these ideas will be beneficial in this journey. The love for home decor is not a sufficient lifetime, but investing in good things for the home that can keep a long-term service offers immense internal happiness.

The above 15 Excellent Wall Tiles Design Ideas for Outside House will help you choose the best for your home. Hoping best for the future and decorating a home is a never-ending process, so one must keep investing for the long term. Also, you must see the things beneficial for your impression and upbringing.

Also, installing tiles increases the rates of one’s house in the future. So this can be an advantage for the people if you sell the house after a few years. Hence choose accordingly that can increase your value and your house’s value in home decor.