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A house becomes a home with people and energies that people exchange. And no residence is complete without a beautiful nameplate. Moreover, a nameplate provides an edge to a family and makes us remember them in a unique way that is personal to them.

An ideal nameplate identifies and shows an individual or household staying inside the house. There is also a factor of ornament to creatively make the first impact on your household. As it provides a unique identity to a family.

So, why not use some eye-catchy timber or wooden nameplate design to make the location more excellent and welcoming? Here are some great ideas to get inspiration from.

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23 Wooden Nameplate Design Ideas 

1. Wall Mounted Wooden Nameplate Design 

Easy to mount and handy to use – the wall-mounted nameplate can cling to a wall or on the entrance door with tacks for the anchor. You must discover the proper spot, measure, stage, and screw it to the door or the wall. Your wooden nameplate will look unique and stunning after laser engraving on it.

2. Wood Carving Design with Typography

If you want your entrance to look effortless and elegant, this nameplate is for your taste.

You simply fill the margins of an undeniable woodblock with lovely carvings. Add your identity and essential points in the centre, and your residence title plate diagram is ready. However simple, this is an extravagant wooden nameplate design.

3. Dhokra Art Wooden Nameplate Design

A wooden title plate adorned with Dhokra Art from West Bengal, handcrafted in Mango Wood, will impart your household with an Ethnic Indian touch. Dhokra art will exude the cultural values of the family. Its traditional but tuneful design makes it one of the best choices for your home. 

4. Debossed Name Plate

Debossed Nameplate
Source: ANNA ZASIMOVA / Shutterstock

Just like embossed nameplates are 3d models, debossed nameplates are stamped inside the plate. Even though the wood is forged with filth and is a recyclable material. This type of wooden plate works best with polished wood. Rest assured that they provide an everlasting classy look to a doorway. 

You can also use metal if you want to experiment with something new.

5. Stone Bordered Wooden Name Plate Design

Stone Nameplate Design
Source: Guenter M1 / Shutterstock

Stone bordered nameplates with a wooden carving are a modern approach toward intelligent styling.

Limestone or any variety of stones framed on a wooden base appears ecstatically well. Engraving your family title on it with smooth acrylic or engraving with a darkish shade will look fantastic.

You can do the contrary, too, like wooden borders on a stone base. Your colleagues will genuinely like this present-day wooden nameplate design.

6. Plaque Style Wooden Nameplate Design

Bring a relaxed feeling and exhibit your hearty greeting to your guests with this nameplate—wooden cloth with an old design. The plaque comes with an ornamental wooden polishing with a matched hemp rope.

The beautiful nameplate layout with the subtle craft will have a reputation amongst wall & door decor. We suggest taking up an exclusively digital printed carving wood and then styling it with a plaque to give it a rustic look. 

7. Brass & Wood Nameplate Design

Brass Wooden Nameplate
Source: Eky Studio / Shutterstock

Brass is a timeless material for mouldings of nameplates to hold you constantly in the game of interior.

For its vivid impact, people have used brass for lettering for ages. However, now it is also popular as the title plate format base. Brass can create a variety of symbols, patterns, and motifs. The stunning shine will complement the offbeat fashion with a wooden base.

This is one of the most preferred wooden name plate designs for homes.

8. Hand-painted Design

Hand painted Nameplate Design
Source: MabelAmber / pixabay

You can use wood in any form and measurement. Moreover, it offers pastoral and country-side contact to the house. You can also carry out your inventive aspect and create a hand-painted identification plate layout for your main gate.

9. LED Name Plate

LED Nameplate Design
Source: evablanco / freepik

Engraved wooden nameplates are famed for making household doorways appear authentic. However, the aspect that will pump up your style is making it backlit.

All you need to do is to engrave your identity, put an acrylic sheet on the back part of the wooden base nameplate and fix the LED lights on its back. Light it up and flaunt your stunning household wooden nameplate design.

10. Cinematic Inspired

Do you still obsess over “Platform 9¾” for “Hogwarts Express”? Or is “221b Baker Street” the central place for Sherlock Holmes? Or “Hold the “Door” if you are a GOT fan? Then add your personal fable world into your title plate format by getting a comparable one.

This wooden nameplate design is by far the most simple nameplate design that creates a personalized experience. 

