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The type of door design that you will choose assumes a gargantuan role because it evokes the right picture of the place. The world of wooden jali door designs is endless as you will be surprised by the kind of variety that you will find.

Wooden jali door designs are trending at the moment and a lot of people choose to opt for these because they are minimal, and impressive at the same time. We are going to talk about the best wooden jali door design ideas so that you will be able to make the right choice.

First, let us start with the basics.

Why Should You Choose A Wooden Jali Door?

There are a lot of reasons why you should choose a wooden jali door. Here are some of them.

  • It offers the right protection. Some of the jali door designs are made with on rods or strong grills. So, this will give you the best safety you can ask for
  • They are made using different types of materials, so you are never going to run out of options. You will find them in abundance.
  • These doors have a style element of their own. There is no denying the fact that these doors end up looking aesthetically pleasing and can help you put forth the right impression.

So, now that you know why wooden jali door designs are such a rage, we are going to give you some ideas to pick inspiration from. Feel free to explore the options and then choose what you deem fit.

1. Brown Wooden Door

brown wooden door
Source:  Esranur Kalay / Pexel

This one is very appealing and offers great safety. The white grill complements the wooden finish in the right way and you can see the styling is very traditional. This is one of the best designs to make sure that you can stay connected to the roots. If you are designing sort of a vintage home, this design might be a very good choice to opt for. Make sure to use the right quality of materials for the grill to make sure the safety measure stays intact.

2. Green Door

green door
Source: Aleks Marinkovic / Pexels

Green is the colour of the season and no matter what you are exploring, you will find there are ample green coloured choices. From décor elements to apparel, stool and a whole lot more; green is the imprinted choice. This is why if you want a fancy and sturdy door for your home, you can choose this green-coloured wooden jali door. The best thing is the way the plants camouflage into the design and give you a dreamy look.

3. Intricate Wooden Jali

intricate wooden jali
Source: Anna Bogush / Shutterstock

The good thing about this design is how the jali has an intricate wooden design. The overall theme and style are spot on. This door comes with the right element and the style of the grill is traditional in every sense of the word. This design is also better suited for vintage look homes. We feel that there is a lot of scope for improvisation in these models based on the theme of your home.

4. Mirror Wooden Jali

mirror wooden jali
Source: Aleks Kend / Shutterstock

This is an excellent design for modern-day homes. The presence of a mirror in the wooden door adds to the overall aesthetic charm and lifts the ambience of the whole place. Look at the details of the carvings and the jali is simply put in place. Your home will evoke the right royal charm with this design.

5. The Stylish Wooden Jali

stylish wooden jali
Source: rotekirsche 20 / Pexels

There is no way you cannot fall in love with this design. The colour pop of the wall and the two-style design of the door adds to the oomph of the place. It looks like one of these quirky designs that blend both the old and the new. The detailing is unmatched and it is great for both youngsters and older ones. This is a great entrance door design for family homes too.

6. Designer Door

designer door
Source:  Vita Pakhai / Shutterstock

This is another great double-door design. Look at the symmetry in both the door. The charm it exudes is spot on. You will be impressed by the jali design and the handles too can’t be missed. The door is very sturdy and thereby offers the right protection and keeps things in place. We love the style and charm of this door. You can toy with the colour combination if you so wish.

7. Wooden Door Designer Style

wooden door designer
Source: A- Photographyy / Shutterstock

If you want a wooden jali door design that is super trendy and modern, this is the perfect choice to opt for. Make sure to keep an eye out for this amazingly stylish golden jali design. Look at the intricate floral pattern and how it manages to stand out. We believe that his door is sure to impress others.

8. The Wooden Grill Styles

wooden grill
Source: Vita Pakhai / Shutterstock

This one has a dual layer. The grill isn’t set inside the door but rather outside it. The overall door is minimal in its approach and the grill adds a layer of protection. This is the best safety that you can get from a door as the additional grill at the entrance ensures that it will be hard for anyone to break in.

9. Wooden Jali Design

wooden jali design
Source: Sergii Petruk / Shutterstock

This is a royally grand door that makes quite a statement. The overall grills along with the design make it truly stands out from the crowd. The checkered squares give oomph to it and the door will remind you of royal palaces and more. Surely, this is one design you can’t keep your eyes off.

10. Wooden Symmetrical Design

wooden symmmetrical design
Source: rotekirsche 20 / Pexels

This door is perfect in every sense. The different colourful elements blend well into each other and help you get the right design. The jali has a stylish pattern and is present only in the upper half. The door is simple and elegant at the same time.

Which was your favourite door design?