Double Door | Panelled Wooden Door | Traditional Large | Arched Wooden | Geometric Patterns | Safety Elements

When you are designing a door, you must keep the safety factor in check. Here, we will talk about the wooden safety door designs. This is important to ensure that no unwanted break-in happens and you can rest assured about safety.

Often you may have to leave your kids at home too. If you don’t have the right wooden safety door, it can comprise the safety of your child as well.

So, let us show you the best wooden safety door designs that are likely to add an extra layer of cushion of safety to your place.

1. Double Door Design

double door
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They might not be extra sturdy but they look classy and big. Of course, your entrance door needs to be a little larger than the regular size when you go for a double-door approach. The underlying idea is to have one door wider than the other, even if slightly. Be very careful of the type of material you are using. Excellent quality hardwood will render the door to be very strong and will enforce the best safety as well.

Once again, be mindful of the locks. The locks are the key to safety.

2. The Panelled Wooden Safety Door Design

panelled wooden door
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You can find tons of panelled wooden door designs. When made of the right quality material, they do offer a sturdy and safe choice. They are also chic and sophisticated in their look. This is best suited for those who want a blend of style and safety at their place. Always make sure to have good locks in place that won’t be broken easily.

3. Traditional Large Safety Door

large safety door
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A lot of people want their main door to be grand and worthy of a statement. If you too think of the same thing, you should try and have a huge panel of wood. You can choose to have iron ridges and different bolts. Such grand grill doors are very hard to break into and they ensure the best safety. You are not likely to find such designs in flats. They are more common when you have your own homes or big bungalows.

4. Arched Wooden Safety Door

arched wooden door
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Ever looked at the round-headed door and wondered how pretty they look? You can choose the same style too. It doesn’t matter if the entrance is small or big, you can choose to have an arched door nonetheless. It helps in revving up the overall look of your place. Try to keep the overall style minimal as this will evoke the best of effects. Such arched doors tend to spell minimalism and are therefore the most recommended option for elegant and sophisticated homes.

5. Doors With Geometric Patterns

You can choose to have main doors that come with different types of geometric patterns. You will be amazed at the number of options you are going to have. The underlying idea is to ensure that you choose the type of style that will work for you.  You can choose a rectangular pattern or overlapping tile style or simply run-down lines. The geometry tends to make the door appear a little larger than it is and exudes the best of a modern-day vibe as well.

The Safety Elements

Apart from the door designs, you can choose some wooden safety door elements too for the sake of enhancing the appeal and serving the need too.

Here are some of the options you can pick from.

The door knocker

You can always choose to add a knocker to the door. When someone tries it break in, they are likely to stir the knocker and this will give you an alert if you are extra vigilant. Apart from this, it also adds to the aesthetic value significantly.

The Lattice Works

You can choose to have the lattice design integrated into the oak wooden safety door. Apart from enhancing the look of the door by several notches, it will also help in offering another extra layer of security as well. This is a great way to make sure your doors remain sturdy and will protect you in a befitting way.

The Digital Camera

Some people choose to integrate video camera panels on their gates. This will allow you to see who is standing outside from the confines of your home. It is by far one of the best safety mechanisms that you can choose to opt for. It is a great way to keep intruders away.

So, check out these options and decide on the wooden safety door designs that you will like for your place.