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Did you know entrance doors play an important role in enhancing the beauty of a space?

Were you also thinking of revamping the glance of a particular space? If yes, why choose something mundane when you can get something unique, antique and exquisite?

This blog is a collection of wooden door design ideas to help you rebuild or beautify an entrance. May it be a room, the home entrance or the office. Choose one of these latest wooden jali double door designs for an extra edge.

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14 Wooden Jali Double Door Designs

1. Floral Design Double Wooden Door

Floral Design Double Wooden Door
Source: Thai Breeze / Shutterstock

The floral wooden jali double door is one of the most ancient forms of wood-carved doors. Modern-day floral design wooden doors, however, don’t use hand-carvings. Yet, they are elegant looking, for they display meticulous floral jali artwork on their surface.

The floral-designed wooden double doors have a two-way opening. Because these doors are heavy and strong, they are best suited for lavish antique-styled homes. These floral design double wooden doors usually are painted light golden. This adds a beautiful coppery look to the entrance of your home.

2. Golden-frame Wooden Jali Double Door

Golden-frame Door
Source: Paper Street Design / Shutterstock

These door designs get inspiration from ancient culture.

The frames are uniform, painted, or carved at the borders and the centre. If you wish to make your home and its entrance really unique, antique and out of the box, these doors are probably for you. These door designs are not very popular today, but some people choose them to symbolise history or for sheer uniqueness.

3. Single Jali Wooden Doors

Single Jali Wooden Doors
Source: Ilsur / Shutterstock

Have you always wanted the doors that help sunlight enter your home effortlessly? You must have seen the single Jali wooden doors in ancient historical palaces in India.

The Jali designs are carvings on the doors, even when closed, that can transfer light from the outside to the inside of your home. The Jali designs on these wooden doors come in various shapes, for example, honeycomb design, Mughal art design, geometrical shapes design, etc.

The single Jali wooden doors are strong and best suited for entrances of halls, puja rooms, or bedrooms.

4. Straight-Lined Jali Wooden Door

Straight Lined Door
Source: Artem Sokolov / Shutterstock

Do you live in a lavish-looking royal home that is spreading over a huge space? The entrance of your home should be as lavish as the inside of your home. It not only has to be strong but also elegant.

Straight-linked Jali Wooden doors are a perfect fit for the entrance of your royal bungalow. You can also have them at a sectional entrance of your palace-like grand house. These doors seem like dwellers of ancient history despite being gorgeous and strong.

5. Modern-day Jali Double Wooden Door

Modern-day Door
Source: GOLFX / Shutterstock

If you are someone who is not very fond of Roman-looking or antique home decor, the latest wooden Jali door double design is for you. You can customize these door designs to be as fancy or as simple-looking as you like.

These double wooden doors suit the hall entrances of spacious homes the best. They can open two ways and are strong to safeguard your house. The latest wooden Jali doors come in various sizes and designs, giving you a wide range of options to choose from.

6. Wooden Jali Door with Glass

Door with Glass
Source: AUNCHANA LEANGSAKUL / Shutterstock

Does your room have a picturesque outside view? If you wish to see nature’s charming beauty outside your room all day, right from where you sit, this door should be your choice.

The transparent Wooden Door has polished glass embedded in its design. These doors are not only good-looking but also strong. You can buy these wooden doors in varied colours. These wooden glass doors with Jali also come in nude shades to suit the ambience of your modern decor home.

These glass wooden jali doors best suit bedroom entrances, and you can build them in small to medium sizes. You can choose to replace the glass with a transparent jali.

7. Cane Weave Jali Wooden Door

Cane Weave Door
Source: Ilsur / Shutterstock

These are beautiful-looking wooden doors that give a rich look to your entrance. Best suited for villas and lavish bungalow entrances, these doors are designed like a cane artefact.

These doors are a golden means of antique and modern wooden doors. The doors are also called basket weave-designed wooden Jali doors and are usually coloured in black or black and golden. These doors can be a great fit for the entrance of tiny to medium size houses.

8. Double Wooden Door

Double Wooden Door
Source: Momentmal / Pixabay

These doors have been a sign of beauty ever since. And as you must know, they can never go out of fashion. Double doors have a two-way opening and a facility of opening from either side.

These doors are best suited for spacious homes or huge enclosed spaces like living rooms or lobbies.  The double wooden doors for a single structure come in various designs. You may choose a design depending on what suits the rest of the ambience of the surroundings.

9. Abstract Jali Design Wooden Double Door

Abstract Jali Design Wooden Double Door
Source: Luis Santos / Shutterstock

If you are a person who loves it all abstract, why should the door design be an exception? Choose an abstract Jali Design for the entrance of your glorious home and make it eye-catchy for yourself and your guests. Not only are these abstract designs rare, but they can also be magnificent.

You can actually go ahead and customize the design of your wooden double door. With many colour and design options, these doors are the best pick for almost any kind of entrance.

10. Mural Design Jali Double door

Mural Design door
Source: Krikkiat / Shutterstock

Beautiful floral mural design jali double doors could never fall apart. They shall trend forever for the beauty they possess. If you wish to make your entrance lavish and royal, this is the right choice for you.

These doors can be coloured in black and golden and even white-based or nude shades. The Jali is usually see-through and enables you to gaze at the outside world. This door installed at your home entrance instantly changes the entire entry look for the best!

11. Geometrical shape block Wooden Jali Door

Geometrical shape block Wooden Jali Door
Source: serdar_basak / Shutterstock

Geometrical-shaped Jali in wooden doors gives the entrance a very formal and modern look. You can easily find rectangular block wooden Jali door designs in formal settings.

These doors are best suited for the entrances of offices, conference rooms, meeting halls, etc. You can also have these shapes as circular/oval or square, which can be placed centrally, horizontal or vertically. You can also make abstract designs out of it if it suits the ambience.

12. Cute-looking Double Wooden Door

Cute-looking Double Door
Source: yvonnestewarthenderson / Shutterstock

Do you love matt or pastel colour shades that stand out? If you do, you must go for a modern and funky look with double wooden doors. Choose pastel colours like bright pink or blue with a circular jail at the centre, and your wooden door is all set! You are bound to build a huge fan base for your choice if you choose it for your bedroom.

These types of doors are a great pick for the children’s bedrooms, and they will love them!

13. Horizontal Strip Jali Design Door

Horizontal Strip Door
Source: Foto Cat / Shutterstock

Some designs boast their simplicity to only become more beautiful. The horizontal strip Jali design wooden doors are surprisingly simple in design. But you wouldn’t believe how amazing they look if fit in the right surrounding. If the wall design outside your house is plain or of a horizontal pattern, these doors could be the best suit.

Also, if you are looking for something formal, decent and not-too-fancy for a modern-day workspace or home, a horizontal striped Jali wooden door should be your go-to!

14. Glass Wooden Door with Grill design

Glass Wooden Door with Grill design
Source: Eatmann / Shutterstock

These types of doors are usually seen in old European movies. These doors are cumulative of the design aspects of glass, wooden double, and grill doors. It is a complete package of beauty, decor and strength.

These doors also usually have metal components for enhanced strength. You can have these doors for homes or places with an informal setting. The doors can be brightly painted as you wish.


Having a beautiful entrance to your home is something you must prioritize today. This modern and antique collection of doors will surely pave the way for you to have a perfect door choice. Choose what you have always dreamt of for your dream home, and it shall look perfect!