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The government of Andhra Pradesh launched the Webland system, which gives customers access to land records through an online portal. This helps stop fake land records by giving the public access to a signed, centralized land records database.

The AP government’s MeeBhoomi mission is backed by the Webland system and helps users view details about their lands through an online portal. 

It would help if you remembered that Bhu Naksha and Webland AP are entirely different. To get a detailed guide on BhuNaksha AP, check out this article.

Land plots in web portal
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How can you log into the Webland portal?

You must follow these simple steps below to access the Webland portal. 

  • You must visit the official web land portal from here to initiate the login process.
  • Enter your district name and login credentials, and click on login to continue.
  • After you enter the website, you can see several services available on the web land portal: Master directories, administration, mutations, land holdings, and report/ checklist.

What types of services are available on the Webland portal?

The Andhra Pradesh government’s web-based land portal offers services related to pahanis, pattadar, land records, and passbooks. The current software for registering property doesn’t let new users sign up unless the information in the Webland system matches the information on the application form.

In addition, the new web land system matches the digitally signed signatures for every sub-division number of a selected khata. Any request on the software will not process without the digital signatures. 

You can also use a web-based online application for seeding Aadhar to the Khata numbers in the Webland database. Khata is a revenue document that includes information about the property, like location, size, built-up area, etc. 

Districts that Webland AP covers

The primary purpose of the Webland AP portal (Webland ap gov in) is to enable online access to land records and associated services, including land mutation. The Webland AP portal serves the following districts:

  1. Srikakulam
  2. Vizianagaram
  3. Visakhapatnam
  4. East Godavari
  5. West Godavari
  6. Krishna-Krishna
  7. Guntur-Guntur
  8. Prakasam-Prakasam
  9. Sripotti Sriramulu
  10. Nellore-SPSR
  11. Nellore Chittoor-Chittoor
  12. YSR Anantapur
  13. Kurnool-Kurnool
  14. Parvathipuram Manyam – Parvathipuram Manyam
  15. Alluri Sitarama Raju – Alluri Sitarama Raju
  16. Anakapalli-Anakapalle Kakinada
  17. Dr. BR Ambedkar Konaseema
  18. Eluru – Eluru
  19. NTR
  20. Baptla
  21. Palnadu
  22. Tirupati
  23. Annamaya
  24. Sri Satya Sai
  25. Nandyala

Advantages of the Webland portal

While the Andhra Pradesh government has launched the Webland online system for tracking the records of the lands, you can enjoy several benefits. Here are some mentioned below: 

  • The system allows the government to utilize the technology for marking the land for the respective owners. It will also help to address the issue related to land distribution across the state.
  • Since the government constantly updates the data regarding the land, users can avail latest land-related details through the portal. To get an idea of the land rates in AP, check this out.
  • The Weblandsystem of the Andhra Pradesh government allows the Revenue department to verify the details regarding the actual property documents submitted during the property registration. As a result, this helps to keep track of all the fake transactions or registrations against the lands. 
  • The government’s online facility enables the farmers to have vast plots of land by helping them distinguish their land from other farmers. 
  • The respective states’ banks can access the online revenue records. It will also allow the banks to verify the accuracy and precision of the land records before providing any loan to the farmers. 

How to download the land distribution report from the Webland portal?

Follow the straightforward steps to download the land distribution report

  • Firstly, you need to visit the Webland portal and access it by entering your username and password
  • You must enter details like phase name, village, district, Mandal name, and survey number
  • Press on the generate option to view the details and download your report

How can you avail of the Pattadar passbook in the Webland portal of Andhra Pradesh?

Users must visit the MeeBhoomi application and apply through their Aadhar and account numbers. Then, enter the required details like district, zone name, village name, Aadhar number, and the captcha code. Then, click on the checkbox and proceed to continue. Also, users can open the Meeseva portal and access the application form. First, however, they need to submit some mandatory required documents like:

  • Tax Receipts
  • Old land passbook
  • Latest passport-size photo
  • Registered documents
  • Scanned copy of FIR
  • NOC from the bank


This comprehensive application launched by the Andhra Pradesh government has made it simpler for landowners to view their land details. Also, it benefits the farmers because they can access their entire plot. The web land portal will help farmers distinguish their property from others.

Besides, this portal also provides an option for seeding Aadhar numbers. The ultimate goal of launching the Andhra Pradesh web land portal is to cut off fake landholdings. Currently, the government of Andhra Pradesh is controlling the complete mutation procedure.