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There are several door design options that you will come across. Whenever you are designing your home, it is absolutely important to be sure that you are paying heed to every single specific. So, here we are going to focus on wood carving door designs that will truly spell beauty in your home.

If you are a fan of wooden doors that have always been an evergreen choice, here are some of the designs that you are sure to fall in love with. Make sure to peruse through them and you can then decide as to which one seems to be the befitting choice that you need to opt for.

1. Antique Wood Carving Door Designs

antique carving
Source: Margot VH / Shutterstock

If you want to have the kind of door that speaks of magnificence and eloquence and will become the talk of the town, these are the grand wooden door designs you need to keep an eye on. These designs are perfect in every sense of the word and the golden work and the intricate detailing make them truly stand out. The gate is very heavy and makes sure not to have any other elements in it as this will take away the sheen from it. You can get lighter work done if you don’t want such a heavy door at the entrance.

2. Beaded Carving

beaded carving
Source: RotciVM  / Pexels

This door has circular beads all over the door. The scattered objects on the door are all symmetrical and they have an even distribution which makes this door very appealing. This one too has a royal look and it seems grand. It is also very sturdy and thereby offers great protection. You can choose any other colour if you want as a darker tone sometimes doesn’t suit everyone.

So, there is scope for fiddling with the colour schemes but the overall appeal of this design is spot on. You can choose the material of the beads and feel free to change their size or even juxtaposition.

3. The Greek Style Carving

greek style carving
Source: Egor Kunovsky / Pexels

This door is very English in taste. The door comes with in-depth detailing and the knobs and edges are all very sophisticated. The centrepiece is very Greek in style and the perfection of the piece is something that will bring you the best compliments throughout. We believe that this colour combination is the best that you can ask for. Those who are looking for more details, can add more inscriptions and carvings to the door and thereby add to the magic and appeal.

4. Intricate Wooden Carving Door

intricate wooden carving door
Source: Enric Cruz Lopez / Pexels

If you want your door to make a statement and that too of the grand kind, this is the design to opt for. There are a lot of elements that are a part of this door and you too can choose to integrate all of them. The underlining element has to be the smooth juxtaposition of colours and how the gold and black and the wooden all seem to bring out the best in each other.

5. The Minimal Wood Carving Door Designs

minimal wooden carving style
Source: Emrah Ayvali / Pexels

If you are not looking for anything loud or extra and want the door to have minimal carvings, choose this design. The carvings are merely on the exterior structure itself and there is nothing ornate and jazzy about it. These are simple door designs for those who don’t want it to be too loud. A lot of people choose such designs when they choose heavier elements inside the home. Having everything loud ends up creating a ruckus. If the rest of your décor is very heavy, you should keep the doors minimal for the right effects.

6. The Royal Design

royal design
Source: Pixabay / Pexels

If you want royal doors and statement-style designs, this one seems to be an apt choice. The carving is exquisitely beautiful and every onlooker is sure to stand and gaze and marvel at the beauty of this amazing piece. The symmetry cannot be missed and the overall décor is very pleasant on the eyes as well. You can choose to lessen the carving if you don’t want such a heavy design.

7. Symmetrical Carving

symmetrical carving
Source: omerodaman / Pexels

This door has a beautiful sunflower carving and it is done symmetrically in the double door design. The carving is very detailed and you will surely be impressed by the overall vibe. The whole door has a slight vintage touch to it and it will surely look good in traditional homes as well.

You can choose different colour tones as the design is likely to look perfect even with contrasting colour tones of the carving and the base wood. So, feel free to play with the colour options and choose what seems to fit your taste and preference.

8. Wood Carving Door Designs Style

wooden carving
Source: Jorn Pilon / Shutterstock

If you want the carving to be visible on the door and be very explicitly beautiful, this is one style you can keep an eye on. The Batali work as it is also called is known for its craftsmanship. A lot of effort, skill, and talent goes into the making of such fine carvings on the door and it is sure to appeal to one and all.

9. Wooden Design White

wooden design
Source: wooden design / Pexels

This floral concentric circle pattern on the white wooden door speaks royally of the majestic design. There is no denying the fact that it is unique and different, perhaps more so because of the colour. Also, the door despite great detailed carvings can be categorized as minimal because apart from the circular carving, the rest of the door is plain and simple. It is great for those who want their doors to be minimal yet with a good amount of detailing as well.

So, these are some of the wooden carving design ideas that you can choose from. Of course, the sky is the limit when it comes to design and you can explore and pick what seems to be the right choice for you.

If you liked any of the above designs, you can implement them. Ideally, all these designs are suited for the main entrance of your home and they will make the entrance very appealing.

Wooden door frames have always been a perennial favourite even with interior designers. While fashion and trends keep changing, somehow wooden doors have managed to keep their hold strong even today. Of course, you can integrate other elements to the wooden door too for the sake of additional effect and charm.

Explore the details and find the right choice. Remember, when it comes to your home, there should be no compromise whatsoever.

Let us know which design was your favourite.