12. Planter Wooden Nameplate Design

Planter Nameplate Design
Source: galitskaya / freepik

Planter-derived title plates combine the rustic and geographical aspects with style.

These will definitely impact your friends about your love for nature. You don’t need many elements to make your entrance seem fresh. Ensure the timber board is sturdy and adequate to preserve a small planter.

These underside wood title plate designs for domestic use are, without problems, reachable on any online shopping platform.

13. Floating Wooden Nameplate Design

Unlike the other designs, which fix on the doorway. Floating designs are the sort of wooden name plates where ropes are tied to the ceiling, and wooden carved or painted letters are hung on them. These letters make a combination and are called floating nameplates. These plates are in vogue currently. 

14. DIY Design

This is for you if you are humorous and like candid stuff. Not a challenging task. Take a wooden nameplate and paint your humour on the plate, including your identity and location. Your guests will right away be conscious of your fun-loving happy-go-lucky attitude. It is a road fashion. However, ethnic, plaque cum body variety type of nameplate.

15. Symbolic Wooden Nameplate Designs

Symbolic Nameplate Design
Source: Ancient Maharashtra / Shutterstock

Symbolic name plates work exceptionally for industrialists’ homes to make individuals aware of your interests, values or morals. 

These nameplates work in two ways. You can either put your company’s brand or relevant symbols of your enterprise and design alongside your title and address. Or you can put up a sign of your religion or karmic values that describes your interest.

This must be your go-to thought if your domestic and workplace are one.

16. Wooden outside carved Family Nameplate Design

Wooden Carved Nameplate
Source: / freepik

Say goodbye to these dated and dull identity name plate designs. Modern wooden carved identity plate designs for your gate are a must-have for every home. It goes without saying, wooden nameplates are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. 

People like to design them like carved wooden plates in a different shape than just rectangles. It can indeed be any shape that an individual desires.

These nameplate designs use high-end automatic laser slicing gear to ensure that they have suitable polish and shape for the application. The most desirable component is resistance to UV rays, water, and termites.

Alternatively, you can possibly gift it to your cherished ones as a housewarming present.

17. Nameplate Design with Acrylic Colours

Nameplate with Acrylic Colours
Source: visnezh / Freepik

If you’re looking for a beautiful household residence title plate, the residence title plates with acrylic letters are the right choice.

When coupled with acrylic letters, wood, usually MDF, offers many graph alternatives. You have unlimited options of adorning the nameplates made of wood and acrylic colours with various materials and signs and lighting them with LED lights. This stunning identification plate will make your front door appear just fine and straightforward.

18. Goddess Tree Nameplate Design

This tremendously trendy and beautiful identity plate can prove to be the best addition to your home’s entranceway.

According to Vastu, symbols of good fortunes such as Lakshmi seated on a lotus with elephants, bushes and birds such as parrots and peacocks bring prosperity. You must get this modern-day tree name plate if you are a modern yet spiritual person who appreciates a state-of-the-art environment.

This also makes for a wonderful gift to your pals and household as a housewarming gift.

19. Smiley Wooden Nameplate Design

If you’re an innovative thinker, a widespread door title plate will not suffice now. You need a one-of-a-kind nameplate for your door.

Consider ordering a title plate with acrylic lettering. Name plate designs consisting of laser-cut tree motifs, homes, complex floral patterns, surnames, and domestic numbers are popular.

These laser-cut timber plate designs look like miniature works of art. Moreover, they offer endless options when coupled with acrylic letters, wood, and mainly MDF.

20. LED Golden Tree Nameplate Design

The Golden tree–led title plate for residence is an appealing nameplate that would look great at your doorway. It is made of steel and has an LED mould inside.

The lovely layout on the title plate elevates it to an absolutely new level. You can gift this beautiful nameplate to anyone as a housewarming present on their unforgettable day.

21. Printed Acrylic Wooden Nameplate Design

These printed acrylic name plate designs are a must-have for any home. Appearing absolutely incredible on the front door, these nameplates are beautiful with incredible embellished flowers.

Plan them well and execute them with state-of-art craftsmanship to bring a blissful and state-of-the-art ecosystem to your house. This will also extend your attendees a warm welcome. 

22. Hand Painted Wooden Nameplate Design

If you are creatively inclined, you can lay out a hand-painted wood identify plate for your abode.

