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A home is where you can relax and feel a special comfort you need daily. A home is not good enough without a beautiful mandir gracing it. There are several wooden pooja mandir designs for home that will not only enhance the overall look of your house but also give you a little corner to immerse yourself fully in pooja and meditation.

As per Vastu, a wooden mandir room is extremely fortunate and considered more dedicated. Most houses in India have pooja rooms, which seem to be an integral part of the house. In this article, we will discuss different wooden pooja mandir designs.

Wooden Pooja Mandir Designs

wooden pooja mandir designs
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The mandir design at your house plays an important role that no one else can provide as it deals with offering you a calm state of mind and a place where god can reside. However, a worship room deserve a better design. A Pooja mandir design is used in many houses in India that have enough space to accommodate it.

You can select simple and classic wooden pooja mandir designs for your home that will best suit your chosen area to turn into a place of worship. For anyone who likes something more classic, a Pooja room can be the grandest region in the home to carry out their devotion and celebration of faith.

In India, people value their religion and serve their God in a better way. A Pooja mandir, also known as a prayer room, can be found in every Hindu home, either big or small. This is a space (Altar) where you honor the God you believe in, spend little time of your day, and seek blessings before laying your hands on anything.

Also, spend a meaningful and memorable time with your family at different events. You do this to help keep the family happy and healthy. The Pooja mandir for home design shows how much energy and strength you put into honoring your faith and deity.

Materials Used For Wooden Pooja Mandir Designs

Wood is one of the major materials used in the construction and manufacturing industries. Its importance cannot be overemphasized as it offers numerous advantages. This wood is the best material used for making a mandir at home. You can either purchase an off-the-shelf mandir for your home or try and get a custom-made mandir that will beautify your home. Here are some different types of woods that are commonly used for building your mandir design:

  • Teak wood Mandir Design: This wood material is the best material people use for building mandir designs at home, as it is well-known by almost everyone living in India. Teakwood appears in different shades, ranging from a stylish hue to dark brown color. People use this wooden material because it’s among the strongest wood types that are long-lasting and can cope with weather conditions. These wooden Pooja Mandir Designs for home are durable and capable of beautifying your home.

Other Materials

  • Sheesham Wood Mandir Design: Sheesham wood is one of the most expensive types of wood that only upper-class people can afford easily. This wood is used for professionally building a mandir design and looks more attractive than any other wood. It is durable and strong and comes in different shades, including honey-golden hue, reddish-brown and dark brown. It will be better for you if you can just try this material for once to see how precious it is.
  • Mango Wood Mandir Design: This wood is one of the popular materials used for making different furniture in recent years. You cannot live in India without using this wood to make reasonable furniture that will beautify your home and also use it to build a wooden Pooja mandir designed for your home. This material is strong, readily available, durable, and easy to work with as it can endure harsh weather conditions.

Importance Of Pooja Room In House 

For any home, the Pooja room is a separate room where you can worship or seek the face of God. Apart from being a worship room, it’s also known as a room where you can meditate and calm your heart. However, if you’re decorating your pooja room or using a readymade Pooja room, it’s very important to take care of the Pooja mandir designs.

To make the Pooja room look great, you can try the pooja room designs in wood. This is to make the room more attractive. The Pooja room in your house will make you live a holy life. As you will see, it is an Altar that needs a clean heart. The safety of a Pooja room with a blazing lamp for hours is the most important aspect you need to consider. It is very important to pay attention to this.

Factors Affecting The Design Of Mandir 

Some people have the ability and power to separate a whole room into a Pooja room. However, choosing a room for this design could be the best option. Because you will have enough space for your prayer. You can choose among the materials listed in this article. Get them to make the room look as modest as you want. Below are factors that affect the design of the mandir:

  • Orientation: Orientation is very important in this field as you can make the wrong choice if you are not well-oriented. According to Vastu, the Pooja room worship should be placed anywhere in the room. But between the north and the east of the house. If you don’t want to make mistakes, you need to get an orientation on the best positioning of the mandir in your house.
  • Size: If you’re not in your own house and want to make a mandir, then you need to consider the room size because if there’s not enough space in the room, you will just worship your God in a very hiding room. You can customize the Pooja area design in your room and make it invisible to each guest that enters the room.

Other factors

  • Material: The material used is one of the most important things to note if you want a perfect Pooja mandir design. From woo the d to marble, mandir can be made of different materials. It’s up to you to choose the best material that best fits.
  • Security: In the aspect of security, the main responsibility here is on you as you need to pay full attention to this partition. To keep the room safe, take care of burning lamps with oil or ghee so the room will not catch fire.

Types Of Wooden Pooja Mandir Designs For Home

1. Wall-Mounted Mandir Design

wall mounted mandir design
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This wall-mounted mandir design is perfect for a single room or for a person that wants to manage their room to save some space. It is structured to the wall and beautifies the room. You can try and get a spectacular mandir with some great features of a wall-mounted mandir. You can balance this mandir by placing a golden bell, worship, and motivation books. 

This will save the mandir from clashing because all items placed there have already occupied some space. If you want to mount your mandir, you can make it more classic as you can use flue and stain for an extra lasting effect. This is also one of the simple Pooja room designs which don’t require a special design to make it look beautiful.

2. Corner Mandir Design

This type of wooden Pooja Mandir is very popular and good in small apartments with limited space options. This is used by Indian real estate because it looks smart in a small room and works well in an Indian context. 

It will be a perfect option if you have small kids and pets at home because you can lift it to the extent that short people cannot have access to it at all. You can choose a perfect corner not used that frequently in your home and use the same corner to make your pooja room there.

3. Jaali Mandir Design

jaali mandir design
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This is one of the latest Pooja mandir designs in town where you don’t need a complete room as your pooja room, but you just need to dedicate a little space in the room for that. 

Jaali is very popular, and you can use this in numerous ways. You can have an arc with jaali or the checkered jali on either side of the mandir. It will be more unique if you can get a jali design door so you can look at the diyas aglow inside. Place this mandir in a central location in your home and install some decorations.

4. Wooden Pooja Mandir Designs With a Cabinet

wooden pooja mandir designs with a cabinet
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A wooden mandir with a cabinet saves maximum space and adds meaningful beauty to the room with minimal effort. You can create a drawer in the available wooden Pooja cabinet where you can keep some items inside it, such as religious books, incense, matchsticks, and other important materials that will be useful for you. You can install this wooden idea with an attractive Pooja room wall decor to make it look beautiful.

5. A Single Mounted Shelf Mandir Design

This simple and classic mandir design will instantly add beauty to your home and transform it. One benefit of this design in your room is that it requires less space, and you can move this easily anytime you want to change its location.

Single Mounted Shelf Mandir Design will be the real decorative element in your home as you can place all the idols on the shelf and turn the room into a place where you worship your God. Try and get a wooden pooja shelf in your room to make it simple and attractive without any issues.

6. Small Wooden Mandir Design 

It is very easy to see wooden Pooja mandirs in many homes in India. As this is the best fit for any room. The reason why people like this mandir design is because it is compact, which preserves enough space.

People are not using those big mandir designs again because they occupy too much space in the room. Give people reason to prefer the small wooden mandir design. This small wooden mandir design looks attractive. It also catches the attention of all the people immediately they set their eyes on it. 

In conclusion, these are some popular and trending Pooja mandir designs in wood that you can try. All wooden Pooja mandir designs mentioned in this article will attract people and fit your affordable budget range. Get all these best wooden pooja rooms for home and have no regrets.