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Wardrobe designs matter a lot while planning storage options in any bedroom. Indian bedrooms are typically smaller compared to bedroom designs in most other countries and you do not get many storage options. Relying upon the wardrobe for storing and organising stuff is what you have to do. 

If you are getting your bedroom redone, or want to change your wardrobe for a better and modern touch, we have got the best wardrobe cupboard design for Indian bedroom. 

1. Slide In Style

sliding door
Source: Max Vakhtbovych / pexels

When you have space constraints in your bedroom, swing doors only add to the problem. Opt for sliding doors that not only look stylish but also help in saving space. You do not need any additional space to open the wardrobe as the sliding door slides open in its place. 

2. Creating Additional Space As Lofts

Source: Max Vakhtbovych / pexels

You can easily extend your wardrobe to the full height of the room by adding lofts. This will add to the storage space and also give your room height a nice perception. Lofts can be used for storing stuff that you don’t require on daily basis.

3. Utilising Niches

wardrobe cupboard design for Indian bedroom niches
Source: Victoria Borodinova / pexels

Sometimes rooms have niches that can be used to create small but useful storage options. If you have any such niches in your room try and get a wardrobe designed in that corner and give your room a fancy makeover.

4. Transparent Shutters

frosted shutters
Source: Max Vakhtbovych / pexels

Very much in rage these days, transparent shutters look very classy and add to the visual appeal of the room. You need not opt for see-through shutters but the frosted ones would work great. 

5. Magical With Mirrors

Source: Max Vakhtbovych / pexels

When you want to make your room look bigger, you can go for mirrored shutters. They too look very classy and serve a dual purpose as mirrors on the wardrobe shutter also help you in dressing up and you do not need to have an additional dresser in the room.

6. Display Wardrobe

wardrobe cupboard design for Indian bedroom display
Source: Anastasia Shuraeva / pexels

If you have a chic and cool collection that is worthy of displaying, you can go for an open wardrobe wherein all your stuff is displayed in style. Well, that’s not the reason to opt for an open wardrobe. This wardrobe design helps when the width of the room is pretty small and you get a corner to design and set up the wardrobe.

7. The Headboard Space

Eat up the headboard space smartly and design wardrobes on either side of the headboard by extending your side table upwards. This will give you additional storage space and you can also use this area for accessorising your room with decor and art pieces.

8. Full Height Wardrobes

full height wardrobe
Source: Max Vakhtbovych / pexels

For a clean minimalist look, you should go for full-height wardrobes. This wardrobe will make your room height look more than what it is. 

You can go for any of these wardrobe cupboard design for Indian bedroom that would suit your room type and size. These are all perfect for small-sized bedrooms and would add to the beauty of the room.


1. What is the Vastu compliant direction for wardrobe in a bedroom?

As per Vastu, you should have your wardrobe in the Southwest direction of the room. The Northwest wall is the second best option.

2. Are sliding shutters easy to maintain?

Yes, you can easily maintain the sliding shutters if you keep the channel clean from dust. 

3. Which wood should you use for wardrobes?

There are a variety of options available in the market these days but till date plywood is the finest option for a wardrobe. The shelf life, durability and other factors make it the best choice.