Uniquely designed identity plates, made with a fusion of wood, clay artwork and hand-painted designs, appear super attractive. Use a wood plank of any shape, paint it in bright shades, beautify with colourations and motifs and letter it with stencils.

23. Hanging Wooden Nameplate Design

Hanging wood name plates are typically better in measurement and have fascinating shapes, in contrast to constant identify plates. Also, striking wood placing plates are extra artistic, creative and eye-catching.

Hanging title plates cling with a string and are usually not illuminated. The benefit is that they can be a constant and eliminated quickly.

Avoid a hanging identity plate on the door as it can grow to be unfastened with the door being opened often. It is better to affix it to the wall.

Things To Think About Whilst Shopping For A Nameplate

  • When choosing a wood title plate’s size, shade and diagram reflect on consideration of the shadow of the heritage and the layout of the predominant entrance.
  • Always hold the font measurement giant if your title is small. Keep the identity plate huge and ample so that the name, surname and residence range can be written on it and can be studied from a distance.
  • There must be sufficient mild at the foremost door to allow one to examine the identified plate.
  • Depending on how a good deal house is available, it is necessary to ensure all the data required on the identify plate is legible. Do no longer use too many designs, engravings, and idols of deities to enhance the title plate.
  • If the identity plate is simply outdoor, the door, the encouraged top of letters is three inches minimum. To identify plates on the principal gate, the minimal peak of the letter ought to be around 5 inches or more.
  • Avoid unpleasant screw fixings and, instead, add hidden fixings.

Theme-based, personalized and unique wooden name plate designs are in fashion. People like to have nameplates which define their career, identity, profession, values, degrees, etc. 

A dark-shaded wooden name plate with gold lettering never runs out of fashion. Wooden nameplates with clay household miniatures or caricatures printed are also being used. Laser-cut wooden words with LED lights have been a basic trend for a long time. Also, wooden name plates with small planters are a favourable natural choice. 

Selecting A Nameplate As Per Vastu

According to Vastu, a residence must have a nameplate on the main entrance, as it attracts luck and prosperity.

The correct Vastu nameplate placement is on the main door’s left side, which is regarded as auspicious. Position it at a height equal to the gate’s upper half. It should not be directly in front of the left hanging or elevator.  

A metal name plate is advised if the door is in the north or west direction. Go for a wooden nameplate if the entrance is in the south or east.

According to Vastu, the alphabets or letters on the nameplate should not be twisted, withered or smashed as it is regarded as inauspicious. Also, keep the nameplate dust-free and clean.

Why Use Wooden Nameplates, According To Vastu? 

A nameplate shows an essence or a name to your home. As per Vastu, it brings prosperity and peace to your house. The suitable nameplate depends on the direction of your main door. 

Your nameplate must be readable and visually pleasing. For instance, a metal nameplate is a good choice if your door is in the west or north direction. But if your doorway is in the east or south orientation, a wooden name plate is recommended as per Vastu.

What Is The Most Suitable Colour For A Nameplate?

One should avoid matching colours with the alphabet or letters as they may affect readability. Dark brown or beige on the wood are the most common colors.

However, One can select a nameplate with a gold finish, a colourful floral design, and vibrant embellishments. If the plan is complex, then keep the nameplate colours simple and soothing.

Fonts To Be Used On A Wooden Nameplate As Per The Latest Trends

The fonts on a wooden nameplate can be painted, printed, carved, clay molded, wooden/acrylic or brass cut-outs.

Popular fonts for nameplates include Georgia, Garamond, and Times Roman. Strongly defined fonts, such as Futura, Helvetica, and Arial, are also popular choices. For maximum visibility, avoid tiny fonts. 


For Indians, home is additionally more than just a residence to live in. So why not design a wooden nameplate that brings better luck and optimism to our lives? Before moving to a new home, we conduct Griha Pravesh puja to protect it from negative energies and increase the flow of positivity. 

Similarly, nameplate selection should not be taken lightly. The proper nameplate selection can positively impact your life, whether you are a new homeowner or moving to a rented place. It is also proven that, according to Vastu, a nameplate signifies a family’s healthy well-being and prosperity. 

We hope the above suggestions, ideas and tips push you to make the right choice.