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If you are planning to wallpaper your bedroom, you will find that there are numerous wallpaper designs to choose from. To make your bedroom look aesthetically pleasing, you should choose a wallpaper design that matches the overall color scheme of your room.

To achieve this, you should select wallpaper that blends in seamlessly with the room. Alternatively, you can choose contrasting colors for a bold and statement interior design. Here are some tips to choose the best wallpaper for your bedroom.

1. 3D effect wallpaper

If you’re looking for a fresh look for your bedroom, consider the use of 3D effect wallpaper. These patterns add a subtle accent to the room and create a visual illusion that continues into the next room.

You can also use them as accent walls or chair rails, and they pair well with paintable beadboard wallpaper. And if you’re worried that your room won’t have enough space for a 3D design, you can always opt for a single rose pattern.

These wallpapers have a smooth application process that conceals flaws. If you install them in children’s rooms, you don’t have to worry about any crinkles or bubbles, as they won’t flutter and won’t interfere with the child’s sleep.

The 3D wallpapers are durable and can last for many years. But you should always consider how well the adhesive holds the 3D wallpaper to the wall, since wet pipes may weaken its adhesive.

For those who prefer something more neutral, you can try the 3D Geometries Wallpaper. This design uses triangles to create an illusion of depth. It doesn’t “pop off” the wall like the previous one, but it still offers an illusion of depth.

This wallpaper is available in 10 colors and comes with a free pattern that you can use as inspiration for your bedroom. You can also choose a wallpaper pattern that features flowers or a landscape.

6 Best Wallpaper Designs For Your Bedroom
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2. Textured wallpaper

Whether you want a classic look or a contemporary edge, textured wallpaper designs for the bedroom can help you achieve the look you want. You can make your room look elegant and classic with these designs, or create a relaxing retreat with a busy pattern.

There are so many designs to choose from, and there are many ways to layer patterns for an even more visually pleasing scheme. If you want to add a pop of color, try combining different patterns on one wall with a plainer pattern on another.

Floral wallpapers are a classic way to bring nature inside. These designs wrap the walls in nature, using a number of colors to make the room look more cohesive. If you want to echo a key color from the wallpaper, choose a design that incorporates several different colors.

This way, you can add a pop of color to a room without overpowering it. Alternatively, you can choose a wallpaper design that echoes a single color.

If you’re a global traveler, go for a tropical theme. A vibrant red leaf-print wallpaper from A-Street Prints gives your twins’ room a tropical feel. This pattern also adds depth to the space. A powder-soft velvet chaise is a perfect companion to an etched backdrop.

A dark upholstery can also play well with the feature wallpaper. Choosing a tropical style for your bedroom is sure to make your room feel more comfortable and relaxing.

textured wallpaper
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3. Striped wallpaper

Decorating a small room can be tricky, but stripe wallpaper is a great choice for small rooms. By using vertical patterning, stripe wallpaper creates the illusion of higher walls. Striped wallpaper also looks great in small rooms and is highly versatile.

It’s an excellent choice for any room, but it’s especially nice in a bedroom, as stripes are a versatile choice that also offers practical benefits. Here are some tips to use stripe wallpaper in a small room:

You can find a wide variety of striped wallpapers online. You can choose from vertical floral patterns and horizontal stripes. For a funky, non-traditional look, choose striped wallpaper with a pattern that has multiple shades of grey.

It’s a great choice for kids’ rooms too. The best part is that striped wallpaper doesn’t have to be boring – you can choose to use it as a feature wall in your bedroom, too!

Striped wallpapers are also popular in living rooms. They add a unique, modern look to any room. You can match the rainbow-hued wallpaper with dark furniture to highlight glowing details.

Another option is double-slate striped wallpaper, which combines different shades of grey and metallic highlights. These shades are ideal for white bedroom decor. You can also find striped wallpaper in a neutral color.

striped wallpaper
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4. Brick bedroom wallpaper

Brick bedroom wallpaper can be a great way to add visual interest to any room. It can give a room a rustic feel but also add a touch of modern flair. There are a number of different brick wallpaper designs, each with slight differences from one other.

Some of these bedroom wallpaper is whitewashed and have an organic look. Whitewashed brick bedroom wallpaper looks great in a bedroom because the color and texture of the bricks will fade slightly over time.

Another way to get the look of brick walls without having to make structural changes is to use stencils. Although the results will not be as authentic as real bricks, stencils are great if you want a particular design.

Brick wallpaper is also a good option if you can’t make structural changes to the room and don’t want to spend money on renovation. You can purchase brick wallpapers from a variety of sources, including the Internet.

If you’d rather make your room look more modern, you can purchase brick wallpaper that mimics the texture and color of bricks. If you’d prefer a more rustic look, you can buy silver brick wallpaper with a three-dimensional effect.

Silver brick wallpaper has a simple appearance but can add a rustic industrial feel. This type of wallpaper is easy to install and can be applied in a bedroom, while other bricks are more delicate.

brick wallpaper
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5. Retro-inspired bedroom wallpaper

Retro-inspired wallpaper is the perfect way to add some nostalgia to your bedroom or living room. With its simple, geometric patterns, retro-inspired wallpaper is a great way to add character and color to any room.

This style has a classic aesthetic that’s not too dated and will enhance any room. It’s also an affordable way to change up your room’s style. Here are some great options:

Vintage floral mural bedroom wallpaper is an easy way to bring retro style into a bedroom. This wallpaper design features a repeating pattern and can easily be placed anywhere. It looks great with old books and leather furniture.

Floral mural bedroom wallpaper is a great choice for a bedroom, as it evokes the feel of vintage decor. You can even find modern wallpaper in floral patterns and pastel colors for a modern look. This style works well with neutral-colored furniture and will create a cozy feel.

A vintage wallpaper design can add a modern touch to any room. For a bedroom, subtle stripes add visual interest. Designed by Jessica Davis, this twin bedroom features a wallpaper pattern featuring red leaves from A-Street Prints.

A similar wallpaper design could be used for a child’s bunk room. In this East Hampton bunk room, Celerie Kemble used map-patterned bedroom wallpaper by Ralph Lauren Home.

6. Art Deco bedroom wallpaper

If you’re looking for a dramatic design to update your bedroom, consider using Art Deco wallpaper. Inspired by the era of The Great Gatsby, these wallpaper designs can add an air of opulence to any room.

They combine the look of classic decor with the sophistication of modern design, creating an elegant theme. You can mix and match colors and patterns to create a vintage or modern look. This amazing wallpaper design for the bedroom is great for any style of the room and will be the center of attention in any room.

Choose wallpapers in rich, intense, and exotic to give your bedroom an artistic feel. The contrasting colors of Art Deco patterns can be overwhelming, but you can find some that are subtle and calming at the same time.

Many designers use gold as a backdrop, framing the design. Black and gold are also popular color combinations for this style. Art Deco patterns and colors have become synonymous with exotic design, bold color combinations, and technical achievements.

art deco
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The Art Deco movement was a trend that began in France during the 1920s and later became widespread in the United States. Its bold colors, geometric designs, and rich metallic looks made it a popular decorating style for homes and offices throughout the 1920s and into the 1940s.

It’s important to note that the movement was not a result of any political or social change, but was instead an artistic response to the needs of the era.